Best Approach to Mobile Website Design

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We’ve heard 2011 being many times named as the year of the mobile web, although the last couple of years we heard this association many times. As technology advanced, so did the mobile phones, which we call smartphones today. The internet usage increases every month and the tablets and smartphones start being adopted by every family. 53.6 million people in Japan access the internet from a mobile phone per month, which is almost as much as the users who access the internet from a PC. In the United States around 20 million users use Facebook to check-in every month, so the number of people who access the internet has to be somewhat bigger. According to different sources, the number tends to get past 100 million users monthly. Nobody expected this to happen 10 years ago, but here it is. Therefore the developers have more work to do now with so many companies asking for their own mobile website.

In this article we will focus on a user-centered approach of the mobile webdesign which became popular in the last couple of years. With smartphones having a narrow screen, limited space and less keys, the mobile webdesign is quite different compared to the classic one, for computer screens.

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Designer Toolbox: Top 20 Widgets for Your Macbook

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When it comes to the age old Mac-vs-PC argument, among the most innovative features that sets the Macbook apart is the Dashboard. The Dashboard a virtual toolbox where every Mac user can place their tools or weapons of choice. Whatever type of user you are – a designer, writer, businessman or a student – you can benefit greatly from the Dashboard. The Dashboard is essentially a semi-transparent layer that hosts mini-applications called ‘Widgets’.

Widgets are small applications in the Dashboard designed to perform a single task. Widgets can be useful, productive, necessary or just plain fun. Here are the top  free widgets we collected for every kind. They can be rearranged, deleted and added according to the user’s preference. Aside from the Dashboard, you can also place widgets on your Apple Desktop.

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How to Fight Plagiarism – Tips and Tools

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Plagiarism is not hard to fight now that there are advanced tools and services that people can use for protection. In this article we will talk about how to fight people who have copied your designs, bandwidth, articles, music, and everything that can be stolen. Preventing people from plagiarizing your works is another matter because it is in their discretion to do so, which is out of your control. But when the unwanted happens you should be prepared to deal with it, that’s why I wrote this article; to help you fight plagiarism with some tips and tools.

The last time I checked one of my published articles on CopyScape to see if anyone copied it, it returned 8 websites. Totally plagiarized without even saying thanks to me. I researched the material, wrote it, refined it, and finally had it published only to be copied in an instant. Easy work for them? Yes, they’re reaping the things I’ve planted. Should I stand by and let them do it because fighting plagiarism is a very hard task? No, actually it is easy to fight plagiarism. If you want to make these thieves’ lives miserable, read on!

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Key Points to Remember when Designing Child-Oriented Websites

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This generation’s children are becoming more web-savvy as more and more children have access to the internet. Over the years, the growth in sites that cater to younger children has increased by leaps and bounds, and kids even as young as three years old can use the internet.

In the world of children oriented websites, the conventional rules of web design don’t quite work. There are many elements that live on child-oriented websites alone, for children are a whole different audience (rather, a whole different species in the world of design).

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The Secret of Using Keywords to Boost Search Engine Ranking

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You can’t search for anything on google until and unless you know a keyword about the article or software or whatever you are searching for. This keyword is something that describes the subject of the material you are searching for. So it’s obvious that if you are writing a post for your blog, an article for a magazine or building software, your keyword should be something that helps the reader reach you.

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Personalize Your Browser: How to Create Your Own Firefox Skins

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The Internet browser is the user’s vehicle to all online information. Whether we are checking email, managing accounts, facilitating business, or watching movies, without a browser we would be stuck. Most of us do not give the browser the credit it deserves and this is probably because most of us are not really interested in our browser itself; we are instead interested in what our browser provides us.

Firefox brings us the best of what a browser has to offer the user. Here, you will not only find a vehicle for online information, you will also find a vehicle for personal interests. Firefox allows you to enjoy personalized browser themes that are tailored to the individual user. There are a host of things to keep in mind when creating and designing Firefox skins.

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15 Personal Social Networking Sites For Your Interests

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Facebook is big, it’s crowded, and if you’re simply looking for a place to connect with family and friends, then it’s definitely overwhelming. As the most popular social site on the internet, Facebook gives you more opportunities to meet people online than anywhere else, and that’s the problem.

There are alternatives though. Whether you want to share your interests, connect with other moms, or share your photos with family and friends, there are plenty of sites to do just that without getting overwhelmed with all the things to do. Below you’ll find 15 places to connect that are just as much fun as Facebook and easier to navigate.

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Future of Web Design – Facts and Thoughts

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Web design has changed tremendously in the last few years and it’s still changing. More than changing, web design is evolving and evolution is bounded with complexity. Although the industry is not in danger some web designers are. Sounds contradictory right? Not really. The truth is that the web design industry is healthy and growing, new jobs are being added, more clients are emerging and consequently more agencies and companies related to the business.

According to, the median annual salary of a web designer in United States is $62,687 and studies predict a 15% business growth before 2020.

So why do web designers need to worry? As I said above, the industry is evolving and with evolution comes complexity. The more complex the industry is, the more difficult it is to keep pace and stay current and up to date. New technologies are appearing, new gadgets are coming to the market and you now use your iPad to read the newspaper. Simply put, if you don’t read, learn, and try things you will lose your pace and the complexity of the industry will smash your will to keep going.

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What is Lomography?

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Today, the technological advances in the field of photography has grown by leaps and bounds. Cameras today produce beautiful, high-resolution images, automatic settings, high-speed shutter settings, etc. Even post-processing has improved immensely, thanks to computers and Photoshop. You can see your picture immediately, so you have the option to delete it or to keep it, an option not available with earlier film cameras. Because of this, everyone can now be a photographer. In fact, it’s almost like spoon-feeding. The question is, ‘Where is the challenge in that?’

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9 Inspirational Website Effects Deconstructed

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As you may know, there are lots of great tutorials out there which can definitely help you practice, learn and achieve amazing results. The good thing about having so many tutorials to learn from is precisely that – you have a large variety of sources to choose from. Sometimes though, the tutorials aren’t clear, or difficult to understand or you just can’t apply it in the real world.

Have you ever come across a website with such a great design or effects that your inner voice screams wow, making you wonder how it would be possible for you to recreate the effect? The purpose of this article is to provide you with resources and insights about how you can learn from your favourite websites, learning and taking advantage from real implemented effects and functionalities.

So let’s get started!

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