Collection of 30+ Stunning Hand Picked CSS-based Layouts


Power of “CSS” is to Change the appearance of hundreds of Web pages by changing just one file and CSS represent an enormous step forward for the Web.

It’s mostly used to improvise the presentation (that is, the look and formatting) of a document written in a markup language.It has structure and rules to follow.

Seven main advantages for using CSS are

  1. Flexibility (In content submission and a web page that is well structured, allows for flexibility ) .
  2. Rendering (For browser).
  3. Accessibility (Build accessible websites./blogs)
  4. Separate the content from presentation (Publication of content).
  5. Consistency (Instead of inheritance and cascading, a global style sheet can be used to give effect and style elements site-wide).
  6. Bandwidth ( Cache matters).
  7. Page formatting (Ability to change).
  8. If you want to be a CSS master you have to follow some more principles and tricks.

Here we are presenting the showcase of “Stunning CSS websites” By CSS masters.

1. Davidjonsson

In their caption of the website itself they have declared creative intelligent design and they used creative images for their pages. Website about a freelance graphic designer,he love to design logos and illustrations.

2. Delibarapp

Delibar is a full featured client for Pinboard and delicious.

3. Digitalmash

A mash of work from Australian designer.

4. Sketchen

Elegant yellow design.Web development agency.

5. Madebytinder

Simply beautiful design in seven colors.

6. Osvaldas

Just another freelancer’s website, used some AJAX techniques.

7. webdesigncompetition

8. coocoocore

Designer website.It’s Pretty cool and creative design one page website.

9. Atebits

Mobile software website.Color sense is very good in this theme.


10. Weloveicons

We Love Icons is a project by designers Dan Wiersema and Nando Albuquerque. They started they Love Icons because, well… we love icons!

11. Alkhnsaa-world

Design by

12. Atombicycles

Atom Bicycles Ltd. is the creation of Joel, a passionate cyclist. It all started over 20 years ago, when Joel and his friends decided to try what was then a new sport: mountain biking. Customizable design.

13. Designadept

Standards compliant web design.


14. Alexswanson

Interactive media and web designer “Design’s portfolio”. Clean layout.

15. Fresh-canned

Jar Design is an XHTML/CSS website custom designed and built for Vermont-based logo, print, and packaging designer Lis Gerber.

16. Musicthoughts

17. Cromulent Design

A fun, unique website that allows visitors to choose a different layout based on their mood while displaying their work for potential clients.

18. Ignatynikulin

Ignaty Nikulin, European web designer and developer, Focus on designing high quality and custom created web solutions for inspiring projects.

19. Designdisease

Design Disease provides cost-effective Web design services focused on usability, accessibility and Web standards.

20. Arbel-designs

A beautiful portfolio website by

Idan Arbel.

21. Guerra-creativa

22. Nineteen-eighty-four

An online personal portfolio website of a Graphic designer having outstanding layout and theme.

23. Pixel-Blog

The Pixel – Award Winning Creative Design Agency.

24. Robocatapps

25. Workawesome

WorkAwesome is a resource for the worker. It’s a blog for people who want to be awesome at work. It’s also a blog for people who want to find work, or simply quit work.

26. Ormanclark

27. Desigui

Desigui is an interface design studio that creates unique, well designed and optimized interfaces web applications.

28. Eyebridge

A vibrant web design from India.


29. Nineflavors

30. Thecolorcure

Creative team based in the Philippines. specialize in web, identity and print design.

31. Joy project

32. Beautiful2

Beautiful 2.0 is proud to showcase the best Web Design, CSS and Flash artistry for all to view and admire.

33. Cookmateapp

34. Upstruct (Design studio)

35. Yodaa

Yodaa is a San Jose based Web Design Agency that images brands through it’s creativity and simplicity.



  1. Cody

    It’s really stunning and great website layout!! I really love the style!! thanks for share!!

  2. Hawk

    Siva, thanks for sharing excellent collection, each layout is eye catching and creative. Looking forward to have great posts like this, keep posting.

  3. Sean Thompson

    Love the post. Please check out site to see some new CSS and jQuery technoligies in use.

  4. Martyn Palmer

    Thanks for the mention, honored to be feature alongside some of these designs, especially when I can see plenty of room for improvement in my work.


  5. The collection is remarkable and very impressive .. i go through collection of smashing magazine, css remix and cssawards but this collection is no less impressive … good job keep it up .. thnku

  6. Some have been around for a long time, but there are some new and indeed stunning websites.

    Thank you for sharing.

  7. The about search share tabs on Delibarapp are stellar I love the dimensionality and the rollover animation effect is great.

    Zero for hire with its “row” div background color change when you rollover is something special

    Thanks and Regards

    Noel for
    a graphic design studio

  8. Very nice list. I’d like to see a similar one about clean, corporate design: as a designer I find these lists useful for inspiration but they could also be shown to clients to get a first feeling of what they like or have in mind for their own web site.

  9. Jon Bergan

    Some truly awesome layouts here. I especially liked Digitalmash, Sketchen, Osvaldas, Arbel-designs, Pixel-Blog and Ormanclark. Plus the use of CSS on Tinder (and some of the other Fuel sites) is pretty awesome also.

    Great roundup! Keep up the awesome work. :)