What is the Future of Online Education?

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Think of the job you have now and imagine losing interest in it. I love writing, but for the sake of this example, let’s say, I’m already on the brink of giving up. I’m 24 years old, turning 25 in a couple of months, and I want to start fresh. Do something different. But at this age, enrolling in a college to earn a new degree is impractical, both money-wise and time-wise. That leads me to consider online education as part of my learning.

It’s not always sunshine and rainbows. Very few people talk about this issue for the sake of keeping appearances, but everyone will encounter it at one point. Including you, no matter how much you love your job right now.

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3 Secret Steps To Dramatically Improve Your Freelance Lifestyle – Even If You’re Just Starting Out

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Where is the boundary between doing your work and the tasks you love? Are you doing what you always wanted to do? Do you want to do more, become more? When should you learn to become more productive and implement routines in your life? And when should you simply quit your existing job and do something else that makes you happier? This simple article will help you to be more aware about where you currently are as well as aid you to understand where you want to go. Three simple steps are all you need, three steps I am using in my own life to be more, do more and become even more fulfilled!

I invite you to participate and share your experiences, in fact, I will give away two books Play It Away and Power of Habit to the most genuine sharing in the comments. Are you ready to hack and experiment with your life, do the things you never thought possible, and question things you never questioned?! Let’s challenge the status quo!

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Why Web Developers Should Learn Web Design

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As a web developer, you are in charge of making the website do things. You are responsible for creating interactivity on the site, which may may include jQuery and Ajax validation forms, submitting forms to database, rollovers, sliding menus or many other aspects of the site that needs programming. But how about the website’s design?

In my previous article Why Being a Web Designer Who Codes Is Way Cooler, I talked about why web designers should learn how to code and its benefits.

For this article, I encourage developers to learn proper web design process and how this will benefit them.

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QR Queries: How Quick Response Codes Can Burn or Save You

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Quick Response codes or popularly known as QR codes are slowly entering the popular mainstream market of the digital world. Nowadays, we see almost every product embedded with weird alien language-like images in their packaging and you will probably never going to know what that means until you scan it up using your smartphone’s camera.

Scanning might lead you to the product’s website where you will thank goodness you did not get kidnapped by Martians and be eaten alive.

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Crazy Egg Review: Is Your Website Hot Enough?

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So, you have a website. Probably you are selling something or you want to collect people’s email addresses and it works. Or does it? As a marketer, are you satisfied with your current conversions? As a designer, do you feel like you made the right decision when you placed the search bar on the sidebar? But there is one tool that we at 1stwebdesigner.com is crazy about- Crazy Egg. Don’t search high and low about the Crazy Egg review when you can have that here!

There are many tracking tools out there that you can use to determine if your design works as intended. There are eye and mouse tracking tools out there, but they are expensive. Although admittedly, they work. Another thing that works just as well as these is click tracking with heatmap. Different processes, same results.

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22 Web Design Resources Ready for Download

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Design elements are important for a web designer. It makes his designs look more beautiful, thus, increasing its usability. Choosing the correct icons, buttons, and other elements is important because it makes your designs look trendier, livelier and more beautiful, aesthetically. Web design resources are everywhere but choosing one among the loads online can be a bit overwhelming.

It is necessary to be able to find great design elements. However, due to the massive number of resources available, it becomes difficult, nay, almost impossible to find what you need in the shortest possible time. That is why, 1stWebDesigner gathered the following web design resources for your usage.

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Lessons I Learned Growing a 6-Figure Online Business in 2013

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Do you want to learn how you can live your own dream lifestyle? Do you want to understand why others are successfully running their freelance online business while you may not?

This article will mix life lessons with action. These are tasks for you to take so be prepared to look back at last year and make 2014 your own life-changing year.

Most people (including myself, sometimes) set their goals, but after a month, motivation goes somewhere. Well, that’s why you have me this time to remind you about the great things you can do. My goal is to inspire you by giving some real sexy details about what the 1stWebDesigner team has done for the past year. I am also going to tell you what’s in plan for the future! My hope is to inspire and give you a few ideas, plus get some conversation going!

If you are excited to hear how the year went for 1stWebDesigner, what are some interesting insights happening in design industry and get yourself motivated to do more, read on!

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Secret Ingredients to an Unforgettable User Experience

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User experience (UX) is an important facet of website development, though, it is often neglected. The reason is that most web developers focus on the technical features of the site. However, when one forgets to build a website that is easy to navigate, the user tends to shift his or her attention to other websites and would not ever come back.

On the contrary, when a website is well-thought of, a favorable and long-term impression is created, together with the preference of your website over that of the competitor’s. It is in this reason why it is pertinent to plan and prepare the experience a user will have when they browse through your website.

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Web Design Mistakes Web Designers Should Avoid

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Let’s accept it. The wonderful world of web design is not a walk in the park. There are web design mistakes to avoid. You need to create eyegasmic designs that will attract people and hook them into visiting your website frequently.

However, what makes it more challenging is that web design isn’t created for the eyes’ pleasure only. User experience, including how he gets the message or the gist of the whole design, is a priority.

Despite the our constant avoidance, we, web designers, are very vulnerable to pitfalls that hamper the practicality of the design. Most web designers, especially the starting ones, tend to make mistakes that could easily jeopardize the usage of their websites.

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Web Industry Job Titles: Where Do You Fit In?

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With the continuous evolution of the Web, web industry job titles are created at a very impressive rate, opening up a lot of possible career opportunities for more people each day.

Speaking of careers, what do you call yourself? I mean, are you a web designer or a web developer? Or are you the kind of person who’s somehow stuck on both boats? I believe that learning your real job title will be tantamount to learning where you’re good at. In my previous article, I have explained that you should be an expert on something. And honestly, stamping your identity through a job title could be considered as the first step.

To begin with, I would like to make it clear that there are a lot of job titles on the Web. The confusion between such jobs is understandable because they do meet ways. So, how do we know which is which and where we fit in? Let’s take a look:

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