How Well Do You Understand Wireframes and Prototypes?

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Few people know about the actual difference between the two terms ‘Wireframe’ and ‘Prototype’ in creating web design projects. There can be confusion with regards to their similarities. However, it is very important to know the difference of these two. Also, what are the benefits that these two can have for your designing projects? It might be possible that sometimes you will only require wireframe in your project and sometimes you will need a prototype for it.

Both wireframe and prototypes are phases of web development that you present to your client.

The major phases of web development project are:

  1. Research. Initially you have to do some research with your client regarding the design of your website
  2. Conceptualize. This gives you the idea about which elements and features to include in your website.
  3. Layout. Make a sketch and decide on the layout of your website following with the basic design of the website.

To make it clearer, we are going to have a discussion about the difference between wireframes and prototypes in today’s article. Let’s start with their meanings.

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How to Use CSS3 and Photoshop to Animate Objects

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Back in the old days, animations with CSS is only limited to hovering effects. Thanks to the power of CSS3 animation, it is now possible to create amazing effects without the use of JavaScript plugins.

The introduction of CSS3 keyframes rule has increased the ability of CSS to create or animate objects in a  more advanced and amazing way. Using this rule, you can change the set of CSS styles many times.

In today’s tutorial, I am going to show you how to animate a giraffe vector character walking forward with the fences, clouds and background. Please take note that this is not an introductory tutorial for CSS3 animation. If you don’t know how CSS3 animation works, I suggest visiting this page.

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How to Travel the World as a Freelance Web Designer or Web Developer

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You have probably heard about those people who travel the world for years on end.

You know who I’m talking about – they live in places like Thailand, work from the beach, and make everyone envious with their never ending stream of fascinating stories and amazing pictures.

Now, what if I told you that you, a freelance web designer or web developer, can live a life like that?

Well, guess what – you can.

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10 Best WordPress Tutorial Sites to Help You Understand WordPress Better

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WordPress is among the most popular platforms used for publishing. WordPress can be used for your personal or commercial blogs and also for your online businesses.

The best thing about it is that you can easily customize it without having much coding knowledge. The more knowledge you have about the WordPress, the more easily you can manage your blogs and websites.

For this purpose, plenty of online tutorials and websites are available to help you with understanding the concepts about WordPress.

Tutorial websites allow you to handle different WordPress problems and improve your overall knowledge about the WordPress.

In today’s post, we have collected 10 best WordPress tutorial sites that provide you proper knowledge on WordPress and its features.

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25 Creative Office Supplies and Accessories for Web Designers

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Web designers are innovative people who spend their entire day in creating interesting things and inspiring their surroundings. However, they have to work in mind-numbing environment in their offices. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why creative office supplies have been marketed.

Every designer works for 8-9 hours in the office and spends half of the day in an environment full of projects, layouts, and client meetings, etc, thus, bringing stress to the mind. Making the office an enjoyable place to work can be the best treatment for maintaining focus on the work.

If you feel like a little unimaginative in the office, then, maybe it’s time to make some changes around your surroundings. I am not talking about reconstructing your office; just add some creative supplies and accessories on your desk and you’re good to go.

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40 Free Icon Sets Worth Checking Out

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Icons are very important in websites as they are used to make them look complete. These can be seen on every website. Their purpose is to guide the users and provide useful information to them. That said, designers are well aware of their meaning in web related projects and always looking for good icons to use in their websites.

Icons are symbols that work as the communicator between the user and web page. In addition to that, icons provide a smoother and easier navigation experience.

Designers who work to give usability to the visitors always include icons in their design.


  • Icons make the design of website look simple and creative
  • Icons are a great way to help your visitors finding their required information quickly

As the modern design technology is improving, more and more designers are using icons in their websites. Icon sets can be found easily on the Internet in both free and premium charges.

If you are a creative designer, you can create custom icons for yourself. However, using icon sets that are pre-designed by expert designers is always a good option. A lot of talented graphic designers share their icon sets with other designers so that everyone can utilize them.

In today’s post, we are sharing 40 free icon sets of 2014 that we have collected for web designers, developers and bloggers. You can freely download these sets and use them in your designing projects.

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40 Beautiful Tumblr Themes

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The popularity of Tumblr is increasing day by day due to its simplicity and flexibility. Everyone in today’s world wants to post their experiences, daily observations, and thoughts on their own blogs in an easy way.

Tumblr is a platform for blogging which allows you to share your images, content, videos and etc. on the go. It gives you the complete access to post and customize your content from your web browsers, e-mails or from phones. To make the blogging experience more interesting, there are thousands of themes available that you can use to make your blog stand out from the crowd.

These themes can vary in the styles: grid-based, portfolio styles, high resolutions and many more features.

In today’s post we have collected 40 beautiful Tumblr themes for your blogs. Twenty of these themes are free while the other twenty are premium Tumblr themes. We wish you find the best one that suites your requirements!

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Effective Vanilla Methods for Full-Time Employment Transition

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The economic recession has brought so many changes, especially in the job market structure. It is becoming harder each day to find jobs and the pressure of meeting their needs is getting difficult for many people.

It is no secret that many freelancers are now making an employment transition to a full-time employment just to meet their basic needs. However, it can be a difficult step for many freelancers to make the change and work as a full-time employee.

In today’s article, we are going to discuss about making a transition from your freelancing career to a full-time employment. What can you expect from it? What challenges will you be facing and how can you overcome it? Also, I would be sharing some tips that will surely help you in getting hired. So let’s start!

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Bring Your Website to Life Using This Animate.css Tutorial

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CSS3 animation is a great new feature of CSS3. With this feature, it is possible to animate transitions from one CSS style to another. The introduction of CSS keyframes rule made it possible to have intermediate waypoints along the way of animation.

Compiling all of the useful CSS animations in one CSS library is a great idea but may take some time. Good thing there is already a prebuilt library that compiles all good CSS animations.

Introducing Animate.css, a free prebuilt CSS library, created by Dan Eden. It is consist of over 50 amazing, cross-browser CSS animations that save you from writing a little more lines of CSS to animate elements on your site projects.

Today, we’re going to check how we can apply cool animations using  this Animate.css tutorial. You can feature this animation in a landing page. Let’s get started!

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100 Free HTML Website Templates To Use In 2014

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A website template consists of either a single web page or a set of web pages that have been pre-designed by other designers. Instead of hiring a web designer, many small businesses are using HTML website templates.

What are the advantages of using website templates?

  • You can easily modify website templates with your own content and images in your projects
  • Website templates are generally built with HTML and CSS coding. Anyone can easily setup their own websites without hiring a professional designer and developer
  • Some designers also use these templates to create professional looking websites for their customers
  • They are cost effective

In today’s post, we have collected some gorgeous-looking free HTML website templates that we will be sharing in this article. These templates include some great features such as flat design, responsive layout, and jQuery sliders, etc. You can freely download these templates and make several modifications that you wish in it.

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