How Google Creates a New Era for SEO

Google has been making substantial changes to its search engine algorithms. This has led many website owners to reconsider how they implement their SEO campaign.¬†Over the last year, two major new algorithm changes are going to have a major impact on website owners. Google Panda was enacted last year to help remove low quality content … Continue Reading

Who Said Your Online Business is Recession-Proof?

The global economy is becoming more uncertain than ever. Many people are particularly worried about how the threat of a global recession will damage their income potential. As an Internet entrepreneur, you should definitely do the same. Many marketers have said that blogging is recession proof and Internet marketers don’t have to worry about the … Continue Reading

How to Find Hot Topics to Blog About

In my opinion, having a blog attached to your website is the single best way to keep current website visitors coming back to your site, attract new website visitors, and to educate your visitors about your website topic. That said, keeping a blog is a lot of work! Even though keeping a blog updated with … Continue Reading