Managing Balance Between Inspiration and Individuality


Inspiration is a very broad word to begin with, since it can be a lot of things. It can be things that make you happy, sad, scared, angry, excited – anything you can feel that works up your creativity and tickles your imagination. It can also be someone who gives you motivation in life – idols, loved ones or simply people you look up to.  Being inspired is always a good thing especially to those in the field of art and design.

When people search for inspiration they wander around and look for that something that gives impact. Something mind-blowing and takes your breath away. They take that inspiration with them and from that they try to unfold their own constructiveness. That they may come up to something unique. But sometimes holding on too much from that inspiration that the product is another mere mimic of what was done.

Individuality, is more than being creative in a way. It’s taking your art up another level and making your piece stand out among others. It is something very deep and personal that you can make your very own style which will distinct you from the rest.

In this article, I’m hoping to make a point that not everything can be found on the internet. You need to step back once in a while, to see the bigger picture. There are plenty of sources for inspiration and individuality. Think out of the box and explore horizons.

To Begin With

Before anything else, compare and question yourself -“what are the similarities”. By identifying what went wrong in the picture that makes it too similar and being comfortable with it, makes you accept that something needs to be changed and move on. Next, is to step out of the circle. Turn off your TV, computer, ipad, cellphones, anything that hinders you from thinking naturally on your own effort. Studies show that human beings only use %10 of the brain. So, you need your brain to keep working and not stay in the corner to rust. This time, go back the basics with a clean sheet of paper and good pencil. It doesn’t matter if you can’t draw, everyone’s an artist in their own way. What’s important is your own interpretation.

Take your precious time

Time is gold” – that’s right. And I also like to think that in time, you can make gold. Time makes everything and everyone wiser, better, and stronger. Billionaires didn’t earn their fortune in a snap, they worked hard and long. No masterpiece was ever made in a rush. Some even took a lifetime to realize perfection. But if you’re under time pressure, then it is best to spend time very wisely. It is always better, if not best to take as much time and effort to something that needs to be achieved. Getting things in the fastest or easiest ways don’t always work nor last.

Avant-Garde Artists

Get inspired by the best of  the best. The artists who have lived the highest of all standards and the masters of the art. Be influenced to be original and not simply to imitate. Each and everyone of us is unique from head to toe. You can be as originative as you can be, never give up.

1. Leonardo da Vinci

The ever famous Leonardo da Vinci and his controversial Masterpiece “The Monalisa” (shown below). Also famous for his other works of art “The Last Supper”  and “Vitruvian Man” to name some.

2. Pablo Picasso

Who wouldn’t recognize the works of Pablo Picasso? He is a true example  of being individualistic. His style is distinct and signature. He’s behind the outstanding abstract pieces like “Seated Woman with Wristwatch” (shown below), “Friendship” & “Weeping Woman”.

3. Vincent Van Gogh

Remarkable strokes and paintings full of enthusiasm, that’s Vincent Willem Van Gogh. Masterpieces inspired by Impressionism, Van Gogh experimented and developed his unique techniques. To name some of his famous works are “Sunflowers” (shown below), “The Starry Night” & “Irises”.

Innovators of Modern Subject

For modern form of arts like digital arts, originality is the most critical quality an artist should have. Here are some of the many artists to look up to.

1. Mark Verhaagen

This colorful vector-based illustrations with cool fictional creatures are the byproduct of this artist’s imagination. His unique taste for subjects are very catchy.

2. Paul Davey

His impressive intensity for detail makes his pieces stand out like telling a story. And gives his design such radiance that they almost look real.

3. Tiago Hoisel

His ability to bring out the inner cartoon of people as well as bringing out the person in the cartoon is simply marvelous. He’s attention to detail is taken up to another degree. His craft is categorical but diverse.

Inspiration is essential but, individuality takes you far. So, find that boiling core of creativity in you and expand. Never hesitate to innovate and explore new things. It is the key to masterpiece.



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