25 Beautiful Image Styling Tutorials With CSS,jQuery

Recently I wrote article about post thumbnail and you saw some great examples of image styling. As I wrote there, neat styled images can attract more visitors and you will be more pleasant with them yourself too. You don’t have to always use Photoshop to style your images. Some cool effects can be achieved trough … Continue Reading

What Can Web Designers Learn from Business People?

The best way to learn how to run a business is to read the stories of successful businesses. So recently, I’ve been reading some books by Harvard Business Press (written by very successful VCs, CEOs or university professors) and learned A LOT of principles that can be taken from them and applied to your web … Continue Reading

How to Enhance Your Website Using Breadcrumbs – Showcase

On large websites and websites with hierarchically arranged pages, breadcrumbs are a really great way for users to navigate around the web site. They are a type of secondary navigation scheme which indicates the exact location of a user on a website. They greatly improve the findability of a web site’s sections and pages. Breadcrumbs, … Continue Reading

12 Tools To Reevaluate And Analyze Your Web Design

Nowadays there are pretty many tools to analyze your site’s code and traffic, but there aren’t that much tools to evaluate design and accessibility. Personally, I think that best ‘tool’ to evaluate web design is other people feedback. Surprisingly – there are just that type of tools available. Check them out together with some other … Continue Reading

Selling Your Blog: How To Transfer It to The New Owner

I’ve just finished the process of selling one of my sites. It was the first time I ever sold a website and, in the process of doing that, I’ve learned some very important lessons. One of the hardest parts when you already found a buyer is transferring the website to the buyer with very small … Continue Reading