Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Better CSS and HTML

CSS and HTML are key languages to begin with, when you decide to invest your time in web design and development. They are powerful languages and most of the time may seem simple to work with. However, every single one of us, beginners, or advanced developers, have committed basic or major mistakes working with both … Continue Reading

Blogging Like a Pro: Learn How To Do Effective Content Research

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How To Build Your Facebook Fan Page The Smart Way

  Creating a Facebook fan page is easy, but just creating a fan page is not enough. If you’re looking for the Facebook Page to work for you or your business you need to create a page that not only provide users with information but also gives them an opportunity connect directly with the brand … Continue Reading

Pros and Cons of Multitasking in Information Technology Jobs

IT individuals who have a desire to earn higher position in business are always willing to take on as many jobs as possible. It’s now quite common for almost anyone who works on a computer to have multiple windows open at the same time. Multitasking is a fairly common skill most freelancers have, or at … Continue Reading

How to Use Google Like a Pro – Smart Tips and Tricks

The miraculous and ubiquitous Google is something that needs no introduction. From children to adults everyone is aware of its worth. There are several myths about Google which keep its users away from its right usage. People believe that there is a lack of credible information on Google and the unwanted results from millions of resources … Continue Reading

Great Art Movements That Inspired Modern Web Designers

The first modern designers are, of course, inspired by traditional and classical art. We designers, as a whole, get our ideas of beauty and aesthetics from by viewing paintings, sculptures and artworks from the most powerful art movements in history. Here are among the top art movements in the 20th century that helped shape how … Continue Reading