Create a Sliding Navigation Menu with jQuery

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Having a sliding navigation menu helps users to find the important pages of your website in a cool way. It is important to keep your navigation menu simple and user-friendly while keeping it attractive.

Consider a situation where you include your blog categories in a navigation menu. If you have a long category list, a drop down navigation menu will exceed the page height and the user might need to scroll to navigate to the last part of the menu. These small things are enough for a user to navigate away from your site.

To solve that, we are going to create a complete navigation menu using jQuery. I will explain how to compress large menus using sliding panels to keep the depth of your menu to a minimum level. Take a look at the demo before we get started. You can see that sub level menu items are hidden initially and displayed as sliding panels on click.

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Hackathons – Giving Birth to Awesome Apps and Startups

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A hackathon is a portmanteau of “hack” and “marathon”, which means that it’s a marathon for developers to create an application within a certain theme within a limited amount of time. Hackathons have been around since 1999 but have just hit the mainstream in the last couple of years.

If you think a hackathon is an intensive program to participate in, you’re correct! Hackathons are generally nerve-wracking, but they’re also great at testing one’s abilities and pushing them to the limits. Some hackathons last for several hours while some even last for a week, depending on the theme.

In the past there have been 24-hour hackathons that have yielded great results which turned into multimillion dollar companies in just under a year.

So, are you itching to get your hands started on that dream startup of yours? Why not host or join a hackathon?

In this article:

  • Hackathon in the Philippines (Aug. 25, 2012) and TechCrunch’s Disrupt event (Sep. 8-9, 2012)
  • Successful startups born from hackathons
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40 Free And Premium Beautiful Themes for Your First Tumblr Blog

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WordPress is great, yet a lot of users don’t even need and use that many features of WordPress. That’s when people start considering Tumblr. I bet you’ve heard of it but perhaps never ventured to try. Tumblr is a super pleasing microblogging platform that lets you share things effortlessly. Whether it’s a personal blog, a small portfolio or your new font presentation page, Tumblr is the perfect solution. Its customizability and themes don’t drop behind WordPress that much and even though there are some key differences, Tumblr is aimed to be as simple as possible and a very enjoyable way to start your first job.

To prove it we’ve gathered 40 fresh and stunning Tumblr themes for your next blog.

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How to Backup WordPress Sites to Dropbox

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What would happen if all of the hard work you put into your website was all wiped away by a hacker or malicious virus of some kind? It would be difficult to find the motivation to start all over unless you have a backup of some kind. Using your already established Dropbox account, several options are available to Backup WordPress Sites to Dropbox.

To take out some of the work out of backing up your site, below we will show some ways to automate the process and save the backup to Dropbox. The easier and more hands off the process is, the better, right? Below are some WordPress plugins and other options to help you easily backup your WordPress site.

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Pinterest for Photographers: Increase Your Photographer’s Mojo

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Do you know what Pinterest really is? Pinterest is the most rapidly growing social media network. Since March 2010 when its beta version was launched Pinterest has grown to approximately 12 million users. Pinterest is a fantastic, super innovative, and fascinating place to have fun and to find something new. It’s a place where you can lose your mind for hours.

A year ago few people knew about this social network and probably even less of them thought that Pinterest was on the edge of great success. Now millions of people upload, save, comment, vote and repin photos, images and videos every day. And those particular users do business and earn real money on the basis of Pinterest. Photographers can do it even easier than other freelancers because they own the most powerful Pinterest tool: photos.

So if you’re a photographer who’s thinking about creating an account on Pinterest or an ordinary photography geek with a great passion to share your experience with the whole world, then welcome here! We’ll try to tell you some secret tips on how a photographer can gain a success on Pinterest. So let’s start with defining the reason why people use this social network.

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Create a Charity Website Layout in Photoshop

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In this tutorial we will be creating a minimal, yet very elegant, layout in Adobe Photoshop. The main purpose of the template will be for charity and NGOs who needs a specific kind of design, with more call-to-action buttons which would increase the number of contributions to their charity/organization.

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Using Character Development for Better Website Design

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The ability to add true personality to the design of a website is the attribute that separates professionals from hobbyists. Since the aim of the majority of websites is to persuade a visitor into an action, and the best persuasion comes when there is a personal attachment, this is a vital ability for a lasting career.

The use of this practice will transform a website into something more of a presentation, an informative journey of discovery. So why give visitors only one chapter of the journey to view? Is that fair to them, or better yet, their understanding of what you’re trying to get them to grow an attachment for?

For this very reason, we are going to explore the use of incorporating character development into your web design process.

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Paper Prototyping and 5 Analog Tools for Web and Mobile Designers

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Designers love analog tools. No wonder. These tools lets us physically interact with interfaces and speed up the design process, like paper prototyping. What takes hours in the digital world can be sketched out in a matter of minutes.

That’s why analog methods of prototyping are especially valuable right at the beginning of projects – when speed matters the most. Working with paper, or perhaps a whiteboard, can accelerate the speed of our learning loops. Sketch, feedback, sketch, feedback, sketch feedback – you can go through dozens of iterations in one day and you’ll set solid foundations for the rest of the work. Consider it kind of premium insurance. Getting rough feedback quickly can save you a lot of work.

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Create a Minimal Coming Soon Page in Adobe Photoshop

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In this tutorial we are going to create a minimal Coming Soon page using Adobe Photoshop. The trend of using coming soon pages has increased in recent years, as I hardly remember anyone with a splash page in the 2000s. A lot of people and organizations have started using them to give some brief information about their upcoming (website/company/service). This way you can be “prepared” and “ready” for their launch. There is another, equally important, reason behind the coming soon page as well. You can set up a subscription or newsletter form and collect e-mails and use them for your (spam-free!) marketing campaign.

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How to Build a Killer User Experience Team

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We are in an era where the term ‘User Experience’ is still evolving and enterprises are still figuring out how to fit this piece of the puzzle into their organization’s structure. The field is new and filled with lots of uncertainties for the decision makers of an organization, but it is definitely promising and filled with tremendous opportunities!

Being a User Experience designer right now is an interesting and rewarding experience for the fact that the scope of exploring unknown lands is infinite and I feel proud to be one. The Internet obviously has a major role to play in the upkeep and growth of this field, and it has lived beyond its expectations up to now. There is a lot of stuff happening around UX nowadays. There are UX conferences, more blog posts explaining the need of User Centered design, and people surely are getting a better picture of the topic, day by day.

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