Basic Web Design Video Course – Wireframing, Photoshop Tools & Panels, and Designing [Part 1]


Hello everyone, this is Mike and welcome to my Basic Web Design Video Course.

In this course I will walk you through the very basic steps on what to do and what to learn before, and during, building a website.

You’ll learn all the steps I use including:

  • planning
  • wireframing
  • using basic tools and panels in Photoshop
  • basic HTML and CSS
  • and after learning these we will apply our knowledge and create our very fist website from scratch.

Resources in this tutorial:

Wireframe: Download!
Finished PSD: Download!

Part 1: Basic Web Design Video Course – Wireframing, Photoshop Tools & Panels, and Designing
Part 2: Basic Web Design Video Course – Basic HTML Tags, Structure & CSS Properties
Part 3: Basic Web Design Video Course – Complete HTML Markup & CSS Styles

For our valuable readers we will be pushing the basics here. So it’s your chance to learn and become a web designer for free. Are you excited? I hope that beginners can follow through, if anything is unclear just reach out to me in the comments section.

I will do my best to walk you through everything slowly and clearly. So let’s get started!

Planning and Wireframing

What is a wireframe?

A wireframe is a visual presentation of how a website’s layout will look when it’s finished. It’s about structuring the overall layout without any graphics, placing the various elements where you believe they will look and work best. Wireframing is a great step to start before jumping on to Photoshop because it allows you to focus on the important components of the website without all the visual clutter of a finished design. Wireframing also saves you time when designing a website because wireframing acts as a sketch, and instead of having to do things more than once in Photoshop, you can just adjust your ‘sketch’ until you’re happy.

Your wireframe should include boxes that represents images, header, footer, sidebars, text blocks, navigation and other content aspects of your website.

You don’t have to worry about drawing them yourself, since there are many wireframing tools available on web.

Wireframing Tools:

Tools Used: Go Mocking Bird

Photoshop Basic Tools and Panels

Some beginners know the functions of specific tools, take the Ruler Tool(I) as an example. The problem is they don’t know how to look for the distance when they measure and how to turn the guides on and off. Especially those who are using earlier versions of Photoshop. Like this question in Quora What is the shortcut to display the distance between two guides in Photoshop? So in this part I will walk you through the basic Tools and Panels in Photoshop, talk about how important they are and how each tool will help you create your design in Photoshop.

Designing In Photoshop

Now that we have the general idea for our website’s layout, it’s time to tone this up and make it more presentable in Photoshop. Let’s make this design as simple as possible.

In the next part we will be talking about the basics of HTML and CSS and with this knowledge we will convert our simple design into a working website.

So, that’s it for this part. I hope you learned something and found the videos helpful. If you have any suggestion regarding the videos or how I presented it please leave a comment below. I’m really excited to hear your thoughts in the comment section, see you guys down there.




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    Hello Mike, I quit my job and enrolled for a web designing class. The class hasn’t started yet but I am really excited on the knowledge I will acquire. In the meantime, I’m looking around for additional information regarding the matter. Thank you for posting your tutorials which I think will be an additional help for aspiring enterpreneurs on this field of work. My question is ,you frequently mentioned in the designing using photoshop about pixels. How important is this ?

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    Thank you so much for the tutorials and looking forward to the second part. I’m also trying to be a freelance web designer/developer and this tutorial teaches the basics, especially photoshop basics as I’m used to gimp. Thanks again.

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    Can one achieve similar results with a cheaper software, i.e. Gimp? Or would you say Photoshop/Fireworks is the way to go because Adobe offers something others dont?
    Feedback much appreciated. Looking forward to Part 2.

    Thanks, Franz

  15. Hello Michael (I must say – GREAT NAME!! :D),

    Thanks for the article and videos. I appreciate the time and effort you have undoubtedly put in to them. I am just starting to build up my own business/career as a freelance web designer and still have a lot to learn, so it always good to just refresh myself with the basics, whether a beginner or more experienced.

    Look forward to more inspiring and informative articles & videos from you and the 1WD team. You guys are doing a fab job!

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      Hello Paul, Yep Fireworks must suite in design a web layout.

      But it’s a matter of choice and most of the people have Photoshop than Fireworks.
      Honestly when I started in web design I don’t know about this Fireworks stuffs.
      Since most of the tutorial regarding to graphic used Photoshop. I hope you understand.

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