10 Tips to Boost Your HTML Forms Performance

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Sometimes we get so used to doing things one way that we forget a little and important thing: to improve. We get so involved with all this CTA stuff that we forget other important things, like the contact form that comes after the pretty button.

Our task today is to improve our form, to get better conversion rates, and maybe learn something from it.

We will be talking about conversion, code, and design, in an easy and practical way.

So, let’s stop talking and rock some forms.

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Creative and Environment-Friendly Packaging Designs

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It’s funny that a few years ago, people were all over the new packaging material, plastic. The consumers thought this is the wonder material, the material that’s great for the environment. It’s cheap to produce, easy to work with, and it doesn’t hurt any trees! It was during the time where trees were being cut down indiscriminately; so people were happy that plastic was used for packaging and not paper in order to save the trees. Plastic was believed to be the material that can save Mother Earth.

Fast forward years later and we see the immense effects of using plastic. The problem is, plastic is non-biodegradable and it is hardly reused or recycled. Most people use it on a one-time basis only. Plastic makes use of chemicals and materials that’s harmful to the environment.

We’ve probably heard of environment-friendly packaging design in the packaging industry. It’s the hottest thing today, but it’s big not only because it’s popular, but because it’s good for the environment. Consumer products always have a great deal of impact on the world and our environment. Companies are now taking the responsibility of sustainability to foresee that future generations can still enjoy nature as we do today.

I admire creative and environmentally friendly packaging. The companies’ efforts to save the planet are encouraging. It’s good to know that there are still lots of people who care for mother earth. Here are some of the most creative and environmentally friendly packaging designs that I could find. It’s time to go green!

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What is the Future of Adobe Flash?

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The fate of Adobe Flash is in a stir lately. Who wouldn’t talk about it when two Steve’s are out there to get it by the neck? Steve Jobs and Steve Ballmer have decided that Flash’s reign is over. At least in the sense that Microsoft and Apple and other major technology companies have started shifting from Flash to different platforms.

What’s in store for developers and users? Users would wonder if they’re affected by this change. Depending on what they use their devices for, it might make or break a lot of things. Take for example gamers. There are major gaming websites that focus on Flash like Kongregate and Newgrounds, I guess Apple users won’t be able to play games anymore. For developers, this might be a problem (or a business) as they will have to rewrite their products.

Apple is a behemoth that does not support Flash. Two Steve’s are actually moving away from Flash, the other Steve is Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO. Imagine that? Two huge industry giants versus Adobe Flash!

Is the future of Adobe Flash grim? Before addressing the real issue here, let’s first look at why Flash is a target and not others.

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Tips and Considerations for Self-Promotion

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The number of freelancers is rising at a really fast pace, and like everything else you need to stand out in order to stay competitive. Standing out is no easy task, your work needs to be attractive to a lot of people, but especially to your clients. Unfortunately, being good is not enough in today’s world, you also need to tell the world you are here and you are capable of good design.

The best designers and developers are the ones we don’t know about, the only difference is that they don’t need, don’t know or don’t care about self-promotion, or promotion at all. But if you value your work, you should value the way you are presenting it to the world. So before you sell a product, you need to sell yourself. Tell them why you deserve to be chosen, why you.

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Brick and Mortar or Online Business?

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Are you the type of person who hates the grueling 8 hour daily grind that comes with becoming employed? You are probably one of the millions of people dreaming of having their own business. Now you may have saved enough money to get out of the 9 to 5 grind and invest in your own business.

You should by now have been educated that there are several business formats available for today’s entrepreneur. Should you launch an online business or go with the traditional brick and mortar setup? The decision is yours to make alone, but this article will help guide you through a wiser and more profitable decision.

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5 Tips to Improve Your Home Office Setup

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Your workstation allows you to work freely and think creatively while saying much about your personality in the process. Each setup has its own story and plays an important role in helping a graphic or web designer finish their work successfully.Since we spend a lot of time in front of the computer, it’s important to consider your working environment and how it affects both your mood and productivity.

While there are countless ways to organize your workspace, and no hard and fast rules for doing so, it is still worthwhile to explore ways to construct your office setup to maximize productivity. Through this article I will present 5 ways to do just that!

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6 Tips For Designing an SEO Friendly Website

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It’s not enough these days to design a beautiful, functional website that addresses your clients needs. If you truly want your client to reap the benefits of having an online presence, then SEO is a necessity. Search Engine Optimization is a method of improving the visibility of a website in search engines through organic search results, and is now a viable online marketing tool for a lot of businesses.

Through the following design practices you can improve a website’s SEO and ultimately their visibility. With these foundations in place, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing the website you spent hours designing (and developing) is now a top contender for search engine visibility. You may also find some of these tactics also go far in improving user experience as well.

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A New and Growing Freelance Industry: Wedding Videographer

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You may have had an experience with videography or two, albeit non-professionally. Maybe you have a friend or relative who asked you to shoot their wedding. You did well, and now more friends are asking you to shoot theirs as well. You find that there’s actually a big market for you in the industry. In the photography industry where it’s already full of competition, going into the new and growing freelance wedding videography industry might be a good idea.

Yes, venturing into wedding videography is a smart choice for enterprising creative people. But there are several things you need to research before you put a price for your services. You need to invest in a lot of time for research, preparation and experience. Obviously, you need a few things to get you started.

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Two HUGE Myths of Setting Cheap Prices

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Going into business as a web designer is tough. You may often see people glorify the life of a freelancer as a utopian life of beach trips, Apple products and lots of money. The truth is, when starting out, it isn’t anything like that and takes years to accomplish that kind of success. I’ve been freelancing for about five years now and have gotten really serious about it in the past couple months and the part that I find the MOST challenging is the pricing.

How do you know what to charge? Hourly or flat rate? What are the market prices? Once you find the answers to these questions, many things will begin to fall into place. I have noticed, however, there are two HUGE myths floating around the design business in regards to setting prices. The two myths are essentially the same, just with two different view points and arguments. What are they you ask?

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7 Alternate Uses of WordPress Aside from Blogs

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WordPress is mainly used for blogging, but you can actually use WordPress for other purposes. This is the beauty of WordPress, it is so flexible that it has several alternative uses, even for people who aren’t that technical. It is easy to customize and presents your content in a very appealing manner with thousands of themes and plugins available for use.

In this article I will briefly point seven alternate uses of WordPress aside from using it as a blogging platform. There are only seven examples but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for other purposes. So, I hope you will enjoy this article and share your thoughts!

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