A Completely Free Beginner’s Guide to Twitter


Twitter is a social networking website that lets you share and communicate with your friends, or as Twitter calls it ‘followers’. Are you the type of person who wants to know what others are doing or you’d like to share something, find where your friends are currently, who is with them, or even the latest events and everything being talked around the globe? Well Twitter is a great tool for you.

Here is a beginner’s guide to help you start your own career on the web. Socialize. Be connected. Be friends. Be known. Have fun!

1. Create your account

Just go to Twitter.com and click the Sign Up button.


You will be asked to fill out little details about you. Type in your Full Name (I suggest that you put your real name. This way people who know you will easily find your profile.), a username, a password and a valid email address. You can check and uncheck the checkbox if you want your friends to find you by your email address. Read the terms of service and click the Create my account button.


There will be an image verification that you need to type to make sure that you are a real human. Then click Finish.


Wait for a second and check your registered email address to confirm  your twitter account. You will be given a link to confirm your account to have a full access to Twitter and full notifications will be sent to the email address so you will be updated.

That’s it you have your twitter account.

2. Set up your Settings

In your twitter page, go to the upper left panel. You will see your username with a drop down menu. Click Settings to modify a more personal or private setting.



Be sure to have a correct name. It will direct you to profile setting if you wish to change your name into real one. Twitter supports different languages. Choose the language you are more comfortable with. Select also the Time Zone you are at. You can also check the Tweet Location for you to add a location on your tweets, so that people can  see where you currently are. If you want to see the videos and photos from other people that you are not following you can check on the Tweet Media. Privacy is important in social networking, so if you want to protect your tweets then check the tweet privacy.



If you choose to change your current password just type in your current password and your new password. This is one way to protect your twitter account.



If you can’t get enough of your tweeting experience over your computer, you can add  your mobile for more tweeting experience.



Check and uncheck the notifications you want to receive in your email address or mobile phone.



Profile is one of the greatest feature of Twitter because it will appear on search result and make people identify you easily. You can upload your picture to let your followers see who you are.  Edit the bio to tell something about yourself. On your profile page, you will be able to see how many tweets you posted, who is/are following you, the number of  followers you have and lists.



You can select your ready-made theme to personalize the look of your account. If you are a designer, or has an artwork background you want to use, you can also upload it for a more personalized feel.



It will let you manage the applications connecting to Twitter.

3. Follow your friends or anyone you want to get updates with or anything that interests you.

Just simply type on the search field and type in the username or the name of the person you want to find.


Then click on the Follow button.


That’s it you have successfully followed a friend, or in this case a celebrity. Just search and search all those people you want to be connected with. If you want to follow them in your mobile device, turn on the Device Updates. If you want to find your friends in your existing email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail & Messenger and LinkedIn just click on the Find Friends link and start to link with your friends.


You can also browse topics you are interested in such as Art & Design, Books, Business, Entertainment etc. that you can follow.


4. Share your tweets

Type in your tweets on the What’s happening? box at the Home page to start tweeting. You are allowed to type only 140 characters. You won’t be able to tweet your post if it’s more than 140 characters. If you are to tweet for a specific person on the list of people you follow, you just add ‘@’ sign plus username e.g. @jhanely2001 . Be sure to be careful on your tweets. When you start to tweet, you start to get public. People can read your tweets or activities so be sure to have a responsible tweeting.



5. Private message

If you want to privately message or directly message someone in your Twitter, click the Message tab and click New Message. Write down your message and be sure to put the username of the person you want to send a message.


6. What’s Hot?

Trends are the most talked about news, events or posts happening in Twitter. It can be worldwide or you can change it through cities. Be updated.  Be aware.


7. Be connected with third-party apps

Third-party applications are great way to sync all your updates into one application without directly accessing your Twitter account. You may also post your tweets on other social networking sites using Twitter in Facebook, TweetDeck and Twittelator Pro.


8. Get Help

If you are stuck on exploring Twitter, be sure to click the Help menu under the username drop down menu. You’ll never get lost again.


That’s all you need to learn to get started in your tweeting experience.  Explore, have fun and stay connected. Just tweet and tweet and tweet. It is  now your time to share your thoughts. Happy tweeting!



  1. Jason

    Great guide, I’ve just set up Twitter and this guide has helped me greatly. Now just to grow my following!

    • That’s weird, there are no ads blocking the article. They’re all to the right, but never on the content itself. And I thought there’s already a consensus to stop complaining about ads on websites, especially for those that strive to give free information.

  2. Nice in depth article. I’m still a bit iffy about Twitter though. I know it’s great for SEO, but then it just seems like people are using it for those purposes, and not for meeting new friends. And the people that aren’t using it for those purposes and actually want to meet new friends, insist on telling you when they are about to make a cup of tea, or maybe even look out of the window. Interesting stuff!!!