3-Step Action Plan to Get the Best Work Environment [+VIDEO]


Work environment for web designers? Yes, I know, I know it all sounds totally boring. But come on guys, we all have been there before.

We have all felt exhausted. We have all felt irritated. We have all felt that we just ran out of inspiration. And after all, we ended up leaving the project halfway done.

It all happens even if you have the maddest web design skills. Even if you have decades of experience. Even if you have great amount of knowledge and even if you have the most unique talent.

All of that means nothing, absolutely nothing at all.

If there is something that could kill it all at once.

And today I will talk exactly about that.

Never Let Your Work Environment Ruin Your Career

Not only can your work environment affect your everyday tasks. But it can also make you totally sick and eventually you will hate the web design industry altogether.

Don’t let it happen!

The 21st century has given us many opportunities and tools that we didn’t have even five years ago.

Tools that seem miraculous and have changed our lives.

But now guess what?!

If not used properly all of these tools can do more harm than good. And your attitude and performance will definitely suffer.

I certainly think a fair percentage of people are exposed to various levels and flavors of stress within their work environments. -Jenny Foss

If you recognized yourself while reading this article, I kindly ask you to finally take action, for your own sake!

And today I am very kind, because I give you:

3 Step Action Plan To Get The Best Work Environment For You

And these are the articles I mentioned in the video:

1. 6 Daily Health Mistakes That Will Eventually End your Web Design Career

This is  a little insight into very basic, yet important steps to avoid everyday health mistakes.

2. Motivate Yourself More by Setting Up the Perfect Home Office

Well after reading this article, you’ll have the knowledge to present a home office to clients that will more than appease them. In addition, make you more giddy than a school girl with a crush.

3. 5 Tips to Improve Your Home Office Setup

While there are countless ways to organize your workspace, and no hard and fast rules for doing so, it is still worthwhile to explore ways to construct your office setup to maximize productivity.

4. 30 Fun and Creative Office Supplies and Accessories for Designers

If you’re feeling a bit uninspired in your office, it’s time to spruce up your office. You don’t need any major renovations, just add a few creative office items here and there.

Here Comes The Bonus Time – Your Worksheet

Download Your Worksheet Here



  1. Kimi

    Hi James, i very like your videos and your style :). It’s very funny and good information for me.
    Hope more videos come…

    • James Richman

      Hey Kimi
      Thanx a lot.
      I’m really glad you enjoy my videos and my style.
      Also nice to know you find my advice informative.

      And more videos are definitely coming.

      Can I Ask You
      What’s the state of your work environment mate? :)

        • James Richman

          Hi Kimi
          I always like the way plants look in an work environment.
          And they’re also good for us :)

          Is There Any Specif Way How You Keep It Organized and Clean?

  2. Sreejesh

    Hi James,
    It’s really a good post. Only problem I found is in the video you are just like a news reader trainee. I’m starting my own firm by next month, hope I can implement it there. Thanks for the advices.

    • James Richman

      Hey Sreejash
      Sorry for my late reply.

      Well, the truth is you are right
      I started delivering video content only recently.

      So I have a lot to learn.
      The next videos will be improved a lot :)

      But not too sure about news reader part lol.
      That’s not really the route I’d like to take.

      I’m glad you enjoyed my advice.

      Also Sreejesh
      Can you tell me more about your company?

  3. Harry

    I’m just wondering what’s the point in making a video in which you list the articles that are already listed below the video. My impression is: reading the post + watching the video = doing the same thing twice.

    • James Richman

      hi Harry My Friend

      Thank You for Your comment

      The purpose of this video was to provide You with a quick 3 step action plan.
      To improve your work environment.

      If You need no more information on those steps.
      Then You can easily download my worksheet and take action Now!

      Whereas if You want to find out more about every one of those 3 steps.
      I have provided links where You can get a much more information about them.

      I Am Very Happy To Hear Some More Suggestions From You Harry ;)

  4. Stephen

    Hey James,
    Just wanted to say I enjoyed your take on how our environment affects our ability to be productive. But instead of droning on about it, you provided action steps to follow. Look forward to more.

    • James Richman

      Hey Stephen

      Thanx a lot for your kind words mate :)
      It was my pleassure.

      That’s one of our changes here at 1WD
      We are trying to give You something You can take an action on right now.

      I’m really glad You have noticed it.

      Now Let Me Ask You Stephen
      Is there a topic that really makes You itch?
      Something You would love me to cover?

  5. You’re not a fan of Apple products? That’s the first time I’ve heard a designer say that! What do you prefer? Microsoft, Linux, perhaps Chrome?

    • James Richman

      Hey Tom

      That’s actually funny how surprised you are.
      After realizing I’m not a fan of Apple products.

      Well, it’s very simple.
      It’s just because I don’t like branded stuff in general.

      For me it can be Microsoft, Linux, Chrome or it can even be Chrome.
      But I’m not going crazy for those brands and their products.

      Whatever works and does what tools are supposed to do.
      Hey, Then I don’t even care anymore even if it’s called Cheap Replica :D

      What About You Tom
      Are You a big fan of Apple products?

  6. George

    Like the article a lot… hey your tempo was fine… a little broken… but I didn’t mind… remember not everyone understands what you may be explaining… just don’t stop mid sentence… any articles on wordpress css customisation… ecommerce solutions and implementation of custom CSS & html would be great.



    • James Richman

      Hi George

      Thanx a lot for your opinion my article.
      I really value it.

      Well, for my next videos I decided I won’t speak so slow.
      I will certainly consider your suggestions.

      And also the topics You’d love me to cover are great, thanx.
      George Can I ask
      How good is your knowledge in the topics You mentioned?

    • James Richman

      Aho Felipe

      Thanx a lot for You comment.
      I’m glad You liked this video :)

      And it’s certainly nice to see new faces from Brazil.
      So I say hello To Brazil! :)

      Can I Ask You Felipe
      Any suggestions on the video.
      Is there any topic in particular You would love me to cover?

  7. Bob

    I want the book but I’m already a subscriber… so send it to me…
    The video was pretty choppy with my connection…
    Going to check out the articles.

    • James Richman

      Hi Bob

      Thanx for Your comment.
      Very Highly appreciated mate :)

      I’m sorry to hear you couldn’t really watch the video.
      Because of your internet connection.

      What if You try to buffer it for a bit and then watch it?

  8. Hi dude,
    Where did you get these information?? It’s awesome men.
    I even watch this video twice. It’s time to change.

    Keep up the good work.
    P/s your voice was so funny..:)

    • James Richman


      Well, I’ve been studying a bit about it.
      But mainly I share what I’ve had go through and how I overcame it.

      So if it worked for me, I love to tell You what works and what doesn’t.

      And I’m glide You even watched the video twice. You must have enjoyed it then :)

      Can I ask You Jessi
      Is there any topics in particular You would just love me to cover?

  9. Jordon

    There is really great information in the articles and videos. The only issue I have the video kind of reminds me of an advertisement on tv. You are very creative and intelligent and in my opinion your video should reflect that more. Just my opinion though. Very nice articles and video. Keep up the amazing work!

    • James Richman

      Hey Jordon

      Thanx a lot for Your comment
      I’m glad You find this video useful.

      And I totally know what You mean by advertising look.
      I’m already working on my next video.

      It will go live in 10 days and You will see a completely different type of video :)
      I’m sure You will love it.

      Also I Wanted To Ask You Jordon
      Is there anything in particular You would love me to talk about?

      • Jordon

        I look forward to watching your new video. The subscription really helps stay on top of your posts. I recommend everyone subscribes. Something I would like you to talk about would be something about XML or PHP. My understanding of both languages is limited. I guess the question could be: How do you recommend taking on new coding languages? Or What are some starter projects that could be helpful to learn these languages?

        Thank you.

        • James Richman

          Hey Jordon

          Thanx for your quick response.
          And especially for Your support.

          To be honest with You I really like Your suggested topic.
          How to take on new coding languages.

          I will definitely look into that.

          Thanx once again Jordon :)

  10. Nithiyakumar

    Its nice dude.. Try to give brief statement then only people may read your article at short time… Thanks dude you’re welcome

    • James Richman

      Hey Nithiyakumar

      I’m really happy You enjoyed this article.
      Videos are really there to save your time from a lot of reading.

      And By The Way Nithiyakumar
      Did manage to use the worksheet I created for You?

    • James Richman

      Hey Vikentijs

      Thanx a lot for Your comment.
      And I’m glad You enjoyed this video.

      Some people find it too slow.
      But some people like You like it.

      But Anyway Vikentijs I Wanted To Ask You
      Did You manage to use the worksheet yet?

    • James Richman

      Ahoy Sandor

      Ouh thanx for Your comment mate :)
      And do You really think I was funny after watching this video?

      Wait for my next video and You will laugh :D
      It’s just 10 days or so and You will see it!

      By The Way Sandor
      Apart from finding me funny.
      Did You find this article valuable?

  11. Folaseyi

    Nice one bro…
    Have been having some issues and have always wanted a way out but your article just did.
    God bless you.

    • James Richman

      Hey Folaseyi

      I’m really glad I managed to get rid of your issues.
      And thanx for commenting mate.

      Can I Ask You Folaseyi
      What issues exactly were You having?
      If it’s not a big secret? :D

  12. Iris

    .eye candy.eye candy.eye candy. Ummm…what were we talking about here again? Oh yea – work environment. *makes mental note to clear desk later and hits replay on video*

    • James Richman

      Hi Iris

      Wel, well, well.
      Aren’t You cheeky? :D

      At least I’m glad You enjoyed this video.

      And after all Iris I hope You did end up tidying up your work space :D

  13. Rositsa 'roz' Zaharieva

    All due respect, James, but why are you talking so slowly? As useful the video is, talking at that pace kills it, at least for me.

    • James Richman

      Hey Rositsa

      Thanx a lot for taking time to comment.
      I really appreciate it.

      And I can admit this is my bad.
      I’m sorry for that.

      After watching this video, many, many times I realized.
      I realized that the pace is way too slow.

      Especially in these days when everyone is in such a rush.
      And when everyone hasn’t got unlimited amounts of time.

      I’m already working on my next video and it all changes there, I promise.
      Give me another chance to prove it, ok? :)

      Also Rositsa
      Feel free to point out other points You didn’t like.
      As well as the ones You liked.

        • alice

          Hey James,
          It is ok the way you are talking since I have been trying to learn English for years. As you guess it is hard a bit to understand just by listening. It is a good action using words on side while talking. I know I have made a lot of mistakes :P Pardon me everyone, maybe u laugh at me, right? But I am so.
          And, please James, u too, be as you are. Slowly, lovely and kind.

          • chana

            No, the slow talking drives me crazy. I hear where you’re coming from, but please talk faster. Otherwise the vid was good, tho :)

          • James Richman

            Hey Alice

            Thanx a lot for Your comment.
            And I totally understand where You come from.

            Will see what the next videos will look like.
            I will talk a little faster.

            And will see if You still like it or not, ok? :)