Manage All Your WordPress Sites From One Place: Meet ManageWP

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For a kickoff we’ve prepared a review of a really neat and useful service some of you guys will be keen on. Those of you who manage more than one WordPress blog will be more or less familiar with the management problems multiple blogs can create. Installing new plugins, updating platforms, keeping an eye on the posts – it’s getting pretty inconvenient if you’ve got couple of active blogs.

Yes, some of you might have already figured out what kind of service we’re writing about here. ManageWP is a service that allows you to manage all your WordPress websites from one single dashboard. What does it mean?

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The Most Effective Tools To Enrich Reader Engagement On Your Site

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What do we mean when talking about reader engagement? Well, in terms of blogging the first things that come to mind are comments, sharing, questions, conversion rates. To sum up we could compare reader engagement with building a community. A community where readers care about each other, where action doesn’t stop after reading the final paragraph and where exciting discussions are born. Unfortunately, good content and neat design aren’t the only factors which affect reader engagement. You need to learn to focus readers attention and start a conversation. Developing an engagement is a win-win situation. Your visitors will want to explore more and join the conversation but you, as the publisher, will be looking at higher conversion rates.

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Modern Day SEO Practices That You Must Follow

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Search Engine Optimization tactics have changed over and over. Webmasters have always been trying to figure out how to fight Google but every time Google seems to be the last man standing. The major reason behind this is Google’s ever-changing search algorithm and the search results that Google seems to play with every other year. You don’t believe me? Well, try observing search results for something as obvious as “car hire”. Do you think that you can push your blog in those search results? You think that your SEO tactics can push your URL in between all the results of Google Places and Google Maps. I seriously doubt your confidence.

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Tablet Tidbits: How To Make Your Website Tablet-Friendly

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While smart phone’s got the ball rolling for mobile browsing some years ago, the arrival of the iPad in April 2010 really began the revolution for people who wanted to cruise the net while out and about.

As with all new technologies, there were initially a lot of doubters who insisted the tablet concept wouldn’t get off the ground. Boy have they got egg on their faces now! The tablet market now has a very strong foothold with sales exceeding 20 million in 2010 (3 million iPads were sold within 80 days of its release), and it’s estimated that this figure could quadruple by 2012.

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How SOPA/PIPA Can Affect You

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The United States government has been facing an intense amount of pressure, mostly from the entertainment and computer software publishing companies for years to find some method of stopping the online piracy that is allowing people to own copies of their merchandise for free. This is of course understandable, nobody wants to see something they worked hard on to create something of quality be disrespected by people gaining access to it for free.

However, what the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate have planned for their respective bills is not a way of just putting a halt on online piracy. Tech giants such as Mozilla and Google who once supported these bills, now are on the offensive in trying to ensure they never get passed. Before going any further into how this affects the everyday internet users, let’s first get a good understanding about both bills.

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Wield The Powers Of Holidays To Increase Website Traffic

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Are you looking for new ways to increase traffic to your website? Holidays provide a great opportunity for website owners to increase traffic. Over the years of managing multiple websites I’ve seen big traffic spikes on sites that I’ve published articles geared toward an upcoming holiday. Another thing that I’ve noticed is that no matter what your website is about, you can usually come up with a blog article or contest idea that’s relevant to an upcoming holiday. In this articles we will review why holidays lead to increased website traffic, the best holidays to focus on, how to plan for taking advantage of holidays, and provide a few holiday content ideas for your website.

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7 Social Media Myths That You Should Bury Deep In The Ground

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Social Media is huge today and each week we see lots of new headlines about companies developing their own platforms, Facebook having even more visitors, or Paris Hilton’s account being hijacked on Twitter. These things happen more often nowadays especially because social media is part of our lives and some of us could not imagine their life without it.

For freelancers it might be a bit difficult to handle social media, because of the loads of information on and about it. There are many myths about social media oand I will list some of them here, so you will not have to think about them anymore from now on.

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5 Bizarre Techniques To Find Inspiration Away From Work

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Before I start, let me put up a disclaimer. You know, the one that helps me save myself when you guys sit on my head and kick my, well, you know what! See, I ain’t rich enough to fight against your lawyers so, here we go:

All characters and names mentioned by me today are not fictitious or imaginary. And any resemblance to many people living, dead, in a coma or just purely out of work is purely intentional and not at all regretted. Also, all ideas pushed are to kick you out of work. I love all you famous (and rich) designers and am lying!

Getting back to what we are here for. To give up on our tightly lipped schedules where we don’t have a minute free to say “Hello” to our own souls. You know, the world of Internet and freelancing is such that you got to fight against your free will so that you don’t end up messing your client’s time. It is like being on your toes if you don’t want the competition to rip your apart. But, have you noticed that most of us opt for freelancing because we want to get rid of the sick day jobs and be our own boss? Instead, we end up being a freelancer who is working like never before in order to rake in lots of money as quickly as possible.

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14 Wiki CMS To Help You Build Your Own Wikipedia

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Wikis are a rare breed of websites – we all would agree on that. Designing a portfolio, corporate blog or any such website is an entirely different concept from designing wikis. When it comes to wikis, not only does the website ‘rise’ in terms of its size, but also in terms of complexity. Wikis need to be so designed that the finished website does not look clumsy or unorganized – no matter how much data it has, and at the same time is simple enough for even the most novice user to understand. Following that, and perhaps most importantly, wikis need to be edited not by an individual but an entire community – again, simplicity and ease of use come into play!

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20 Emergency Holiday Gifts For Geeks

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Have you been naughty or nice this year? The holidays are just around the corner; we can even smell the mistletoe and your grandma’s eggnog in the air. The holidays are the perfect time for loving and sharing. Gift giving has long been a tradition associated with the holidays. What are you planning to give to your family and friends?

Designers and artists, and geeks in general, can be nitpicky when it comes to gifts. Most often, they don’t like gifts that are uncreative and uninspiring. If you want to make an effort this year by giving the best gifts for your designer friends, stop shopping at local shopping stores and malls. Sure, designers and creative types are easy to please–gift them with the latest iPad, smartphone, or a state-of-the-art Wacom tablet and you’ll be BFFs. But if you have a tight budget, better be creative! Explore unique gifts by going online.

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