50 Great Examples of Extremely Awesome Typography


This time we’re gonna show you some truly inspiring works with text, also referred to as typography. This can be used many places; in magazines, advertisements, websites, logos and more. These great pieces will show you that there are no boundaries and that you can make almost anything with text if you have a good portion of creativity and talent.

Typography can in todays terms be so much more than what you find in a book or magazine. It’s turned into a very inspiring form of art, and there are many great pieces out there. Many times they can be mixed with either other graphical elements or some sort of poem or saying. Here we’ve picked out 50 pieces that can inspire you and maybe give you some new ideas.


Gun by ~mou5e

Burdened by ~dylanroscover

En Masse by ~clockblock

your type by ~O-nay

I Speak Alone by ~Gordorca

Beauty by *mrgraphicsguy

Typography Plate 002 by ~Postpwned

I am not myself by ~OrigamiSuicida

What Lies Within by ~um0p3pisdn

Got a Light by ~DesertViper

Typography by ~e-emoo

John Lennon in Type by ~Dencii

Come Back To Me_1600x1050 by ~Dmaghar

Lying by =RenzGFX

Steven Paul Jobs by ~dylanroscover

Instant by *Shinybinary

The Raven by ~swordfishll


Lion by ~rickystuffedpie

The Garamond Fox by ~StolenStars

Think Differently London 2 by *crymz

Martin Luther King Jr. in Type by ~Dencii

Lemons by ~Beautelle

I love typography by =mindCollision

Triumph over Chaos by ~MasterC88

Big Yellow taxi by ~TonyFbaby

Love is an accidental gift by ~mujiri

Milking by ~buioaloha

Broken Stars by `shebid

The Fall of Sin – Extended by =Anton101

Bang. by ~Q8Toba

ARTRIBUTE header by ~H3AD3AD

science typo by =Mirousensei

Imagine by =blissart

Conceptual Art by ~AagaardDS

.CMYK by ~TheSpinxSage

99 Percent by *jeffrey

TYPOGRAPHY with Helvetica by ~sarakhanoom

Highway of Endless Dreams by ~Axytrix

Addiction by ~tokarnia

Typography by ~AilesdeMort

The Dark Knight by *Prain

love’ by ~drinadesign

One chance by ~Papa-figo

creativity is my thing by *razangraphics

love and knowledge by =CHIN2OFF

Doing it daily by ~northcoaster

Nothing Less Than Forever by ~jawalyfe

social networking by ~IigouthamiI

Typo by ~KalvinK

We hope you’ve gotten some inspiration from these great examples that show the diversity that can be found within typography. Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, maybe you’ve liked some and disliked others. We would also love to hear your opinions. Which is your favorite?

Thank you for reading!



  1. Matt

    I looked at your 50 great examples of extremely awesome typography for inspiration on a few web banners we are doing for the site. This collection is an excellent resource! The face typography were my favorite ones.

  2. Taylor

    Amazing post. Love the creative use with the faces. Makes me feel depressed my typography skills aren’t this great.

  3. Reynolds

    Being a lover of Milk, Milking by ~buioaloha really caught my eye. That is fantastic – would love to have seen the photoshoot for that one, thanks.

  4. Brummie

    What an amazing art! I never thought that I could actually like this, however right now I can’t get my eyes off to this exhibit. I think I’m starting to love typography too. I can’t believe you can do so many things and much more with only the use of words.

  5. Thanks so much for these, some of them were truly incredible! My favorite was Burdened by ~dylanroscover. Thanks again for sharing!

  6. Some of these are nice. But too many of them are little more than predictable software manipulation of type as an element with little regard for aesthetics, kerning, composition or any basic elements of what makes a piece of design or illustration good. Artifically condensing sans serif type? Never a good idea.

  7. Wow, awesome collection of typography!! I really like the style of the John Lennon and Martin Luther King Jr by Bencii!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Mike

    Nice compilation of typography. Some great example of different methods for achieving some excellent results.

  9. Jarkko

    There’s some cool designs in there, but ‘extremely awesome’ is a bit strong title. Quite inspiring list though.

    The John Lennon piece looks good, I just wish you could see the letters more clearly. Now it looks like there’s scribbled brush strokes in it as well which kind of kills the great idea.

    Buio milk looks very professional, though I read it as ‘bujo’ first. It’s probably the most complicated one in this list. I also like the Conceptual Art and 99%.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. These designs are amazing – sometimes I really wonder how long it takes for a designer to come up with awesome art like this? A couple of days?

    • Nelson Pacheco

      One to two days easy. I remember creating the Joker with just dots, no lines. It took FOREVER but in the end it looked great and was worth the time.

      Great post.