Bannersnack Giveaway Contest And 9th Month Feedback


title-giveawayHello! It’s been a while since I created just feedback article, telling about successes, what am I doing, what I am planning to do in future with this blog. And there is one more reason I am celebrating 1stwebdesigner site reaching 4,000 RSS readers and 260, 000 unique visits per month. This is my first blog and now it’s just 8 month old.. I am pretty impressed with such huge achievements and I don’t plan to stop! Now I am just a little more inactive because I still learn in academy and we have examination period, which I try to pass as best as I can. After that 1stwebdesigner site will get redesigned to suit even better for our readers needs, it will be much lighter design for readability and more features You should enjoy.

When I look back I see not everything turned out with blog as I thought it would, but I keep working and try my best, You should give a little credit at least for that! But this summer will be very active, because I will have a chance to entirely focus on blog with no other works or academy exercises! Let’s see what’s gonna come out in these three months!

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At last I wanted to cheer You all up too, I received giveaway contest proposal from BannerSnack with 3 BannerSnack 1 Year Premium licenses.

Usually they sell such 1 Year licenses for more than 100$ each, but now You have a chance to get it for free!!

Okay, how? This time it will be simple – just leave short comment, telling maybe what do You want in this site to be changed?

Comments will be accepted until May 23 and then I will choose between 3 most interesting and valuable comments, so try Your best if You want to get this amazing banner generator free for 1 Year!


What is this company and what do they offer?

BannerSnack is an online banner generator that allows you to easily create animated banner ads and cool flash animations without flash programming. And you know what?

One could never see the difference between a banner made by a flash programmer in hours of work and a banner made by you with BannerSnack in minutes.

This is really amazing site and You can visit their site and check several examples there as well as try for free their generator! Stay updated, leave comments and let the contest begin!

Sorry for delay, but winners are :

Kikolani, Shawn and Lou – You will get contacted with Bannersnack company and get Your awards!



  1. Neal

    Excellent list – post October 1, though many of these tools are gone or haven’t caught up to the new authorization process.

  2. Terri Lockerridge

    I know I am not timely to get into the contest.. and though sad for me, I am okay and hope you will have the opportunity to have another contest for the summer this year.
    I do have a request for some tutorials, links, any information that you can find on some other software besides Photoshop! I tried and tired to use that software successfully, and I finally just knew it was not something I can master to its and my own full potential. It is too hard to use in other words for someone who has no formal education in graphic designs. It expects too much for us ignorant folk.
    I have an older editor/creative graphic studio that I bought just this last fall, because it is the one I can use and make it look GOOD! I smile instead of get angry and pout.. not pretty..
    Don’t laugh! I bought the discontinued Microsoft Digital Image Suite because I already had the Standard in my Works installed on my computer but it had no transparency or gradient tools that were useful. Found a copy on ebay and bought it.
    It does not resemble Photoshop or Gimp in the least. I can use it successfully!
    But there are hardly any tutorials that deal with the type of graphics expected on the web at this time four years since its release in 2006.
    I know it has the capability to use brushes and can even use some Photoshop plug in brushes.. but I do not have a clue as how to install and then use them.
    If you could find something that would give to the many people like myself, some tools to be more competitive.. well.. I might just send you a first place in the contest I am running for RetroGraphicHero!


  3. hi5

    I will remember your blog place. Because I love you more ideas.
    After this I will read all your posts thankful.

  4. Lou

    Hi there!

    At first, I’d like to say thanks for that very usefull website. It provides us awesome stuff and tips.

    About the website, I was thinking of a flash banner or something where we can find the most viewed and most interesting articles. Cause sometimes it’s kinda hard to catch old stuff which are really wonderful things. The one that is already there isn’t well located I guess.

    As people said below, “re-designing” the website could be great, something more fancy and colorfull.

    To conclude, I think you should do some interviews about friends of yours who are webdesigners, questions about their career and studies, and their opinion about the evolution of this kind of jobs.

    hope you like my few advices!

    take care (sorry about mistakes I can make, I’m french)

  5. I enjoy your site very much! You provide great information and tools! I am sure your redesign will be wonderful: I look forward to it. Cheers to your continued success!

  6. Shawn

    I agree about the more frequent posts, would love to see a daily feature.

    In addition, I think a few series’ on a given topic would be way cool, maybe write about monetization for one week, and then WordPress for the next week, and so on.

    I love the articles and enjoy reading all of them, thanks!

  7. Two Socks

    I would love to see a series on manage a Pay Per Click account. Some what of a beginner series, what to look for, how to start, see what works, getting ride of what doesn’t work, and providing feedback with clients on results….I think its an interesting subject, but honestly no one of the *many* sites I follow seems to write much about it, let along offer a series to teach you the ins and outs!

  8. Those are amazing stats… but I’ve enjoyed every article I’ve seen so far, so I’m not surprised.

    I would agree with @Steve. If possible, more posts would be great! Maybe more in WordPress themes… I have liked your compilations so far. Also, an article about easy ways to design your theme if you are not a graphic designer like me. :)

    If you’re sticking with this design, I’d say the sidebar looks a little jumbled. Maybe if there was something without images between the subscription/social network box and the ads, it would help. And maybe move the featured category into the top nav bar, align the top nav bar flush left with the bottom, and move the search bar into the bottom nav bar.

    If you’re looking for a new theme, maybe take a look at Thesis. It isn’t plug and play out of the box, and requires a little learning about the hooks and functions, but once you do, it’s a very neat, easy to read theme that doesn’t take much work in constant redesign.

    ~ Kristi

    Kikolanis last blog post : Getting Started with the Thesis Theme & Resources

  9. sedFEIS

    I would like to see a new design. In my opinion the color of the body with the color of the background (that grey wood) isn’t matching. I would like to see also more posts.

  10. Shahid Saeed

    First time on your blog. Looks amazing. Would like to see a post on adsense management for start-up bloggers

    Shahid Saeeds last blog post : Optical Illusions – Series 2

  11. Steve Robillard

    I would recommend more frequent posts. The variety is great, but it always leaves me wanting more. I really look forward to the redesign.

  12. @Thomas thank You, I know even better success stories, but with my poor knowledge I think, it’s quite fine :)

    @Steve when I get my hands free from works, I really want to write and offer more frequent posts, try to bear this design for now, I’ll give new and much better look to this page soon enough!