How To Stay In Love With Freelancing When Things Get Tough

Full time freelancing requires a commitment equal to marriage. One doesn’t make a leap of faith for an affair; they do it for a marriage. I bet in the beginning, you felt all warm and fuzzy when you started freelancing. After all, you didn’t have to answer to anyone, could work your own hours and … Continue Reading

Bridging the Gap: Difference between Print and Web Design

It’s becoming more and more common for modern-day graphic designers to take on more than one role. In the area of design, many have to be familiar with both print design and web design, which doesn’t sound like a hard task. However, don’t be fooled into thinking they are essentially the same thing; the truth … Continue Reading

How to Use Google Like a Pro – Smart Tips and Tricks

The miraculous and ubiquitous Google is something that needs no introduction. From children to adults everyone is aware of its worth. There are several myths about Google which keep its users away from its right usage. People believe that there is a lack of credible information on Google and the unwanted results from millions of resources … Continue Reading

Great Art Movements That Inspired Modern Web Designers

The first modern designers are, of course, inspired by traditional and classical art. We designers, as a whole, get our ideas of beauty and aesthetics from by viewing paintings, sculptures and artworks from the most powerful art movements in history. Here are among the top art movements in the 20th century that helped shape how … Continue Reading

How To Find Article Ideas To Write About, Write Sticking Points

I’m very happy to present the next chapter of my blogging series. Today’s topic is very important, being able to find new article ideas is crucial for any blogging business because we function the same way as magazines do – people come back to us because of the content, of course there are other things, … Continue Reading

10 Secrets to Be a Better Freelancer

The struggle in freelancing is quite far from the competition of regular businesses. The word “freelancer” was first used to describe a “medieval mercenary warrior” to point out that that lancer does not work under any lord. An out-worker has to experience as much contenders as there are drops in the sea. In order to leave a mark in … Continue Reading

How to Use Gmail Like a Pro – Smart Tips and Tricks

Knowing your way through Gmail is a good way to increase work productivity, that’s why I wrote this to give you an idea on how extensible and flexible Gmail is. After reading this you will have sufficient knowledge of Gmail and your e-mail management will surely sky-rocket with efficiency. There is a stereotype between e-mail users … Continue Reading

Forums: Precursor to Social Media

We had a good friend back in the day. A friend which was with us wherever we went. Everything comes to an end eventually and we learn to move on. Our aforementioned friend is of course the forums, which were a very important part of our internet life for a very long time, they still are … Continue Reading

In Search For Ultimate Blogging Tools: Writing Simplified Now!

What I liked: Option to enter full screen mode to avoid distractions Easy image, video,audio and quote add an upload Live preview screen to see how post would look like published Handy web browser bookmarklet Intelligent microblogging – you can follow your friends, search on Twitter and share posts with Word and character count If you need to copy and use some text from other sites, there is a good option to Remove Formatting, handy. … You can compose entries offline and use the extra features ecto offers, such as spellcheck, creating links, attachments, and much more. ecto is a native Mac OS X application, and offers you a more powerful and easier to use editing interface than your blog’s built in control panel. illumineX __ ecto screenshots - a powerful blog editor for your Mac.jpg Ecto has been the most customizable of all, though it hasn’t got some of the newest, fancy features other blog editors might have, but mostly they aren’t missed at least for me.