15 Personal Social Networking Sites For Your Interests

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Facebook is big, it’s crowded, and if you’re simply looking for a place to connect with family and friends, then it’s definitely overwhelming. As the most popular social site on the internet, Facebook gives you more opportunities to meet people online than anywhere else, and that’s the problem.

There are alternatives though. Whether you want to share your interests, connect with other moms, or share your photos with family and friends, there are plenty of sites to do just that without getting overwhelmed with all the things to do. Below you’ll find 15 places to connect that are just as much fun as Facebook and easier to navigate.

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Future of Web Design – Facts and Thoughts

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Web design has changed tremendously in the last few years and it’s still changing. More than changing, web design is evolving and evolution is bounded with complexity. Although the industry is not in danger some web designers are. Sounds contradictory right? Not really. The truth is that the web design industry is healthy and growing, new jobs are being added, more clients are emerging and consequently more agencies and companies related to the business.

According to salary.com, the median annual salary of a web designer in United States is $62,687 and studies predict a 15% business growth before 2020.

So why do web designers need to worry? As I said above, the industry is evolving and with evolution comes complexity. The more complex the industry is, the more difficult it is to keep pace and stay current and up to date. New technologies are appearing, new gadgets are coming to the market and you now use your iPad to read the newspaper. Simply put, if you don’t read, learn, and try things you will lose your pace and the complexity of the industry will smash your will to keep going.

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What is Lomography?

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Today, the technological advances in the field of photography has grown by leaps and bounds. Cameras today produce beautiful, high-resolution images, automatic settings, high-speed shutter settings, etc. Even post-processing has improved immensely, thanks to computers and Photoshop. You can see your picture immediately, so you have the option to delete it or to keep it, an option not available with earlier film cameras. Because of this, everyone can now be a photographer. In fact, it’s almost like spoon-feeding. The question is, ‘Where is the challenge in that?’

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9 Inspirational Website Effects Deconstructed

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As you may know, there are lots of great tutorials out there which can definitely help you practice, learn and achieve amazing results. The good thing about having so many tutorials to learn from is precisely that – you have a large variety of sources to choose from. Sometimes though, the tutorials aren’t clear, or difficult to understand or you just can’t apply it in the real world.

Have you ever come across a website with such a great design or effects that your inner voice screams wow, making you wonder how it would be possible for you to recreate the effect? The purpose of this article is to provide you with resources and insights about how you can learn from your favourite websites, learning and taking advantage from real implemented effects and functionalities.

So let’s get started!

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Beauty vs. Function: On Redesigning

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The thought of producing the best possible design, either from scratch or redesigning something, gives jitters to the heart of many designers. Even professionals in the field can’t quite balance beauty and function.

A few days ago I saw a comment here on 1stwebdesigner that says most of today’s web designing is just like recycling old designs. That several years ago, when CSS was first introduced, people were really ecstatic to see “new” designs which were totally one-of-a-kind. With the rise of CMS like WordPress, Joomla, and others, there are already ready-made themes that, if I may say, are used by thousands of people. Nothing unique, nothing fancy.

I am among those people who buy ready-made themes. Partly because I don’t have the funds to hire a professional designer/developer to make me a website and half the reason is it’s easier that way. I know, hold your pitchforks and listen first!

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When is the Perfect Time to Redesign Your Website?

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You might get a shock to read this at the start of this article, but let me tell you, there is no need to redesign your website. Very rarely will the people who visit your site return because of your website’s design. Their only priority is finding the content, information, or product they want and it’s important that your site has what your customer is looking for. This is the most important thing I will be addressing in this article and will explain why it is so important. To be frank, the most important issues you should have are fulfilling your customer needs and making sure that your branding message is reaching the right people, not the template design. So if you are trying to package an ineffective product in a beautiful way it’s not very likely that you’ll succeed, regardless of your website’s design.

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Using Dropbox Like a Pro: Tips and Tricks

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Dropbox is a free service that allows you to store all of your documents, photos, and videos online. It is an excellent and free tool for helping you securely store files that are crucial to your business or your life. It allows you to store just about any type of file you can imagine, and Dropbox gives you a generous amount of storage space to keep your files.

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Undo: The Best Feature for Everything

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Let’s take a step back and for now relax and indulge ourselves with a feature that may or may not be possible: an undo button for everything. Yes, it’s the undo button. Everything needs an undo button. From social media websites, email clients, overwriting files, submitting forms, and almost everything. Don’t you just get that feeling that you confirmed too fast and would like to reverse your decision? Well, you are not alone. So, web designers and web developers out there, pretty please?

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A Detailed Guide To Write An SEO Optimized Blog Post in WordPress

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If the content is the King, we can say SEO is the Queen. 1WD has already brought you a lot of articles on SEO to help you optimize your blog and make it search engine friendly so you can increase your traffic and your sales. Today I will talk about WordPress SEO Optimization, being that it’s the most used platform by self hosted blogs. They say that WordPress is SEO Optimized which is the reason they use it, but it’s not fully SEO Optimized and so to reach the 100% you have to put in a little hard work apart from all the plug-ins we suggested already.

Its pretty easy to submit your blog or website to the search engines by just copying your sitemap’s URL and hitting the next buttons for their submission process. But in order to make the search engines pick your new posts and inject them into their site’s data we need to optimize our posts, just as we optimize our blog. It includes the keywords, that we use in our blog or website’s header as well as the Titles and the Tags. So in order to write a perfectly SEO optimized blog post, we need to think about it just as a web page and use some, or all, of my tips below. We will focus mainly on WordPress, for it is pretty easy to optimize for the search engines.

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1stWebDesigner’s Life – Your New Must-Read Webcomic. What do you think?

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After enjoying a good weekend it’s good to start your week reading some funny things, right? That’s why we bring to you our brand new webcomic: 1stwebdesigner’s life. The comic will not just be about common situations every web designer encounters, but we also want to give you some ideas about how to deal with those situations.

We’re inspired by many web comics and funny websites out there, like A Programmer’s Life, FMLife, Vida de Programador(pt-br), WebDesignerDepot’s Comic of the Week. But we surely won’t steal anyone’s idea. Everything written here is about things that I have experienced or reader’s submitted ideas :).

Oh, Tyron Love is the amazing South African cartoonist that brings this idea to life.

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