Money Saving Tips for Web Designers and Developers

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Freelancing has its perks, especially when we talk of freedom and flexibility. With all the liberty you have, you can do more projects and allot more rests. You also have the prerogative to work anywhere you want. Freelancing is a great career to step into but it has its drawbacks.

  •         You work alone most of the time.
  •         You deal directly with clients.
  •         You need to have a rich artistic bank.
  •         You are more prone to procrastination.
  •         Your budget is should always be planned.

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Of all these drawbacks, it’s the last one that hurts freelancers the most.  There are lots of articles on money saving tips. But which focuses entirely for web designers and developers?

When you freelance, you take matters into your own hands: getting clients, working on deals, doing the project, and everything you could ever think of.

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Web Designer vs Web Developer Infographic

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There are a lot of articles that differentiate web designers from web developers. Commonly, they talk about the difference of the two. Some, even encourage debates on whether designers should code and developers should design. Instead of reading a lengthy article on the difference of these two, why not checkout this cool web designer vs web developer infographic created by Rudolph Musngi for 1WD.

All of these data can sometimes make us feel confused about what the difference of developers and designers really is. So, we made an infographic (yay!)  to creatively illustrate how they differ and which profession your skill sets might belong. Let’s take a look at it:

Web Designer vs Web Developer Infographic

Collaboration Gone Wrong: Key Tips in Addressing and Preventing Conflicts

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Two heads sure are better than one, but harmony will always be second to none.

Collaboration is a great way for freelance web designers to accomplish great things with less effort and time wasted. It has opened avenues for sharing ideas, mixing and matching creative juices and most of all, increasing earnings.

With collaboration, one web designer can work freelance without the burden of being alone. Work can be improved, new methods can be learned and more energy and money is saved.

All of these perks truly make collaboration an interesting plot to plow. More and more designers are shifting from working by their lonesome selves to pairing or grouping with other great minds.

Truly, two (or more) heads are better than one.

But is it really? What happens when collaboration has gone wrong? What are the ways of preventing conflicts?

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Your Mobile Apps Look Bad and You Should Feel Bad

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Mobile application design and development has been ‘the thing’ as of late. With the growing prominence of smartphones, more and more applications are developed. It’s like, we have an app for everything, right?

What makes it even more amazing is that this year, the projected number of smartphone users will be 1.75 billion. This staggering number resulted into 2.6 million apps in app-stores (iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones combined).

If there is one thing certain about these huge statistics, it would be that mobile application development and design is a big and newly-discovered gold mine to plow. There are a lot of opportunities waiting for developers as mobile apps continue on growing as the age of smartphones conquer the market.

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Brain Drain, Anyone? Flush It Out

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Is there such an idea called BRAIN DRAIN?

“A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work.” ― John Lubbock, The Use Of Life

Generally, Investopedia defines it as “a slang term for a significant emigration of educated or talented individuals”.

But what is its literal meaning? The exhaustion of the brain because of too much thinking, how people get it and how to defend yourself from having it.

Too much thinking about something is the worst feeling you can have when you create, develop or write something.

I can compare this with a glass of water spilling, having no space anymore to occupy. The glass is the brain and the water is the information injected into the brain.

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10 Web Hosting Services Reviewed!

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Every website requires hosting in order to be live on the Internet. Designers and bloggers are well aware of its importance; they use it to establish their brand and business. It is also helpful to stay connected with existing and potential audience. Choosing really good web hosting services can be as important as the information available on your website. If the server of your web host goes down any time, it can hurt your business or even destroy your hardwork. It is very important for designers to choose a web host that makes their work uninterrupted. There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a web host provider. Some are free and offer very limited features while others charge you little but offer unlimited features. I would recommend you to use price-based web hosting because they provide you more facilities than those free or cheap service providers.

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Web Design Across the Globe

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Web design is perhaps one of the most universal forms of art in the modern times. Using the Internet as a giant canvas that continues to expand more and more, web designers try make something beautiful and useful to people.

With web design being labeled as art, we talk about how web designers, either they intend it or not, showcase their culture and backgrounds. Hence, the topic, web design across the globe.

That is what makes web design even wonderful. Though the look and overall layout of the web page is influenced by different cultures, it is still understood, appreciated and utilized by a very large and universal group of individuals.

But have you noticed the patterns at how web designers create pages? Have you identified how web designs are influenced by the designer’s and the target audience’s culture? Let’s take a look:

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Ace the Freelancing Race : How to Spell Freelance Success

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Many freelancers have met success. Living with great freedom and flexibility in work schedules, workplaces and client management, freelancers have truly enjoyed the fruits of their success.

Yes, this may sound tempting but they haven’t gone where they sit (or stand) right now out of sheer luck. No. It wasn’t because of charm, either.

Then, what is the secret formula in becoming a successful freelancer? Or should how does one spell freelance success?

The secret formula in being a successful freelancer is nothing.

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Font Awesome Review: Everything You Need to Know

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Ever wonder what Font Awesome is? Don’t look anywhere else because here is the Font Awesome review you are looking for.

Font Awesome is a web font collection that contains all the icons from Twitter Bootstrap framework. It provides you scalable vector icons that you can instantly customize. You can customize it in any size, color, drop shadow, or any other thing that you can do with the power of CSS.

The setting up of Font Awesome is as simple as adding two lines of code in your website. If you are an advanced user, you can customize as you like it. Just add the Font Awesome on your website with a single code line.

There is no need to download or install any software for that purpose. There are number of features that Font Awesome offers for your website. Let’s discuss each one of them briefly.

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Life Outside the World Wide Web: How to Make Non-Professional Relationships Last

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If you are to review your life for the past years and ask yourself what relationships have you forged, what could your answer be? How do you make non-professional relationships last?

Probably, your list would include clients, prospective clients, co-collaborators, web design colleagues and basically, professional relationships.

But are these the relationships you want to spend your life with?

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