Personal Networking Sites: Path, Fridge, and Google+

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So you have your Twitter and Facebook, why do you need to join a private/personal social network? Ask yourself first if you’re really connecting to the people close to you, like your family and close friends, not just an acquaintance or a friend of a friend. Path, Fridge, and Google+ seem to have found a solution: developing a private network for people. No worries about your boss seeing things he shouldn’t see.

Another reason to join one of the three? For freelancers, social media people, and other readers of 1stwebdesigner, I’m pretty sure that your feeds are so filled with updates from websites you are subscribed to that it no longer looks like a social networking site but a feed reader. Then there are people who’d add you as a contact even if you’ve just met once or twice, it’s a little awkward to just reject or ignore them (at least for some) right? Worry no more, read on!

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Why Facebook is King: Success and Competitors

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We all know what Facebook is. Most of the people we know use it to connect and to entertain themselves through games. What made it popular and successful is how it revolutionized social media, sharing of information and online entertainment. Facebook users range from civilians to politicians, actors and actresses, music bands and charity organizations, and just about anybody that can use a computer and has internet access.

Of course Facebook has its issues with user information being used in advertisements and tons of privacy and security issues, but let’s not dwell on the dark side and see why Facebook is hot. You know, ignorance is bliss.

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Social Media Misuse That Could Cost You Big Time

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Social media is a combination of human interaction through web applications where people produce their own content, mold their own experience, and define their online presence. A loose definition of social media is that it’s like a country, people gather and interact with massive amounts of people from their area and abroad. It’s really a broad place, both wonderful and terrible depending on your use of it.

That said, there are many people out there (both individuals and groups) that are very adept at misusing the powers of social media. Read on and be one of the people who understand just how terrible things can be if social media is misused. I am no social media “expert” and probably never will be, most of what I am to say is derived from my own experience of being a netizen. By all means please criticize!

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What is the Future of Adobe Flash?

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The fate of Adobe Flash is in a stir lately. Who wouldn’t talk about it when two Steve’s are out there to get it by the neck? Steve Jobs and Steve Ballmer have decided that Flash’s reign is over. At least in the sense that Microsoft and Apple and other major technology companies have started shifting from Flash to different platforms.

What’s in store for developers and users? Users would wonder if they’re affected by this change. Depending on what they use their devices for, it might make or break a lot of things. Take for example gamers. There are major gaming websites that focus on Flash like Kongregate and Newgrounds, I guess Apple users won’t be able to play games anymore. For developers, this might be a problem (or a business) as they will have to rewrite their products.

Apple is a behemoth that does not support Flash. Two Steve’s are actually moving away from Flash, the other Steve is Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO. Imagine that? Two huge industry giants versus Adobe Flash!

Is the future of Adobe Flash grim? Before addressing the real issue here, let’s first look at why Flash is a target and not others.

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A Brief Introduction to Web 3.0

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If you ask some, they’ll tell you Web 2.0 as we know it is probably on its way out the door. For many, Web 2.0 is characterized mainly by the ability of users to share information quickly with others, which has been developed into the phenomenon that we call social media. From Twitter to Facebook to YouTube and to all sorts of other kinds of communities, Web 2.0 is all about sharing and seeing. Now if you recall or were around during what is now known as Web 1.0, information was put up on a website and that was it–the best way of sharing it was privately through e-mails and such. There was little to no communication and if you wanted information, you had to go to the source for it. Can you imagine such a harsh internet? Now with Web 2.0 on it’s way out, the obvious question is, what in the world is Web 3.0 going to be?

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A Short Introduction to Reddit

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Reddit is a social bookmarking website owned by Conde Nast. It has over 1 billion page views monthly and has more than 600 thousand registered users. It is a multi-channeled website where almost everything that can be talked about has its own channel. Reddit is a place where professionals and experts of different fields of technology and sciences gather and discuss content they find on the internet. It is a place filled with both serious topics and humor.

Many of the current users migrated from Digg when they changed their site design, like what happened to the Gawker network.

Last April Fools Reddit admins introduced Reddit Mold which ran for a whole day. Redditors sent molds to other users, and the user who got “molded” was banned from using specific letters. The more molds, the more letters were disabled. Many Redditors resorted to using Braille. So I guess that gives you an overview of how Reddit works. The design is not that great, but that’s what makes it great.

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Using Social Media To Establish Your Brand Online

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Everyone has a brand, including you. You’re a freelancer, that right there is the start of your brand. If you are involved in social media at any level, whether personal or professional, you have a brand. Think about it, every time you interact with someone or say something in public, you’re establishing your brand.

Did you help someone out? You just established yourself as a helpful person and that adds to your brand. Do you complain a lot? You’ll become known as a whiner. Are you the go to guy in your field of work? That’ll add to your brand too.

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Blogging Like a Pro: Learn How To Do Effective Content Research

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We did get our article idea, but we still have a lot more work to do, we need to move on and now work on research. It is very important to research the right way, because that will be the key to your success. People come to your blog because of your content and you need to make sure you’ll offer the highest quality,  find new tools, resources – something your reader wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. But how do you provide and achieve such quality?

The answer is good research – if you use internet tools, search engines, social media and forums in the right way, you’ll easily be able to find unique content for your blog posts. While research may seem to be a simple task, it’s not always enough to just use Google or rely on your experiences. I don’t think you need to always do deep research, but it’s good to be aware what’s being written elsewhere, so you can expand your opinion. You need to find that golden ratio – if you’re inspired too much and you may copy others, don’t do any research at all and you’ll end up providing your readers with incomplete information.

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How To Build Your Facebook Fan Page The Smart Way

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Creating a Facebook fan page is easy, but just creating a fan page is not enough. If you’re looking for the Facebook Page to work for you or your business you need to create a page that not only provide users with information but also gives them an opportunity connect directly with the brand or business.

Social media can be related to storytelling which is one of the oldest forms of word of mouth communication and we can say Facebook marketing works on a similar principle. So let get started with some smart tips that will help you build your Facebook page.

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Forums: Precursor to Social Media

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We had a good friend back in the day. A friend which was with us wherever we went. Everything comes to an end eventually and we learn to move on. Our aforementioned friend is of course the forums, which were a very important part of our internet life for a very long time, they still are but their importance is fading. How did something so important started losing its relevance? Everything changes, including the way we browse the web, what once was a necessity is becoming a hassle and it’s not only the case with the forums. For the sake of this article though, we’re going to focus on it in particular.

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