How to Get Your Wife to Help you with Your Website

Do you want an extra set of hands to help maintain your website, but at this point, don’t have a budget to pay someone? Why not put your wife (or husband for all you female web developers out there) to work? I know most of you might be thinking, “Yeah, right… my wife has no … Continue Reading

Revised Google SEO Guide 2012 Edition: Big Changes in Algorithm

Everybody is buzzing all around now, how latest changes Google did affected their search traffic greatly! Chances are if you monitor your own properties on Google Analytics, you will see significant drop in your traffic in March! 1WD was seriously affected as well from March 20! Besides Google Panda release, there were 2 rounds of … Continue Reading

Introducing Breezi CMS Meant For Designers: Review

Are you looking for a good hosted CMS solution for designing your next website? If so, a good option for you to consider might be Breezi. Breezi is a visual CSS Editor and Edit-in-Place CMS meant especially for designers. The Breezi CMS is supplemented by to-the-mark style control and multiple apps that lend great functionality … Continue Reading

Facebook Buys Instagram. How Will Microsoft React?

Instagram is a free photo editing and sharing application which was launched in October 2010. It allows its users to take photos and apply one of the many digital filters available, then share it on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. When the application was launched, it was only available for Apple mobile users … Continue Reading

Is Twitter Still Trending? – Predictions And Thoughts

Twitter is a multilingual online social network created in 2006. Twitter works as a micro-blogging service which allows users to send messages (known as tweets) of 140 characters or less. It has now more than 350 million members and is generating over 300 million tweets per day. Twitter is a great source for finding hot … Continue Reading

Motivate Yourself More by Setting Up the Perfect Home Office

Being a freelancer is something of a foreign lifestyle choice to those that have grown accustomed to and are quite fond of typical employment. The random spots of high and low-income, no interaction with coworkers, responsibility solely resting on that one person’s shoulders, but there is one that probably baffles most of all — working from one’s own home! Of … Continue Reading

Never Forget a Thing With the Help of Evernote!

Evernote is an amazing “catch all” application. You may already be using Evernote or you might be using some other note application. None-the-less, Evernote is powerful and very customizable. When showing people how to use Evernote, I equate Evernote to Twitter. There is no real right way to take or organize your notes as long … Continue Reading

Google+ Gets a Make-over: Will it Become the Apex Social Network?

Ever since its inception, Google+ has had its share of (rightfully deserved) attention. Hailed as the Grim Reaper for the likes of Facebook by some, and another (soon-to-be-abandoned) experiment like Google Buzz by others, G+ has always been in the spotlight, ever since day one of its existence. Now, loving (or hating) a particular social … Continue Reading

4 Tips to Retire Like Warren Buffett

Like with any life changing decision, there are pros and cons to the decision to work for yourself. One such con is the responsibility to handle your retirement by yourself. If you aren’t careful as a freelancer you could be setting yourself up for financial ruin later on down the road. The burden of establishing … Continue Reading

Power Your Blogs with Habari: The Next Generation of Blogging

If you are running a blog on a self-hosted platform, chances are you’re using either WordPress or perhaps Drupal. There is no denying the fact that both of these CMSs have excellent capabilities. They are ideal for many different genres of website. However, at times, when all you need is a small personal weblog, running … Continue Reading