8 Tips to Follow for iPad App Designers

Most of us didn’t understand the real use of iPad but still we bought it. The touch keyboard wasn’t as quick as our laptops, still we used it. And, before we even realized, the iPad had become an integral part of our lives. Now, no gadget is complete without the plethora of apps (good or … Continue Reading

Master Social Networking Using Engag.io

Part of web working is being a part of social networking sites. Let’s face it, some days these sites are just a pain in the neck to keep up with. Sure you may have a great conversation going on Twitter or Google+, but what about that landing page you should be creating for your eagerly … Continue Reading

Successful Redesign Tips From Movie Sequels

Ever wondered how some film series’ original can be so good it builds up a good amount of buzz for continuing films, yet its sequels are just nowhere near as good? Well, this of course can boil down to a number of factors. Sometimes too much time passes between the release of the original and … Continue Reading

New CSS3 Properties For Better Text And Word Wrapping

CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets is, alongside HTML, the very basics of web design. It was first designed to enable separation of document content and allow web pages to be displayed differently depending on the screen size of the device, or depending on the device itself. CSS is maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium … Continue Reading

How to Find Ideas to Write About in Under 10 Minutes

The most common problem that bloggers like me encounter is that point in time when no idea seems to be good enough to be written and published. You’d think that the biggest problem here is thinking of what to write about, but the underlying problem is really answering the question, “is it good enough?” or “will … Continue Reading

SliderWall Giveaway Winners Announcement!

It has been a week since we started the SliderWall Giveaway and it’s now time to draw the winners! Who could be the lucky five winners of Commercial Licenses of jQuery Image Slider? Read more to find out! For those who didn’t win, do not worry! SliderWall is not that expensive, it’s well-priced and if … Continue Reading

How Responsive Design is Like Water

There are three states of matter known to be found on Earth. These states of course being that of solid, liquid, and gas. Taking into account that these three states are distinctly different, it is easy to assume that they each have a unique form. Solids are rigid and tightly packed molecules , gases are hyperactive molecules … Continue Reading

how to write a website proposal

Things to Consider When Estimating for a Website Development Project

Do you sell website development services? If so, then you are well aware how difficult it is to keep projects in scope during the website development process. Oftentimes website designers price website development jobs according to the specs initially presented by their client. Unfortunately, the client doesn’t always know everything that he needs/wants until after … Continue Reading