Is Web 3.0 the Next Web Revolution?

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Nowadays, people use the Internet in almost all aspects of their lives. Users gain benefits from Internet services that help them look for what they need.

Gone were the days when you have to be blind about a movie that you would want to watch, or a restaurant where you’d plan to eat. And heck, a lot of bad movies and bad food were wasted because of that.

But with evolution of the Web, you can now Google almost everything, be it a movie or restaurant review or everything else in between and find results. And before you even leave the house, you’ll have knowledge and preparedness for such recreation. What is the next web revolution, then?

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30 Refreshing Premium WordPress Themes for Landing Pages

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There comes a time when we think of starting a new business and selling some products or maybe a service. Premium WordPress themes are also very popular because they are SEO-optimized.

WordPress themes are popular because they are flexible, comfortable, and provide you with a powerful content management system (CMS).

On the other hand, landing pages are also known as the sales pages because they are used by the marketers to promote and sell their products or services and also to promote events.

Landing pages are usually coded in HTML because all the content is meant to be static. However, these days more and more WordPress themes for landing pages are gaining popularity because they provide you much more.

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When Should You Quit Your Job? (and Begin Freelancing)

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One of the very sensitive questions a designer asks at least once in his life is: “Should I begin freelancing now?”

Unlike other fields of employment, web design is a common goldmine when we are talking about freelancers. Many designers want to branch out of their daily cubicle jobs and start freelancing because they realized the many benefits that hide behind it.

Some of them are the following:

  • Independence
  • Flexibility in schedule
  • Open opportunities to learn more
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Shine Bright like a Diamond: How to Create CSS3 Diamond Grids

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CSS has come a long way. Creating of shapes using CSS3 alone without the use of images was made possible with its new properties. This enables developers and designers to experiment and do more with this basic shapes.

Creating a diamond shape using CSS is cool but how about combining diamonds to create a grid? Today’s tutorial will show you how to do CSS3 diamond grids.

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Top 30 Free WordPress Themes 2014

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A lot of themes are now floating through the Web, some are free and others premium. Of course, most WordPress experts recommend premium themes because of its security and design advantages but that doesn’t mean that you should trump the free ones. Sometimes, the free themes are even more beautiful than the paid ones. Every year we collect themes for you. Checkout the free WordPress Themes 2014 below.

WordPress is the best blogging platform there is. Let’s accept it. More and more websites use WordPress to manage their content. This doesn’t only apply to blogging but can also extend to eCommerce and a lot more! With this growing market for WordPress, the growth of the WordPress theme market consequentially grows with it.

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Why You Should Take a Web Break and Explore The World

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  “Any place you don’t leave is prison.”

Professor Peter Hoberg might be right at some points in this statement. Often, we are too fed up with our routines, be it as freelance web designers or not: wake up, procrastinate a little, procrastinate a little more, work, rest, eat, work again, procrastinate and then take a good night rest. Very much so that you need to find reasons to explore the world.

Don’t take me wrong; a routine is a good way to organize your life. But any routine you don’t leave is prison too, and sometimes, taking a break is all that you need to burst free and soar high.

My point: At times, you have to pack your things, travel the world and get the heck out of anywhere you are right now.

Today, we will be talking about reasons why you need to take a web break. In this article, I will enlighten you with the following:

  • How traveling can help you become a better web designer
  • Travel tips to make your vacation unforgettable
  • Some great places to add to your list
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The Outsourcing Guide for Web Designers

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There are times in the life of a freelance web designer when design projects come like rain falling from the sky. Those times are great and abundant to a point that the said freelancer’s bucket is too full that he can’t carry it.

Of course, he has options- either he carries the whole bucket and take on all projects or he asks someone to carry the bucket for him.

And that is where this outsourcing guide comes in.

Outsourcing is the act of reaching to a third-party entity to do a contract or business deal. It often involves transferring employees and assets to another.

In simple terms, outsourcing, in freelance web design, is the act of hiring another freelance web designer to do your projects. It is often done by experienced freelancers who have too many projects under their names.

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Should You Be Amused with Muse? : An Adobe Muse Review

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If there is one page-builder application that would allow you to design from scratch, and by scratch, I mean from a blank canvas, that would be Adobe Muse. This software was recently released by Adobe as part of the Creative Cloud series. It offers great opportunities to graphic designers and non-coding designers to finally get into web design.

I thought of doing an Adobe Muse review. I have tried Muse for a few days, and I say, from a non-coder’s viewpoint, it is a pretty amazing software. With a little understanding of graphic design and a great amount of experience with Adobe Photoshop, I managed to create a simple website.

Here are my observations:

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30 Beautiful Premium Tumblr Themes for Your Tumblog

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Tumblr is a very easy to use platform for micro-blogging. It is very popular these days. Tumblr gives the simplicity and attractiveness that your blog deserves. You can post plenty of things on your Tumblr dashboard including photos, videos, links, text, etc.

But besides all these great things, you will need a great looking Tumblr theme for your Tumblog so that it stands out. It will get more attention from the visitors, thus, making your blog more popular. If you are a professional blogger, then, you would probably know how important it is to have a great looking theme design for the blog.

There are plenty of free themes available on the Internet but majority of these themes can’t give you the best results.

Using beautiful premium Tumblr themes is best for your blog.

  • It enhances the experience of your Tumblog.
  • It is more powerful and effective when it comes to attracting the visitors.
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The Freelancer’s Guide to Retirement Preparation

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Freelancing has become a new job market in today’s world. People know that relying on the traditional jobs to fulfill their needs is not enough in today’s world. Freelancing industry in past few years has seen a vast increase in home business owners and freelancers. The experts say that the number will continue to grow in the future.

Freelancers have the advantage of working from home. They decide the working time and choose their preferred jobs. Freelance designers feel more relax in working from home than at an office. But, the reality is that there are more challenges in working from home than there are in a firm.

One of the biggest issues that freelance designers can face is the retirement preparation. Yes, being a freelancer can be a very exciting experience for every web designer but, not every web designer thinks about the retirement. There can be many reasons for it such as:

  • Even with the growing number of freelancers, still, many people think freelancing is a part time job rather than proper business
  • Designers don’t plan retirement because they want to enjoy work and freedom for as long as they can
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