Create an Author Comments Feed in WordPress

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In recent years blogs have become so popular that and they’re one of the most common ways people get their daily dose of information. It’s not possible for a single person to provide quality content everyday. As a result, major websites are accepting  guest authors to provide quality content on a regular basis.

Authors play a vital role in these multi-author blogs since they are responsible for providing up-to-date content for their readers. Once a post is published, the author has to respond to comments, fix the issues and update the content according to the latest trends. As an Author, it is important to respond to user comments quickly. When a comment is made, only the administrator gets the notification email to approve the comments. But there is no default functionality to notify the author.

Authors have to view comments of each post regularly and I can tell you that is very hard if you have written a large number of posts. In this tutorial I am going to ease this task by creating an author comments feed for the comments of all posts written by a single author. Then you will be able to view all the comments in one place. So Lets get started.

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How to Properly Use Instagram and Pinterest For Your Company

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After the first two Etiquette Guides for Facebook and Twitter, I’ve decided to also tell you something about two other services which, although popular, are quite new to the market: Instagram and Pinterest. If you find them difficult to use in such a way that your company will benefit, this article will most likely answer your questions and help you make better use of these two underdogs.

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Stunning Watercolor Effects in Web Design, Tutorials and Brush Sets

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Today the art of using watercolor is not limited to the canvas only, rather you can see loads of websites that have beautifully incorporated hand-drawn images and creation within their web designs. Such web designs look visually appealing and entice visitors. Watercolor masterpieces, because of their soft flowing strokes and smooth pastel colors, look visually gratifying; and incorporating such characteristics into a web design definitely brings outstanding results.

In this round up, we present a beautiful collection of some amazing and pleasing watercolor effects in website design. We hope that you will find this post interesting as well as inspiring for you. Enjoy!

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A Clever Theft – Steal Inspiration Everywhere

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Steal like an artist. Some of you might remember the huge attention Austin Kelon’s article got. If this is the first time you’re hearing about it, quick, close your windows and read it, Steal Like an Artist and 9 Other Things Nobody Told Me. The original article managed to reach millions of readers and a lot of people regard it as a must read for any creative. So do I. What’s more, the post has expanded into a book and, guess what, you can buy it on Amazon.

I’m not going to repeat the things Austin talks about. You should read them yourself and make your own decisions. I’ve pondered these stealing and creativity things for a while. Nothing is original. I agree with that. But then you start to think. And the thing I figured out is that I don’t care. I don’t care if there is something original left in this world or there isn’t. Why should I care? I’ll keep doing what’s right for me and pursue growth and success.

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7 Inspiring Interviews That Every Web Designer/Developer Should Read

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It’s already August and the year is about to draw to a close…how are you doing with your work and projects? I know that inspiration is quite often hard to come by, and with our line of work inspiration is mainly the driving force. To give you a boost, why not read these 7 inspiring interviews by famous bloggers, web designers, and web developers, who have garnered success in their fields?

Are you ready to be inspired?!

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Create a Stylish Tweet Book with Jquery and CSS

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Twitter is a popular social networking service used by millions of users to share text-based content. It has been described as the “SMS of the Internet.” We love to tweet links and ideas we are interested as well as follow other people with similar interests. Everyone loves to follow a lot of people and hence there is a possibility of missing the most important tweets.

So in this tutorial I am going to create a stylish Tweet book to keep your best friends and view their Tweets. As you complete this tutorial you will gain knowledge in working with jQuery and CSS to create a stylish book design. You will also learn to work with the Twitter API using jQuery and AJAX. So let’s get started.

Once you open the demo click on the button with the arrow to open the book. Then click on a letter to load friends. Then click view button to get the recent tweets.

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1stWebDesigner’s Life #8 – Amnesia and Volunteer

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Hello there! Here we are again to laugh at our own stories. Our Webster superhero (brought to life by Jamie Sale) is in trouble again and we’re here to help.

Ok, we’re not going to help him but we’ll at least learn from his mistakes :)

These two particular stories have happened to me quite a few times. And funny enough, they mostly happened while I was working a regular job, as an employee.

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60 Mind-blowing Advertisements That Will Boost Your Creativity

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Love it or hate it, advertisements are all around us. Those times when you had to be horrified by those ugly banners in newspapers are gone. The classic ways of advertising are not working anymore. In order for an ad to be successful it has to resemble an “ad” as little as possible. Interaction with customers, experiments, installations etc. are taking over the world of advertisements. That’s why along with creative print advertisements (which are equally awesome), we’ve also collected some videos with next level advertising. Continue reading and check out these 60 mind-blowing advertisements to satisfy your urge for creativity.

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Earn and Create Web Design/Development Video Tutorials Using LabVidz

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Recently I wrote an article about how developers and designers can earn money as a side project, which included writing tutorials, recording video tutorials, writing an eBook, and creating a premium membership website to name a few a few different options.

Today, what I’m going to show you is how to combine those three to form a super website where you can showcase your talents, products, and general awesomeness.

In this post you will learn how to:

  • leverage your skills to create a product
  • turn that product into an income generator
    • using a unique tool that we’ll provide, something you’ve never seen before
    • which will absolutely require zero coding skills on your end
  • launch your products with a perfect website (absolutely no coding required!)

Why are we doing this? Because we can…and we want to revolutionize the way people leverage their skills to actually earn more on the side, even while having a 9 to 5 job.

The end-game? You could be your own boss in no time!

It’s super easy! What are you waiting for? Show me your war faces!

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40 Creative and Versatile Adobe Illustrator Tutorials From 2012

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Adobe Illustrator is the designer’s best friend (and together with Photoshop, they’re like Starsky & Hutch). Illustrator offers unlimited opportunities, but you need to know how to use them. That’s where neat tutorials come handy.

Tutorials are not going to make you a better or more talented designer, yet the techniques and tricks they cover will come to assist you for a long time.

For this roundup, we’ve prepared 40 fresh (2012 only), creative and comprehensive Adobe Illustrator tutorials. By going through these tutorials, you will learn many things, such as how to create cute little characters, get to know the basic shapes and find out why it is a good choice to use Illustrator for designing user interfaces

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