[Giveaway] Five Premium WordPress Themes from Themefuse [Ended]

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You read that right. Our pals over at ThemeFuse are sharing five premium WordPress themes of your choice. You are probably already using WordPress for your website or blog, why not vamp it up with a fresh look? After all, a custom or premium WordPress theme is the ideal option – with all those features and elements that you just can’t find on free themes. We know that premium WordPress themes are expensive…

You don’t have to worry now. You can be one of the five lucky winners. You can go through all of ThemeFuse’s attractive and amazing WordPress themes and choose the perfect one for no charge at all.

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Font Police: 20 Fonts to Avoid to Maintain Your Readers’ Sanity

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Fonts perform a great role in your design, but you should know which fonts to avoid, too. Either in typography or in web page design, the use of proper fonts is a great advantage. Sometimes, designs become disasters just because the font is not used properly or, in some sense, does not fit the occasion.

This calls for the proper selection. For decades, the Internet has constantly provided us with a vast database of fonts, all segregated by variety, style and use. This lets us choose which to use. Because of this wide variety that we have, it is just fitting to say that nobody can have an excuse why they chose the wrong font. It’s also safe to say that with the liberty each designer has, he should pick the right fonts at the right time.

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How to Not Suck at Typography Like a Designer-convert Doctor

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We probably would all  be savages if printing was not invented. The invention of the Gutenberg movable type has been a very great leap towards the spreading of information from one person to another and from generation to generation. After this momentous invention, greater finds have flourished and soon became what we know now as the software. Of course, without the invention of the movable type, printing would not be invented and all falls into oblivion, including one of the most reliable inventions man has ever made – the Internet.

Whether we admit it or not, the invention of printing is the unofficial father of all technology. Without it, technology would just be limited to mechanical modernization. Software would have probably not existed and the world would be a much gloomier place. Truly, the gallant invention of the Gutenberg movable type saved humanity from the decadence of ignorance.

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What Happened to HD Web Design?

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In this article, we will be sharing with you about how HD web design changed the world. Why do people love or hate it? Are web designers excited about it? Do people even notice? How did it change the workflow? What are the some tips and tricks that web designers can do to make their lives a bit easier when it comes to web designing for high resolution screens?

It is undeniable that Apple is a great influence and mover in technological innovations. These days the popularity of gadgets with retina displays changed the way designs are made. This new advancement requires increase in every bit of pixel used in a design. Mass production of high resolution screens, tablets and smartphones demands web designers to catch up.

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30 Premium Flat WordPress Themes That Rock!

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Looking for some flat WordPress themes for your website? Flat is hot right now! Flat design or flat UI is now the growing trend in the web design industry and the audience are going gaga for it. Going for a minimalist approach, flat designs are sophisticated, simple and sexy.

Most people don’t have enough time to spare to create a new flat web template and the best solution to that problem is to purchase one. Flat designs are also made to fit with retina displays; your blog can be visited by people on their tablets and smartphones. It’s the perfect concept for you to gather more audience. If you want to take the plunge into the awesome revolution in web design, then, let us cater to your needs in this article. Okay, let’s move on to the latest 30 rocking WordPress Themes with Flat Designs.

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Working with Types: Typography Design Tutorial for Beginners

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In this typography design tutorial, I will guide you on how to transform boring texts to your advantage. You will learn how to utilize typography for your website, or even for your print needs. This article will extend from web page design, to printing to graphic images.

They say letters are boring. Unlike videos and music, text is static. It does not move or tickle other senses besides the eyes. Texts are usually placed as information-dissemination tools which convey the detailed message of the media being used. For example, if you upload a YouTube video tutorial, the video is the dynamic medium which will aid the viewer to achieve the goal. On the other hand, the text will provide all the details needed in case something is not clear.

This fact might give you an impression that texts are really boring. But what if they are really not? What if texts, which are used mainly to detail, are used for the design function? How is that possible? Of course, through typography.

Typography has existed for a long time. It originated from a time we all couldn’t remember. Basically, typography is the technique of putting texts or types in an orderly manner to make it visible, attractive and readable. Simply put, typography is the art of working with texts, graphically.

The tutorial is divided into five parts:

  1. Creating Typographies Using Photoshop
  2. Choosing the Perfect Fonts for Every Occasion
  3. Where to Download Fonts (Free and Premium)
  4. How to Consider the Perfect Colors Fit for Your Design
  5. Sample Finished Product on a Website
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30 High Quality and Most Influential Web Design Blogs of All Time

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I have spent some time browsing the Internet to find the highest quality and most influential web design blogs in industry. It turns out that it is really hard to find quality sources to trust. I was especially interested in the topics of web design, WordPress, UI, UX, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, responsive web, and mobile design.

I came to the conclusion that while you can easily spot the top players, but if you are talking about sub-niches and finding blogs that aren’t quite as established, sources can be quite challenging! That is the reason why I decided to create this huge goal- find the  most influential web design blogs in the industry. I am separating them into different categories and I have included my two cent’s why I think each site is included.

And I have also included influencer rankings: Google PageRank, Alexa Scores, Twitter, Facebook followers ( but I didn’t include RSS since it seems to be outdated already, but have included some interesting facts I found by accident).

With each blog I’ve included:

  • Description of what’s special about this site and what topics they cover the best;
  • What the site age is, influencer rankings, and traffic data. I also have interesting information about the person behind the site and community;
  • Three- four best articles I found in the site that have been published recently to give you an even better idea of what kind of content you can expect there; and,
  • Thumbnail to feed our visual satisfaction and memory!

Let’s get started shall we? Be prepared for total awesomeness.

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Giveaway: The Web Designer’s Idea Book Volume 3! [Ended]

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Get the chance to win Patrick McNeil’s The Web Designer’s Idea Book vol. 3 (shipped internationally) and be inspired all year long!

This idea book is a great resource for graphic and web designers who are looking for quick but solid ideas to be inspired from.

No matter what your style is, this book will definitely find its way to cater your preference.

Five lucky readers will get to take home signed copies of The Web Designer’s Idea Book volume 3.

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Flat Web Design Tutorial – Portfolio Landing Page [FREE Download]

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Some people may find flat web design boring while others totally love it. I find flat design interesting and more user friendly. It puts more emphasis on the content. It’s also very flexible, which is really ideal for responsive web design. If you, like me, love flat design, make sure to check out 40+ Flat Web Design Inspiration. I’m pretty sure you will get goosebumps after seeing several flat designs.

Feeling inspired seeing those designs? Good! Today I will teach you how to design a portfolio landing page- an almost an hour long free video tutorial!

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40+ Beautiful Flat Web Designs for Your Inspiration

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For the last couple of months, flat web design has been really a huge topic on the Web. Up to now, it is steadily dominating the Web. From UI, to the latest portfolio update, icons and even the top web design blogs are now using flat web design, not to mention Microsoft, Android and just recently Apple is going flat too!

So why are so many designers using this style?

Flat design makes things free from distractions, eliminating heavy background images, swirls, grunge that makes everything cluttered. It’s very easy to navigate, since there are no more gradients, drop shadows, glows and bevels. It puts more focus on the text, making everything readable from big screens down to mobile.

Oh, and besides if you want something more than inspiration we have nice flat countdown timer video tutorial created specially for you!

Okay, enough talking. Time to check our collection of flat web design for your inspiration!

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