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Trevor is a freelance writer covering topics ranging from the Android OS to free web and desktop applications. When he is not writing about mobile productivity, he is a mobile productivity trainer for the busiest of all mobile users, working women.

How to Backup WordPress Sites to Dropbox

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What would happen if all of the hard work you put into your website was all wiped away by a hacker or malicious virus of some kind? It would be difficult to find the motivation to start all over unless you have a backup of some kind. Using your already established Dropbox account, several options are available to Backup WordPress Sites to Dropbox.

To take out some of the work out of backing up your site, below we will show some ways to automate the process and save the backup to Dropbox. The easier and more hands off the process is, the better, right? Below are some WordPress plugins and other options to help you easily backup your WordPress site.

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Grab Your Readers’ Attention with Notification Bars

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People who visit your site have the attention span of a 5-year-old in a room full of puppies with a bagful of candy. You need to get their attention right away or you may lose them forever. To focus their attention on the right bit of information, try using a notification bar.

Hosted WordPress site owners have a lot of notification bar choices. Most are plugins, but some themes even come with this option. A notification bar is an attention getter, but not as annoying as pop up windows.

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Never Forget a Thing With the Help of Evernote!

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Evernote is an amazing “catch all” application. You may already be using Evernote or you might be using some other note application. None-the-less, Evernote is powerful and very customizable. When showing people how to use Evernote, I equate Evernote to Twitter. There is no real right way to take or organize your notes as long as it fits your needs.

When I say Evernote is a “catch all”, I mean you can store all of your, well, everything. With a premium account, you can upload any kind of files or media to your account.

Here are some tips how you can use Evernote to keep your life organized.

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16 Android Applications to Help You Manage Your Day Better

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Freelancers are always working. There is usually something that needs to be done, be it an email that needs sending or research for a project that you should be working on. If you are a freelancer with an Android phone, you can easily manage your day and some of your work flow while you are away from your desk.

Below are a bunch of free or low-cost Android applications to better help you manage your daily to-dos. While these applications are a few of hundreds of thousands available, the applications in this list have been chosen for their ease of use and/or integration with programs and web services you may already be using.

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Master Social Networking Using

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Part of web working is being a part of social networking sites. Let’s face it, some days these sites are just a pain in the neck to keep up with. Sure you may have a great conversation going on Twitter or Google+, but what about that landing page you should be creating for your eagerly waiting (and paying) client? can help you manage your social networking conversations more efficiently so you can mix some pleasure into your business.

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