1. Victor Fatanmi

    Camel Punch, Jam Session, WhoYouKnow are quite brilliant. Maybe the list for 2012 will have one of my logos on this list. Kudos. Victor Gold Creations.

  2. This is your brillient job i have ever seen on the internet .Thanks for helping me because i am a student and i am doing MCA..I am very thankful of you Mrs. ladycontent..

  3. The Fashion Law Institute is great and the Cherry Software logo and Bread & Breakfast are pretty cute. Besides that, I have to agree with Gregory Atwood, these logos are bad at best. is still a great site though. Check out some of our work, we’d love to help you guys on your best of search for the upcoming year if you’re open to it. Rivington Desighn House

  4. Gregory Atwood

    I felt like the overwhelming majority of these were quite mediocre; in fact the irony was that I had just visited what the author had described as a list of the WORST logos and frankly these weren’t much better. Surely 2011 produced better than this!

    • Gregory Atwood

      I felt I should add that there are three that I consider excellent:

      –Mattis Landscaping
      –Preston Park Dental
      –RIP Steve

      The worst were:

      –Help Hand
      –Social Box
      –Who You Know
      …I could go on, but why bother?

  5. Darren

    There are really cool logo designs and shall be helpful with having creative concepts for web designers.

  6. Tim

    These are great examples. Fantastic way of incorporating the element of the business into the design itself. I especially like The Dresserie, Preston Park Dental, and The Corner Deli.

  7. Chris

    Thanks for a great inspirational and up-to-date list. I particularly likes the Nine Naturals and Camel Punch logos. Thanks again!

  8. Charles Selena

    Logo and Design can be implemented with really good behaviors Wonderful collection of websitesLogo. I’m currently looking for a gradient background on my website (seems to be modern now) and got some new ideas.

  9. Jeremy Darko

    Most of these are quite brilliant. I’ve seen a lot of them before via Logo Of The Day by Just Creative Design’s Jacob Cass and some I have not seen. I particularly like Radio, E-Drop, The Corner Deli & Meath & Bread. You don’t have to be a hero to feel invincible. Creativity Takes Courage!

  10. Shiran

    The missile logo must have been designed for WEB2.0 type of website, cause if it was designed for a different type of website, I could have great ideas on how to design it to be red flame onto the words benefit, However it does indeed look great,