Guidelines to Building a Useful Coming Soon Page


When you plan on launching a website for your company or business, it is always a good idea to have a Coming Soon page as a teaser. Buying the domain two months in advance and investing some money in it pays off most of the time, because it gets the visitors interested and hooks them until the official release of the website. You can also get a database of potential clients from such a page, but I am getting a bit ahead of myself.

Today we take a look at some tips for designing Coming Soon pages and how to actually make them effective and visually appealing, so that visitors will remember them over time and come back. In the end we will take a look at a showcase of good Coming Soon page examples.

Coming Soon pages have to tease visitors and aid your chances of being remembered. Such a teaser page needs to score good points on each of the following:

  • Memorability
  • Virality
  • Desirability
  • Data Collection

The above-mentioned features of a coming soon page are popular thanks to the Teaser Effectiveness Analysis Matrix, trademarked patented by Sacha Greif, a French user interface designer who can be followed here.

The teaser

First you might ask yourself if you need this teaser page and I will always answer that you do. Regardless of what you’re selling or offering, showing a teaser before the release will always bring you something good, from eager clients to interested prospects. Through this page you need to create a climate of anticipation and make the visitor look forward to the official launch of the product by giving him as many bits of information as possible. If you do this gradually and constant and start long before you plan to release whatever it is you are selling, you have a high change of creating anticipation. This way you can make people want your product.

I’ve learned this method from video games producers, who announce the next version of a game and then, once per week, give out a bit more information about it. This way, the user never forgets about the release date (because he is bombarded constantly with information about something he is interested in) and looks forward to it more than ever. A few days before the official release, the gamers can’t wait to have their hands full and even take days off work to be able to enjoy the new release.

Now I am not saying the gamers act this way only because of the teaser, but it plays an important part in their behaviour. Managing to make simple website visitors feel like that will create a big impact and get people excited about your product when you release it. So, bottom line, you do need a teaser!

Keep yourself in line

When developers work on a project, sometimes they tend to become lazy and lose motivation. This can happen to all of us and having a specific kind of teaser page might help developers to stay motivated and work to reach the promised deadline.

When you collect data (e-mails, telephone numbers, addresses and so on) long before you release the website, you do yourself a favour. First, by having a database of people who show interest, you realize you don’t want to let these people down. Second, by having a database, you see that there are lots of people interested in your website, so you do even more to offer the promised product in time.

Now that we know why, and that, you need a teaser, let’s go and take a look at some tips about how to design an effective one.

You need a powerful identity

A powerful identity will help the visitors remember the teaser page more often and will make them come back at some point in time, to see if the development process is done. Don’t forget colors, style and most important, your brand (logo). Because the final website might look different than the teaser page (in most of the cases it does), showing the visitors from the beginning a powerful brand will help your business, because they will remember it afterwards and will make the connection between the teaser and the final website.

If you manage to design a memorable teaser page, the success of your business will increase. People will for sure come back to you for the developments and might even subscribe to your feed.

Collect information

In order to be able to announce the launch date, it is a good idea for your teaser page to be able to collect data from your visitors. You can’t do that much with the visitors on your Coming Soon page, therefore you have to store their information somewhere and use it later on, when you need those people to check your page again. The easiest way to collect information is to ask for their e-mail; people tend to give it more often than other personal information such as phone number or address. Once you have collected their e-mails, store them in a database and use them later.

Offer something in return

Another way of convincing the users to give you their information is to offer something in return, such as one of your products. If you are a design company, then maybe you could offer a premium WordPress theme to a certain amount of people that sign up. This way you will collect even more information and will give the users another reason for handing you their personal data.

Make people come back

By having a powerful message you can make people want the product so much that they can’t wait for the release date. A smart, mysterious message, which doesn’t have to be long or sophisticated, can make the user pay more attention. For example, you can see in the image below how much only four lines of text teases you. This is what you have to achieve!

The Coming Soon Page of a mysterious application

By using interactive elements you can also make the user come back. Simply talk about what the product or the company does, but use pictures, screen shots, portfolios or even better, advertising videos. Interactive elements are far more useful than static text.

Try to go viral

Viral videos are very popular nowadays and from a simple Coming Soon page to having your own viral video is just a simple step: social media. On the teaser page it is always a good idea to have a “Share this on Facebook” or a “Tweet this” button. Or better, both of them. Or even better than that, have a bunch of social media buttons there. Let people share it wherever they want and hope for your product to become popular even before the release date.

Use something special

As stated before, using only plain text is boring and will not have the desired effect. That’s why you have to do something special. In my opinion, illustrations are very popular today and you will see them on most of the popular Coming Soon pages because they are effective and fun. Moreover, if you are a graphic designer, you can do one yourself and won’t have to pay for it – which is even better for your budget.

With the introduction of HTML5 & CSS3, you can now do more interesting things than before and use less effort for it, although do not forget that the new HTML is not fully implemented yet and not all the browsers out there read and show it properly.

In the end

As a bottom line, the teaser page is a very important element of your company or product release. By managing to go viral you can have a powerful effect over the web and make yourself more popular than you’ve ever dreamed of. Moreover, you can do this even months before releasing the goods, which will give you confidence and, why not, even more money to spend for the development process.

Take your time when you design such a page, because it might be useful. It is also a good idea to have a powerful brand image before you launch a product, this way the website will be kept in mind by most of the visitors, even if unconsciously.

Examples of good teaser pages

1. Squidchef


2. ChkChkBoom


3. Filtered Language

Filtered Language

4. Gimmr


5. Designatr


6. Uooo

Uooo TV

7. FavMovie


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    Having a coming soon business page for your customers is a great way of giving them something to look forward to. Give them a reason to look forward to whatever your product is.