Why Web Developers Should Learn Web Design

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As a web developer, you are in charge of making the website do things. You are responsible for creating interactivity on the site, which may may include jQuery and Ajax validation forms, submitting forms to database, rollovers, sliding menus or many other aspects of the site that needs programming. But how about the website’s design?

In my previous article Why Being a Web Designer Who Codes Is Way Cooler, I talked about why web designers should learn how to code and its benefits.

For this article, I encourage developers to learn proper web design process and how this will benefit them.

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QR Queries: How Quick Response Codes Can Burn or Save You

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Quick Response codes or popularly known as QR codes are slowly entering the popular mainstream market of the digital world. Nowadays, we see almost every product embedded with weird alien language-like images in their packaging and you will probably never going to know what that means until you scan it up using your smartphone’s camera.

Scanning might lead you to the product’s website where you will thank goodness you did not get kidnapped by Martians and be eaten alive.

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3 Flat Design Video Tutorials to Change Your Design Style

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We truly live in a flat world! With iOS7, Android and even Windows Metro now adapting the flat design layout trend, the world has become a flatter place, indeed. Flat design video tutorials are a great help in the transition.

Website designs have followed the same pattern, transforming their sites to become easy-to-browse, colorful, responsive and simple. How is this made possible?

  • The use of larger and wider spacing
  • The use of simpler logos
  • The use of slightly desaturated colors
  • The use of thinner fonts

For starting and freelance web designers, it might be very difficult at first to learn the philosophy of flat design. Of course, you are born during the Skeumorphic Design Era, where all should be seemingly real and predominantly having 3D designs.

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Crazy Egg Review: Is Your Website Hot Enough?

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So, you have a website. Probably you are selling something or you want to collect people’s email addresses and it works. Or does it? As a marketer, are you satisfied with your current conversions? As a designer, do you feel like you made the right decision when you placed the search bar on the sidebar? But there is one tool that we at 1stwebdesigner.com is crazy about- Crazy Egg. Don’t search high and low about the Crazy Egg review when you can have that here!

There are many tracking tools out there that you can use to determine if your design works as intended. There are eye and mouse tracking tools out there, but they are expensive. Although admittedly, they work. Another thing that works just as well as these is click tracking with heatmap. Different processes, same results.

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Giveaway: 10 WordPress Themes from TemplateMonster

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Hello guys. It’s your favorite time of the month! Oh yes it is! TemplateMonster, a US-based template-selling company teamed up with your 1stwebdesigner in giving away premium designs for your WordPress site. Now, do I have your attention?

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22 Web Design Resources Ready for Download

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Design elements are important for a web designer. It makes his designs look more beautiful, thus, increasing its usability. Choosing the correct icons, buttons, and other elements is important because it makes your designs look trendier, livelier and more beautiful, aesthetically. Web design resources are everywhere but choosing one among the loads online can be a bit overwhelming.

It is necessary to be able to find great design elements. However, due to the massive number of resources available, it becomes difficult, nay, almost impossible to find what you need in the shortest possible time. That is why, 1stWebDesigner gathered the following web design resources for your usage.

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How to Create Smooth CSS3 Animation Styles and Effects with Ease

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With the newest capability of CSS3, transition from one style to another without using JavaScript or Flash becomes possible. It allows elements to change values over a specified duration, animating the property changes instead of having them static and leaving them dead. CSS3 animation styles and effects give your more freedom to create the design you want.

Today, I’m going to introduce to you different transitions and effects that can be done using only CSS3. So get ready and let’s rock!

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Lessons I Learned Growing a 6-Figure Online Business in 2013

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Do you want to learn how you can live your own dream lifestyle? Do you want to understand why others are successfully running their freelance online business while you may not?

This article will mix life lessons with action. These are tasks for you to take so be prepared to look back at last year and make 2014 your own life-changing year.

Most people (including myself, sometimes) set their goals, but after a month, motivation goes somewhere. Well, that’s why you have me this time to remind you about the great things you can do. My goal is to inspire you by giving some real sexy details about what the 1stWebDesigner team has done for the past year. I am also going to tell you what’s in plan for the future! My hope is to inspire and give you a few ideas, plus get some conversation going!

If you are excited to hear how the year went for 1stWebDesigner, what are some interesting insights happening in design industry and get yourself motivated to do more, read on!

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Giveaway – Comment and Get Any Deal from MightyDeals up to $50

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If you have been into design for some time now, you probably know how crucial it is to have high quality assets at your disposal – whether they are fonts, icons, UI kits, etc. A great designer knows how to utilize whatever resources he has; he is able to put all the parts in the right place and synthesize them in order to create a holistic masterpiece. But good resources come at a good price or are hard to find, or both.

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Bend and Set Text on a Circle Without Using Photoshop

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When web designer creates pages, sometimes they want to set an element where they need to bend  or wrap texts inside a circle (e.g. for the site’s logo or title). Photoshop and some image editing software is often the go-to software for creating these images.

On the other hand, bending and setting text on a circle without using Photoshop gives flexibility to the design and value to the SEO since search engines can’t read texts in images.

This can be an easy task using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator but setting text on web type using HTML and CSS might be a challenge. Thanks to the power of CSS3 and jQuery, this can be done.

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