Save Time Using Photoshop Smart Objects

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Those who are familiar with CSS and PHP know how good it is to only change one line and see all changes propagate through the elements you’ve changed.

Well, today we’ll see how to do something similar to this with Photoshop, so when your client asks you to change your background from 90% black to 92.37% black you can do it in no time.

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Ancient Web Design Practices that Beginners Should Avoid Part 2

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Here comes part two of bad design practices that web designers should avoid. Part one mostly talked about the errors designers and developers make, here in part two we will also talk about the problem with what “webmasters” or website owners do to sully their names.

To all website owners out there who are wondering what’s wrong with their website, I suggest you read this (and part one) and learn from the grave mistakes of others. This is also good for people who are thinking of creating their own website. Be sure to read the comments because, very often, the gems are hidden there!

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The Best Of 2011: Trendy Web Designs From Deviantart

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Year 2011 is rolling forward swiftly and the middle of summer is nearly here. Some of you might unwittingly note that the end of the summer is inevitable while for others that remaining month and half is enough to fully enjoy the benefits that summer offers. Here in the virtual world the time is running even faster and we can already see some of the changes this year has brought to us. Imperceptibly and subtly yet compelling the new web design trends are conquering the scene. Because of the immense traffic and user count Deviantart can definitely be considered to be a trendsetter.

This article takes a peek at thepast half-year and presents 50 splendid and trendy web designs from Deviantart spring and summer 2011. Can you spot the new potential trends? Are big headlines and patterned backgrounds still popular? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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10 Highly Used and Abused Twitter Trends that are Not Cool

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Twitter is the next best thing since sliced bread. We get it. We know. Since sliced bread was pretty easy to figure out, you’d think Twitter would be too. After all, it’s only 140 characters, right? Wrong.

The amount of Twitter abuse going around the Twitterverse is mind-boggling! Some offenses are worse than others. While we can ignore a few of them, there are some that we just can’t.

Don’t get me wrong. Twitter isn’t a cutthroat place where you make one mistake and people unfollow you. But Twitter is not a nonsense place (despite the Justin Beiber craze you see there some times).

We realize that you may be new, that you may be finding your way around, or simply trying out the myriad of new Twitter services that crop up. But what you need to realize is that your Twitter followers need to be treated with respect. Don’t go filling their timeline with one-word tweets that read ‘Lol!’ It makes you look like a bit of an idiot to be honest. Like that person on the train who laughs out loud in the middle of the crowded train. No one’s going to ask, what’s so funny? They’re going to give you a look and then ignore you.

The above scenario is what’s happening to you on Twitter if you’re using and abusing the following Twitter trends.

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Ancient Website Design Practices That Beginners Should Avoid Part 1

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This article is intended for beginners in the field of web designing and web development. It talks about old design practices that have died off several years ago, but up to now some are still being used. The goal is to discuss why these practices are bad and to instill in the minds of budding designers and developers that doing the right thing even if it’s hard to do and hard to learn will greatly pay off in the future.

For professionals and experts in the field, we need your knowledge and opinion here!

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4 Money Saving Tips That You Should Follow

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I know that you are really good in your field. Design, development or anything you do, I know that it is good, and you’re always trying to get better and earn a higher paycheck.

Well, you know, you don’t have to be a finance expert, but money management is really important since if you don’t do it, it doesn’t matter how much you make, you’ll never have enough for tomorrow.

This is why we will be talking about money management. We’ll see 4 important tips and some concepts that will help you in your life about things that are even against common sense (like “Profit is not that important”).

So, let’s rock!

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23 Creative Book Cover Designs and Their Story

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Even in a deep and text-based world like literature, you still have to think about art: book cover designs. Cover designs are probably the hardest thing for designers to design because it should show the heart and the soul of the book in one single image. At the same time, it should be visually striking and appealing. Readers are still visual people after all. And a creative book cover design needs to be acknowledged and celebrated. And this article is made to give them the justice. Enjoy the showcase of what we consider some creative book cover designs. These are just some of the amazing book cover designs that made us think, laugh, cry, smile, or contemplate about life.

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Inspiring Videos For Designers & Developers

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Whether you’re a motion designer, front-end developer or economy student – you have to keep up with the times and constantly increase your knowledge and broaden your professional viewpoint. One of the best ways to do that is by watching videos from professionals and experts in your field. Videos don’t have to be strictly instructive. A good and gripping video can inspire you for the rest of the day. In this article you’ll find a compilation of 40 awesome, inspiring and valuable videos varying from entrepreneurship to web design and self-motivation which will help you to develop new skills, gain a bunch of inspiration and simply look at things from a different perspective.

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Vertical Navigation vs. Horizontal Navigation: Your Take?

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For people out there who have designed websites, I’m pretty sure that once upon a time you’ve spent some time thinking where to place the main navigation. This is a very minor thing that has a great implication on the overall performance of the website. Keep in mind that a finely placed element can make or break the whole design.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this article is an observation, not in any way should it be used as professional advice. The most important thing in designing a website is how the purpose, design, and the content itself complement each other.

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45+ iPhone Apps To Keep You On Top Of the Edge Wherever You Go

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iPhone has gained popularity rapidly and is a must have gadget for nearly everyone now. Even I, an old clumsy Nokia owner, have finally realized it. iPhone is not your typical phone you pull out only to make a call. It can do much more than that. And with over 350 000 apps it would be silly not to fully use the potential this phone’s offering. But which apps to choose and which are worth the money? It can be rather frustrating to pick the right ones for you in all that mess.

This article is here to help you and presents 45+ of the most useful, efficient and awesome apps to keep you on top of the edge every time you use your iPhone – be as productive as possible wherever you go. The apps collected in this article range from advanced bookmarking services to simple photo effect tools. These fantastic apps will help you increase your productivity greatly and get the best from your iPhone. You might ask if you can afford all that? Don’t worry, most of these apps are actually free or at a ridiculously low price for the value you get.

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