How to Make Custom Designs for your jQuery Slider

Sliders are a common component used in website design and for various purposes. We can create image, content, or video sliders using  jQuery. jQuery is the most popular JavaScript framework used for these sliders. A lot of jQuery sliders can be categorized based on the techniques used for sliding. The following are some common and trending techniques … Continue Reading

42 Picture-Perfect Premium WordPress Themes for Photographers

Nowadays there are a lot of people in love with photography, which probably explains why Pinterest, Instagram, and other photo websites have become popular. In fact, photo websites are a growing niche. It doesn’t take much marketing; really, all you need to do is to have great photos to share and social media accounts. So, … Continue Reading

WebPlatform Review: Backed by Google And Facebook

Are you a web developer trying to create awesomeness using the power of code? If so, obviously, you are not alone. There are numerous talented developers like you, fighting evil monsters that wish to destroy the Internet, and at the same time using their coding skills to create a better browsing experience for the world! … Continue Reading

Microsoft Announces TypeScript: Will It Change The Web?

Like it or not, JavaScript has long established itself as a de-facto scripting language on the web. There are many programmers who are in love with JavaScript, and then there is an equal number of programmers who hate it. Yet, if you are developing for the web, you most probably deal with JavaScript in some … Continue Reading