13 Promising Startups of 2011 that Everyone should Watch Out For

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The year that it was! 2011 was a year full of stuff implausible even in our dreams. The Facebook redesign, the advent of Infographics, the new Twitter, and (of course) the much expected new years resolutions that start to follow. My fingers are itching to talk about my personal achievements in the year 2011 but then I don’t want the editor to kick me out of 1WD for being overly personal. 2011 saw some ace startups that are here to stay. I will take you through some of the riveting and ambitious startups of 2011 that will continue to grow in the year 2012. Let me know if you have others in mind that should have been part of this list.

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Landing Pages Guide 101: Create Landing Pages that Work

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I am by no matter an expert in landing page creation, but I am doing a lot of research on this topic in order to become more experienced myself and I invite you to join me in this journey.

In this article you will be taken through each important step in order to create a successful, landing page that converts visitors into customers, I will share the biggest takeaways here and point you to the right articles and tools – let’s call it Landing Pages 101, Science Of Landing Pages, Anatomy of Converting Landing page, whichever you prefer most.

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How to Make the Best out of the Fold

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The fold, also known as the scroll, is the position on a web site where the browsers will begin to scroll down. Elements that can’t be seen without scrolling down are “below the fold” and some people believe that it is smart to keep the important information above the fold and don’t force the user to scroll down to view it. The whole space below the fold is for less important information and, depending on the resolution of the screen, this can be at around 600 pixels down on a 1024 x 768 screen, 850 pixels down on a 1200 x 1024 screen and around 1030 pixels down on a big 1600 x 1200 screen.

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41 Inspiring Email Newsletter Designs

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An email newsletter is an imperative tool for developing a graphic design business. It is one of most valuable ways to share what type of work you are doing and seeking. Email newsletters are amazing marketing as well as communication tools with multipurpose functions and benefits that expand your reach into a user inbox. With the help of an email newsletter, you can make an additional connection with your viewers beyond the website, and in this way you can keep them in the loop with the latest news and happening to look out for.

Email newsletters, while building a relationship with your visitors or customers, can keep them coming back to your website. This will ultimately result in increased sales. So, without any further ado let us get a load of exceptional ideas to create appealing and engaging graphic email newsletter designs for your new campaign.

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Traffic Building Tools And Websites: Social Marketing And Link Building For Designers

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A lot has changed now and social media is changing rapidly. This article will help you see hidden gold mines you can discover to build a lot of back links, bring huge social media traffic and enjoy the whole process along the way. I participate in social media mainly because I need traffic, but I also enjoy that I am able to communicate with a lot of people, find good articles I would never find otherwise and learn a lot of stuff all the time! And this skill always comes handy whenever you deal with the Internet – everybody needs more traffic, more buyers, more visibility and good brand built online!
In this article you won’t find advanced explanations how to use each of the services, just basic tips, you’ll get a glimpse of everything. I am creating this article for my own one stop place while doing promotion. Work hard on bigger networks and submit your links to small social sharing sites, submit news and in the end you’ll get good back links, good visibility and social traffic! My own 1stWebDesigner success is built through these websites, which allowed me to get 50,000 unique visitors to my site in its first month of existence. Now I have developed my skills and I am giving you tools and sites which work today (however I also added comments on sites, which are popular but are hard to master, be aware of these too).

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15 Eye-Catching Food & Beverage eCommerce Website Designs

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Great eCommerce web design presents an avenue for e-tailers to showcase the true essence of their brand message along with a visual representation of their products.

Presenting sumptuous and refreshing foods and beverages gives eCommerce owners much to work with when it comes to website design. Tantalizing images and a showcase of the associated benefits work well to draw customers in to the purpose behind the website and lead their clicking fingers all the way to checkout.

As you will see from these examples, a great image can go a long way. Warning: Some of these food images are so tantalizing you may find yourself reaching for a snack before the article is through.

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Knowing Your Role in the Web Community

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The web design and development industry has a lot in common with sport teams if you really think about it, and of course know enough about sports to see the similarities. Let’s take a minute and look at that. On any sports team, every player has a specific role they each must play for the team to win. A strong well-rounded team will have one star player, typically the leader as well, a diversely talented supporting cast that complement said star, a group of highly talented reserve players that can come into the game at any time and make their impact felt, the development/minor league team, and then the people who watch them and play as a hobby. The only problem a team built like this could face is that of the ego of the players. Since everyone believes they are the best, it’s going to get even worse with the freshest faces on the block, everyone feels like they should be stars. If that doesn’t sound like the web community to someone, then that person is either in denial or is oblivious to the truth.

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Freelancer

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Going freelance nowadays is a path many designers and developers take, not only because of job vacancies being on the low side, but also because there are some clear advantages to it. While working for a company is more secure and organized, going freelance is something most of us have thought about at least once. Working by yourself means you need some special skills, such as being able to work alone, to respect schedules and deadlines and to be able to market yourself better than the others. None of these is easy to do and not being able to follow some specific rules will ruin your freelance career. Therefore before going freelance, take a look at the following questions and try to ask yourself if this is indeed the right path for you to follow.

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How to use Google Analytics to Drive more Traffic to Your Website

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There are probably thousands of articles on the web talking about Google Analytics, such as how to use the free reporting tool, how to set up Google Analytics for your website, and what Google Analytics reports you can take advantage of. This is all great information, especially for novice website designers. What I think is missing is the most critical piece of information, which is “How do I analyze these Google Analytics reports in order to actually make impactful changes to my website?” In this article we are going to answer that question, as well as, provide you with some examples of taking certain data from Google Analytics, analyzing it, and then using it to make changes to your website and/or website marketing.

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Can Sociology Improve Your Designs?

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An artist is a creative who creates to satisfy their own aesthetic pleasure, unconcerned with the wants and needs of others. However a designer is a creative who creates in hopes of satisfying the wants and needs of others with their art, casting aside their own individual creative desires. This is an important fact to always keep in mind for any professional in the creative field, because quite often we tend to forget that we make our living creating art that MUST be found appealing to others and not just ourselves. Of course for any person with creative talent this is a major downside, but that is what we sign up for when taking on the designer role. Now, what does sociology have to do with any of this?

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