How To Charge More As a Freelancer

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Most freelancers out there work as a freelancer either because they are in need of a job or they want to increase their skills and improve their portfolio. But have you ever thought about the fact that all of us do it for money too? Now some of you might disagree with me and I fully encourage you to do it. Then I also encourage you to go out there and work for free, while marketing yourself as a volunteer designer. After three months come back to me and I am sure you will agree that you freelance for money. If we wouldn’t need money to survive, we would probably not work at all.

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1stWebDesigner’s Life #4 – This Big & Developer Client

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And here we are again, trying to bring you a couple of laughs.

Our superhero Webster continues his pursuit for the best client, and we all know that he’s quite far from it yet, right? :)

We have two more short stories of Webster’s life (which is kind of similar to ours, huh?) brought to life by Jamie Sale! We’ll be talking about crazy measurement units and clients who want to be web designers.

So, Let’s rock!

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WP-Powered Job Boards – All The Tools You’ll Ever Need!

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There is hardly any niche website that cannot be powered using WordPress. Of late, WordPress is being employed to power different sorts of websites — video galleries, online portfolios, information directories and, more importantly, job boards! Job boards have become one of the most popular info-commerce centric websites. In this article, we take a look at the WP resources that are required to run a job board — plugins and themes.

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Contests Can Create Real Engagement – A Personal Story

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Are you looking to get more people engaged and excited about your brand? Aren’t we all… Over the past 6 months I’ve been running an online contest for one of my clients. My client’s goal was to generate more activity from their Facebook community. They know that if they can get their Facebook community more engaged in their brand they can generate more sales for their products and services.

Over the past 6 months we have blown away all expectations for the amount of Facebook activity the client was hoping for. Knowing that many of our readers have the same goal as my client, I wanted to share this personal story with you. In this article we will review our marketing strategy, discuss the day-to-day tasks required, and finally share the results. By the end of this case study you should have everything you need to do this too!

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jQuery Mobile – What You Need to Know

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jQuery Mobile version 1.0 finally launched this past November. Don’t know if you heard about it, but if you are planning to do any mobile app or website development, it’s better to get started with it right now.

I’m sure you’ve heard about jQuery. So, its mobile version is pretty close to what you already are used to, but with a lot of enhancements for mobile screen events (like touching instead of click, and there is no hover) and browsers (this one is tricky since there are plenty of browsers and devices out there) and capabilities (pluggable components).

The crazy thing is how simple it is to initiate and build a fully working mobile site. Actually, we’ll be talking about concepts, tips, codes, and in the meantime you can build your own app, in no more than one hour. Yeah, noob to ninja in one hour, this is what you’ll get here :)

So, let’s rock!

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Colour Chronicles: Brilliant Blue

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Welcome back to another colourful article, this time dealing with last month’s favourite, chosen by you! Just as last time, it includes a showcase of websites, artwork and palettes, so there is a little something for everybody.

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Blogger

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For the most part, being a professional blogger is a freelance position. It doesn’t matter how many different blog sites you are loyal to, even if it is your own, a blogger still has the option to have work published anywhere they feel. Unless you’re a corporate blogger who signed a contract with your company of employment stating you would not do so, but then again that technically might make you more of a copywriter. Moving on, being a full-time or part-time blogger means you’re freelancing on some level. As the typical freelancer asked themselves many questions before taking the big leap, you would think the same would go for bloggers.

In the same fashion as any other occupation, there are certain skill requirements that must be met. Almost every industry blog site has published an article about how blogging can improve your career, and then proceeds to convince the majority of readers that being a blogger is the way to go for them. However these articles, for the most part, are all missing one key aspect to them. Somewhere before, or after, informing the readers about the benefits of being a blogger, there needs to be time to reflect on why one shouldn’t be one.

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Use Join.Me to Train Staff and Collaborate with Customers

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Do you manage a website or a blog? Do you build websites for customers? If so, then you know all that’s involved in getting your staff up to speed with tasks that need to be accomplished for the website. You know what’s involved in showing customers how their project is coming along. It’s a lot of work… especially when most of the time your staff is working remotely and your clients are miles away. In this article we are going to show you an online tool that can help make your life much easier. We will go over what it is and what it does, its benefits, how you can use it to make your life easier, and show you how to use it!

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How to Properly Redesign a Website

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Redesigning a website happens very often on the internet today. It can be thanks to the new technologies that appear one after another (and every one of us wants to stay in fashion) or because the rules change from month to month. Whatever the reason is, it is quite important to do it properly and to ensure the new design will bring you more advantages over your competitor than the old version.

We don’t redesign a website only for the sake of spending money. We do it because we feel that the site needs a visual revamp, we feel that our visitors want to see something new from a visual stand point. Considering the redesign is entirely for the users, it’s them we should focus on when we think about creating a new identity for our blog, publication or whatever kind of webpage it is.

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Create a Classic-Styled Portfolio Design in Adobe Photoshop

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Howdy, today we will be creating a nice design for your online portfolio. What we will learn here is how you can use a combination of textures and patterns to create a nice old-school look and how to use guides in a smart way.  Here is what we will be making:

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