Building Web Design Business Using WordPress X Theme [Podcast]

The Podcast Episode with Dana James Mwangi Success Story from Dana James Mwangi At first glance, Dana James Mwangi looks like the typical wife and mother balancing her time between her husband and kids. Unless you delve a little deeper, you will never know that this dynamo has an additional title under her resume – that … Continue Reading


How Much Should You Charge Your Clients?

#EspressoMonday Episode Nr.6 Coffee, Charges, Contracts, and CMS It’s #EspressoMonday again and here’s another dose of Question and Answer video to start your week. In this episode, we will tackle pricing, contracts, and being a jack-of-all trades. Curious about the answer? Let’s jump into it with a cup of coffee in your hands. Question #1 … Continue Reading


BONUS EspressoMonday Nr.5 – 10 QUESTIONS In One Episode!

Bonus #EspressoMonday Episode Nr.5 with 10 Questions A Special Cup of #EspressoMonday In our usual Q&A video episodes, we answer three questions asked by our readers and followers. In this episode, however, we brewed a special concoction of #EspressoMonday video as we answer 10, not three, questions from our followers. Let’s jump in to it! … Continue Reading

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8 Best Freelance Websites To Find Web Design and Graphic Design Jobs

You can’t run a freelance business without creating a system to get more clients. Job search websites are a popular tool in that system, but if you’ve used one, you’ve probably had a bad experience. Before we started building our freelance job site, AwesomeWeb, we researched the big players. Their pros. Their cons. What people … Continue Reading


Coding vs. Plug-ins, Our Podcast, Losing Motivation

#EspressoMonday Q&A Episode Nr.4 Coffee and Motivation It’s Monday and coffee is a good motivation to start the day right. However, there are times when you lose the drive. In this #EspressoMonday episode, we will talk about how to keep yourself motivated but not only that. We will also talk about coding and plug-ins as … Continue Reading


From Printing Business to Web Design and Marketing Agency [Podcast]

The Podcast Episode with Jeff Dykema Success Story from Jeff Dykema Earth is already a congested place inhabited by billions of people. The web design industry is not far behind with hundreds of thousands web designers and developers all over the world. Just in 2012 alone, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a … Continue Reading


From Coding to Starting Business and Hiring a Team [Podcast]

The Podcast Episode with Ouida Mac Ouida Mac’s Success Story You have a lot of projects going for you and more are waiting in queue. You even have a business. The frustrating thing, however, is that it is not moving into the direction you want and growing into the scale you desire. It’s not that … Continue Reading