How to Ace Your Freelancing Career

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Has it ever occur to you how to ace your freelancing career? Freelance web designing is not an ordinary job. If you dip in the puddle of the freelance industry, you’ll discover that these people are a lot more creative and productive than those who work at desks and offices. Surely, they don’t earn the way people at desk jobs do but freelancers have the absolute and ultimate liberty on how well they utilize their time, and, in most cases, where they utilize it.

As a freelancer, you can work anywhere, anytime. You can design your website in a desk, an office, a coffee shop, in the bathroom – you name it. Freelancers have the greatest gift of all: Freedom. However, this freedom isn’t really that ‘free’. As a freelance web designer, you need to work with people, deadlines and the greatest enemy of all time, procrastination.

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10 Easy To Understand Photoshop Tutorials on Lighting Effects

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Most designers find Photoshop very versatile. Photoshop tutorials on lighting effects is highly sought after. Although mainly used in photography, this favorite software of designers bridges different kinds of needs, from typography to web design.

Not to exaggerate, Photoshop can supply all your design needs. Today, we will be highlighting a very particular need. This article is directed mainly to graphic designers and photo enthusiasts but could be a very good springboard to web designers too. With lightning effects added in your photos, you will be able to add more dynamism and professionalism in your designs. In short, it would make your awesome website more awesome. How cool is that?

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Jimmy Neutron and The Anatomy of the Atomic Design

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If Jimmy Neutron were real, could he become a pretty decent web designer? Of course, he would.  For starters, he knows the anatomy of the Atomic Design. He could be designing the best web pages you will ever see, and make your eyes shed blood out of extreme admiration of his designs. And you’ll probably wonder why he is that good.

Well, for one thing, Jimmy Neutron understands a fundamental yet commonly unappreciated principle in web design. He knows how to work on a very potent tool to his full advantage. Using this tool, he could easily design mock-ups and code them without difficulty.

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10 Things Web Designers Should Know to Become a Master

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It is truly a nice feeling to be called a ‘Master’ at something. It gives value to your name, talent and  skills. In addition to that, people will begin respecting you because of what you know about the field that you are an expert in. Truly, being called a master adds weight to your name, but there is more to value than just the name. What things web designers should know is vital here.

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70 Best Web Design Tutorials of 2013

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2013 has ended with a great blast and I’m pretty sure that everyone has done their countdowns and throwback blog posts, tweets and even status updates. It’s a pretty cool thing to do because you get to remember all the awesome things 2013 has given you. You look back at how bad you were design-wise last year and how well you’ve improved. With this, you get to assess yourself how much more you could exert and, in turn, how much more money you could earn. Retrospection also tells you what more could you learn. Seeing what you’re weak at will also allow you to see where you could trained. That is why self-correction and openness to new things is a great habit for a designer.

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This World is On Fire: Best Fireworks of 2014

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It has always been a good tradition to start the new year with a bang. And when we use the words “new”, “year” and “bang” in one sentence, there is only one word that we could ever think of: Fireworks.

Fireworks, as Wikipedia puts it, are a class of explosive pyrotechnic devices that are used in many purposes: aesthetic, cultural or even religious. Often displayed in festivals, New Year celebrations and cultural events, fireworks work in four effects: light, smoke, noise and floating materials. Typically, colors like red, orange, yellow, blue, green, sliver and purple are used in fireworks.

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A Web Designer’s New Year’s Resolution

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2014 is just at our doorstep, but before all the countdowns, fireworks, the food and the singing of Auld Lang Syne while drinking a nice brew of beer, let us think of ourselves and find what we can change. Let’s make our New Year’s resolutions as web designers.

These resolutions will improve us as web designers. As we mature and grow older, we, too, must progress for if we do not evolve, we die. The Internet, which is the platform where we do our work, is vastly changing and improving. That is why we should do the same.

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How Christmas is Celebrated Around the Globe [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Christmas is one of the best days of the year. In fact, I personally consider it the best day of the year. With food teeming and gifts overflowing, you enjoy the whole day in the company of the people you love, sharing stories, drinking beer and just having fun.

We all have our own Christmas celebrations to tell. Some are pretty normal, and some go beyond what is ordinary. Some follow traditions and others experiment every single year. Somewhere, some groups of people are celebrating Christmas differently than we do. We may find them queer but it’s how they roll and have fun.

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Learn Flat Web Design from Scratch – Complete Course + Contest

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Flat web design could be considered many things – a new trend, style, fad, movement, way of thinking, etc. There is no single and complete definition yet, what we can do is try to acknowledge the postulates, philosophy, and history that stands behind the term.

Here at 1stwebdesigner we are very passionate about flat web design. Not because everyone is talking about it so we simply can’t ignore it – no, we are actually proponents of how flat is reshaping the way we think, talk, and do web design.

LIVE – Build Flat Responsive Website from Scratch – Complete Course. Leave a comment below and get the course for free!

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How to Create a Scrolling Parallax Website

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Parallax websites are one of the latest and biggest trends on the web for some time now. If you want to impress your clients or implement immediate impact on your site, this is a good choice for you. In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to create a simple but beautiful parallax website that will create an illusion of 3D depth to your site. It will surely catch your viewers’ attention. So let’s dig in.

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