Stay Updated: 60+ Must Like Design Blogs On Facebook

What are Facebook pages? These are pages for organizations, businesses, celebrities and the like to broadcast their information in a public manner to those who choose to connect with them. The same with profiles, Facebook pages can be decorated with applications to help communicate with the audience and capture new ones virally through friend recommendations, … Continue Reading

How To Actually Use Negative Space As Design Element

Negative space is an important element in making website layouts and logos although it is very tricky to combine negative space in designing but once you are able to do it, it is not something to be overlooked or avoided. I usually call it white space, and to be honest many new designers usually make a … Continue Reading

Using Flashy Product Photos To Improve Your E-Commerce Design

The main most important design aspect of any e-commerce website would be product photography. Being unable to touch, smell, taste and hold, alternatively handle the product they find interesting, the closest interaction the client could get are the images. Basically, the softer, tastier, flashier and more attractive your products look to shoppers, the more confident … Continue Reading

How To Get Yourself Out From Huge Information Overload

Freelancers, to be successful, should always be updated about what is happening in the world. This leads to hours of reading news and blogs with the occasional checking of e-mail and social networking websites. Often, many freelancers tend to work for longer hours, habitually this may lead to mental fatigue. Mental fatigue means living your days at work like a zombie. … Continue Reading

Sorting Out and Dealing with Different Types of Clients

Psychological approach is also an effective strategy being used in business. Learning how to read the clients’ personality can give you advantage. This way, you will know how and in what way to approach them with your marketing strategies. You will be able to handle and build a good professional relationship with your clients.

Managing Balance Between Inspiration and Individuality

Inspiration is a very broad word to begin with, since it can be a lot of things. It can be things that make you happy, sad, scared, angry, excited – anything you can feel that works up your creativity and tickles your imagination. It can also be someone who gives you motivation in life – … Continue Reading

How To Create A Logo Guideline For Your Client

Working on a logo project sometimes can be challenging especially when you are working on a fresh start up companies who needs an identity for their product or company. Despite the process of how a logo is being created, in this post we are going to learn on how to create a logo guideline for … Continue Reading

Accountability Groups for Freelancers & Its Advantages

“Freelancer” – a title very self explanatory. You wouldn’t need a dictionary to understand what it means. Being such, you work on the comfort of your own home & time. No one is the boss of you – just yourself. But let’s face it, two heads or more is always better than one. Getting ideas and … Continue Reading

Web Development Tips And Tools For Beginners (And Experts)

Every great web developer starts with HTML. From there comes an array of tools that every developer can use to create great websites.The basics would be a text editor and an image editing software. But why be content in using those two when there are available tools that can expedite not only your coding speed … Continue Reading

A Beginner’s Guide to Secure Your Site from Web Trespassers

Information is everything. The web is full of free information for everyone to use but there are things that webmasters don’t want people to know, things that should be kept away from prying eyes. Be it an exclusive section on your website for premium users or content that thousands of users use,  it is best … Continue Reading