10 Things You Can Do to Get Your Clients on a Retainer

Most web professionals would agree that getting short term projects that don’t last anywhere longer than four months is leaving money on the table. With all the opportunities that comes along with web design projects, you can maximize on clients big time by learning the right practices and mindset. Would you believe that just gaining … Continue Reading

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The Power of Simplicity for Web Designers

Learn the Power of a Simple Life from Joel Zaslofsky How powerful is simple? Does your life feel like an endless To-Do list where a new task pops-out after you finished one? Work, family, business, even gadgets seem to clamor for our attention. Even when armed with the latest tools to keep life uncomplicated, the opposite … Continue Reading

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10 Website Conversion Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Ultimately, every website has a goal, whether it is to get more sales, downloads or subscribers, it’s function is to convert a visitor into a subscriber, lead or customer. Optimising website’s conversion rate can significantly increase return on investment (ROI) on your marketing efforts. What is conversion and why you should care about it? Conversion … Continue Reading

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Easy Steps How to Stay Fit as a Web Designer

Learn How to Stay Fit as a Web Designer from Brandon Epstein How do you stay fit as a web designer? Getting clients is not the only challenge web designers face, but also how to stay fit. Most, if not all, web designers have a hard time staying fit, let alone get up from their chairs when … Continue Reading

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Most Common Visual Content Mistakes and How To Fix Them

By nature, people are visual creatures and we’re naturally attracted to images, especially those containing people. Marketers have found out long ago that using striking imagery accompanied with smart copy can affect people and their behaviour towards products and brands. Statistics are also showing that social networks that were growing the most in last couple … Continue Reading

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Announcement of #EspressoMonday

#EspressoMonday Episode Nr.21 Announcement of #EspressoMonday A pleasant Monday to all creatives and coffee lovers out there who have always been anticipating our #EspressoMonday episodes. We’re extremely grateful for your support as well as the questions you’ve thrown our way. However, after filming 20 episodes and reading the influx of questions, we felt that it’s … Continue Reading

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Best Business Tips on How to Become a Great Web Designer

Learn How to Become a Great Designer from Jairek Robbins What are the best business tips how to become a great web designer? I think you’ll agree with us when we say: It is always a challenge for web designers to find the right methods and strategies how to increase their performance so they can generate more income. … Continue Reading


How To Deal With Competition In The Freelance Business And Respect Yourself

The Podcast Episode with Nicholas Tart Nowadays, there are already a lot of opportunities for freelance web designers compared to a few years back. However, there is still the misconception of not spending a lot of money on freelance design and development simply because some clients think that freelancers are not professionals. Fortunately, not everyone has this … Continue Reading

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8 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for Checkout Pages

For most of us, the checkout process of a website means nothing more than just something we need to go through in order to buy something online. For e-commerce experts, however, the checkout process (and more importantly, the conversion rate drops) are nightmares that keep them up at night. Improving the conversion rate with a minimal 1% … Continue Reading