What Are the Best Laptop Computers That Is Not MacBook Pro?

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The dazzling 13-15-inch screen of Apple’s MacBook Pro, one of the best laptop computers, topped up with amazing technical specifications can surely make your eyes pop for a while. I mean, it’s Apple! Everybody loves the quality of company’s products. You’re assured of top notch items. But seeing the price tag that goes along with them, it will surely make your eyes pop too, but for another reason.

Now, I’m not starting a PC vs. Mac debate here but not all people can afford to buy a Mac; for newbie freelancers, buying a $2000 laptop computer may not be a good decision, especially if you can’t afford it. For me, if you’re starting from scratch, you should invest on the things you need first.

Hence, this article. I tried looking around for great MacBook Pro alternatives. Know the best laptops other than MacBook here:

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5 Best Remote Collaboration Tools for Teams

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Collaboration is a great way to get more projects done in the shortest span of time. In freelance web designing, collaborating with others seems to be a very wise decision since you can get more projects but work in less effort.

However, being in a freelance web design team doesn’t necessarily mean you work together physically. That is one of the many joys of freelancing. You can work alone, while working together.

However, this is never easy as remote collaboration tools for teams can lead to miscommunication and lack of monitoring. You need tools where you can easily keep track and manage the projects and clients you get. You also need something to set and monitor deadlines, a melting pot of all finished products, invoices and many more.

For this article, we have collected some freelance collaboration tools which will surely make working with a remote team easier and more convenient.

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1WD Is Turning 6 – Join Our Anniversary Giveaway!

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1stwebdesigner is turning 6! And we couldn’t have done it without you. So, we are giving away 20 of our Flat Web Design Course with a total value of almost $2000 to our loyal readers! Over the years, our core focus has changed from simply publishing tips and tutorials to creating courses for freelance web designers and developers. Right now, we want to share them with you.

Do you want to help change the face of education?

Read our story and be inspired (and of course, get the chance to win 1 of the 20 prizes!).

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It’s Getting Hot in Here! Keeping Your Cool in Front of “Clients from Hell”

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CLIENT: Can you make it less black, like half black?

ME: Do you mean grey?

CLIENT: No. Less black.

ME: Well, there’s black or there’s no black.

CLIENT: We want black, we just want the black to be less black. Like half.

Does this “keeping your cool” dialogue sound familiar to you?

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Save Your Ideas for a Rainy Day

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For web designers, ideas are very important. If web designers don’t have fresh, trendy and almost-original ideas, they might as well stop designing because it is the fuel that drives their job. Without any ideas, there would be no design and no design means no money. That said, how should you save your ideas?

You can only create what you can imagine.

These words have been my driving force the past years. As a budding designer and an emerging writer, I have considered imagination is the mother of all artwork.

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30 Android Apps Worth Downloading This Year

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Android is becoming really popular. As more smartphone companies use the Android operating system, users grow the same number too. That just means that more and more Android apps are being developed as the operating system picks up popularity, which is why it becomes really difficult to choose the best apps for your phone.

You can’t really try every single application just to find the perfect fit. That would entail a lot of time, and we don’t have a lot of that. That is why, we looked into a lot of Android applications and picked 30 apps that you shouldn’t miss. These were selected according to how useful they will be to you, either you’re a web designer or just a mere android user.

Here they are!

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Where are My Earphones? — The Music and Productivity Equation

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Music is definitely part of human life. Somehow, music gives us movement without making us leave our seats. It gives us motivation, advice and, most of all, solace when we most need it. We often view music as something that enhances our daily lives. We see it as a sort of escape from people.

Pop those earphones on and shazam! Instant isolation.

However, only a few people view music as more of an inspiration rather than a distraction. Some view music as something that increases their productivity and makes them work harder and better.

You may be listening to the slow strums of Ottis Redding, maybe even threading the waves with Nada Surf but one thing is for sure: subtly, your music pushes you to move, which leads one to think about the correlation of music and productivity.

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Is My Website Ready for Some Serious Hacks?

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The issue of website security has been a top priority for web designers and developers for a long time. In the course of Internet’s colorful history, a lot of methods and tools have been developed (and some are still at the brink of development) to ensure that websites will be hack-proof, or at least be ready for some serious hacks.

What drives all the motivation to lock-down websites is, of course, business. As we all know, websites drive income and leads for a lot of companies.

These companies thrive to target the new market. This market mainly resides in the digital world, to further increase their chances of conversion – and in the near future – income.

On the other hand, some websites prosper mainly from driving traffic and converting clicks into cash. Blogs are great examples. They mainly sell information, which can be used to create tangible and perceivable products.

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Money Saving Tips for Web Designers and Developers

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Freelancing has its perks, especially when we talk of freedom and flexibility. With all the liberty you have, you can do more projects and allot more rests. You also have the prerogative to work anywhere you want. Freelancing is a great career to step into but it has its drawbacks.

  •         You work alone most of the time.
  •         You deal directly with clients.
  •         You need to have a rich artistic bank.
  •         You are more prone to procrastination.
  •         Your budget is should always be planned.

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Of all these drawbacks, it’s the last one that hurts freelancers the most.  There are lots of articles on money saving tips. But which focuses entirely for web designers and developers?

When you freelance, you take matters into your own hands: getting clients, working on deals, doing the project, and everything you could ever think of.

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Web Designer vs Web Developer Infographic

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There are a lot of articles that differentiate web designers from web developers. Commonly, they talk about the difference of the two. Some, even encourage debates on whether designers should code and developers should design. Instead of reading a lengthy article on the difference of these two, why not checkout this cool web designer vs web developer infographic created by Rudolph Musngi for 1WD.

All of these data can sometimes make us feel confused about what the difference of developers and designers really is. So, we made an infographic (yay!)  to creatively illustrate how they differ and which profession your skill sets might belong. Let’s take a look at it:

Web Designer vs Web Developer Infographic - unknown - unknown - US