Guided Tour Through Web Design History

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Web design has been with us for a bit longer than 20 years now and sure, it is easy to criticize poorly designed websites nowadays, but few people really know how and where it all started. Things when web design started were really different – actually so different than such a website would be a shame today: weird colors, cluttered information, tables all over the place, Vegas lights and so many other things that everybody despises today. It is never too late to know a bit more about the history of web design, so let’s take a look at the most important changes throughout it.

Twenty years ago nobody knew what they were doing when designing a website. It was all something new and you couldn’t talk about strategies, research, laws, theories and typography. It was all chaotic. And it all started in 1989, when the first browser called World Wide Web was released, in the same time as the first website. However, it is not possible to see the first website ever, as there isn’t much information about it, but a website looked pretty much like this one and was used to give out basic information.

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5 Must-Know Tips for Better WordPress User Management

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WordPress is a great tool to use for managing content. It’s really simple for developers, for managers and for users to use, especially when using a great theme. But if there is one thing that I think that needs to improve yet is its user management settings. I mean, even basic functions need to be coded, like editing a user’s profile fields, add roles, edit capabilities, export user data. All of those need plugins or a little coding to get working.

Here we’ll see 5 amazing and simple tips that you can use right now and greatly improve your user management and you can use all this additional data to serve your loyal readers better and provide more focused content.

We’ll cover custom user fields to history functionality, and while we’re at it you’ll learn a lot about WordPress user management functions.

So, let’s rock!

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Is Web Technology Rapidly Progressing or at a Standstill?

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Take a moment and realize how far our industry has come from where it originated. It seems like centuries ago since IE6 was considered the top browser and when being able to use CSS in conjunction with HTML was groundbreaking. Remember when the use of tables was a best practice? It is easy to see that there is an amazing amount of progress that has been made and even more amazing is the rate at which it is all constantly happening. Many of the problems those early pioneers had to deal with seem to be far removed for anyone who wasn’t around at the beginning. Or have they just changed form?

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An Interesting Debate on Browsers

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Browser Wars. That is one boring discussion. Isn’t it? IE lovers (if they exist) will ignore such discussions because they continue to favor IE (for reasons unknown) till death do them apart. Firefox users will always have something which will give Firefox an edge when compared to Chrome. Lastly, Chrome lovers will continue to love Chrome no matter what. But, this discussion isn’t about IE, Firefox or Google Chrome (not even Safari). It isn’t about their features. It isn’t about how they perform and how (dis)honestly were they coded. This discussion is about something totally different. It is about surrendering to the ever-changing browsers or give up supporting them. It is about two different schools of thought, those that believe the browsers should change, and those that believe the users should. It was sparked by interesting discussion between Aral and John.

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Stand Out Among Freelancers by Communicating with Your Client

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While the internet becomes more and more accessible to everyone, some freelancers rarely use these new technologies to improve their marketing or client relations. These incredible technologies allow us to communicate easier with people from all over the world and to even optimize the communication with someone who is living close to us. Throughout my short career I have learned that communicating with a client is crucial, because his directions might help you too. Moreover, if the product is not heading in the direction the client wants, communicating with him is going to make the product better and, let’s be honest, this is what every freelancer is rated on – the quality of the projects they deliver.

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50+ WordPress Themes for Video Bloggers

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With the advent of video sharing websites such as YouTube, Vimeo and Metacafe, video blogging has gained momentum like we’ve never seen before. Now it is easier than ever to upload, view and share videos — especially due to the plethora of awesomeness that comes bundled with HTML5. WordPress, of course, can be used for video blogging too. WP themes for video blogging pack in many custom features –special widgets to share videos, support for multiple formats and embeds, to name just a few!

In this article, we shall take a look at some of the specialized themes available for video bloggers, both and free and premium. So without further ado, here is the list!

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Current Trends in Social News Website Design

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Trends don’t happen overnight. It is the gradual process of change in an industry that initiates new trends silently. We might not notice the “new” trends in an industry unless they actually become new trends. I covered the trends behind hotel web designs just because I could see a pattern emerging amongst all the well known hotel web designs. Nowadays, community based news sites have become very common. Such sites push the end user to share news and vote for news articles that are worth it. Digg lost its fan following but Reddit is still killing it. Somehow such news based community websites have followed a set pattern which has always been the success formula. This discussion will focus on such trends that have kept the community based news sharing websites going since a long period.

From The Archives - While you are here, don’t forget to check 45 Best Social News Websites To Garner More Traffic that we did on 1WD a long time back. Most of them are still as effective now as they were back then.

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Why Every School Must Teach Design

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Do something for me. Stand in front of the mirror and just look at your physical beauty. Can you imagine the immense amount of thought that would have gone into designing something as complex as a human being? I believe in evolution, and if you look at it, it looks a lot like the process a design might use to get to a final design. Imagine how the first human being came into existence. Think about how Earth was designed in a manner that it will have day and night. Humans were designed to work during the day and rest (as in sleep) during the night. Can you see how every design of nature relates to each other? Every design is so beautifully crafted that you won’t notice anything unless you actually look at it the way I want you to. Design is such an integral part of everything that it must be taught to humans from the time they start school. It is simply mandatory.

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Use Screenr to Record Screencasts for Your Website

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Are you looking to make your website more engaging? Are you in need of a new way to explain some of your website features? What if you could use a free online tool to create engaging screencasts in as little as a few minutes? Screencast software has been around for years. There are some really great tools already out there. With that said, a new free screencast program has hit the streets and it’s looking to make things even easier for users. In this article we are going to explain what Screenr is, how to use it, the benefits you’ll receive, as well as, see how it stacks up against other free AND paid screencast software tools.

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