Here’s a Quick Way to Find WordPress Developers When You Need One

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You’re a business owner but why so you bother to find WordPress developers?

Being a business owner, you know that having a website is one great way to ensure profitability. Moreover, you know that you should not settle for generic themes.

Okay, you also realize that some things are learned over time- but that is one luxury you do not have.

What should you do? Of course, one of the best ways is to know which job board really caters to WP development and post your listing there.

With so many job boards to look online, how would you know that you are getting the best your money can buy?

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Telltale Signs That You Might Be a Bad Boss

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Bosses  can be pretty infuriating at times. But do you know what can really ruin your day? A bad boss.

In your web design career, you surely have experienced being administered by the boss. You take orders and requests, do and finish them and earn money at paydays.

If this is not the case, you might be the boss. You are the one who sends payments, administers people, and sanctions them if they do something wrong.

This can be very difficult at times, especially when you think of the times when you were still at the bottom of the chain. Everyone saw you as a friend more than a foe back then.  One moment, you still enjoy having coffee with your co-workers in the pantry. The day you were promoted, people looked at you with angry gazes.

Is this perfectly normal? What would you do? How did all this happen?

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What To Do When the Internet Connection had Blacked Out?

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Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, 1stwebdesigner. Not too long ago, these four websites loaded together in each tab in harmony. Then everything changed when the Internet got down. Only the service provider can fix this, but then, that service provider vanished.

What will you do now that the Internet Is Down?

I know nothing can really be as infuriating than a down Internet connection. As a web designer, this is very frustrating because most of your tasks are online and you will not get anything done until the connection goes back.

Most of the times, you’ll be pictured as the person who observes his router like a hunter observing a gazelle. Sometimes, you are seen pressing F5 every single minute, hoping it would soon load properly. Other times, you try and debate with your ISP over the phone and realize that there is no hope. Heck, you even plan on making rituals for the Internet gods to bring your connection back.

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How You Can Attain PHP Success in the Easiest Way Possible?

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Learning something from scratch can be intimidating sometimes. Oftentimes, you simply have no idea where to start or how to learn all what you want to learn within a specific amount of time. One such example is PHP. A lot of people are still figuring out PHP success at the moment.

Although PHP is one of the easiest languages to learn out there, it is somewhat difficult to master.

There are some instances wherein there is a plenty of ways to do a PHP program but only two or three are accepted as valid answers within the PHP Community.

This may vary according to opinions and concepts of different PHP developers. For some logical programmers, learning PHP is only skin on the pig.

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Best Laptop Computers You Would Die For Besides Apple

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The dazzling 13-15-inch screen of Apple’s MacBook Pro, one of the best laptop computers, topped up with amazing technical specifications can surely make your eyes pop for a while. I mean, it’s Apple! Everybody loves the quality of company’s products. You’re assured of top notch items. But seeing the price tag that goes along with them, it will surely make your eyes pop too, but for another reason.

Now, I’m not starting a PC vs. Mac debate here but not all people can afford to buy a Mac; for newbie freelancers, buying a $2000 laptop computer may not be a good decision, especially if you can’t afford it. For me, if you’re starting from scratch, you should invest on the things you need first.

Hence, this article. I tried looking around for great MacBook Pro alternatives. Know the best laptops other than MacBook here:

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Save Your Ideas for a Rainy Day

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For web designers, ideas are very important. If web designers don’t have fresh, trendy and almost-original ideas, they might as well stop designing because it is the fuel that drives their job. Without any ideas, there would be no design and no design means no money. That said, how should you save your ideas?

You can only create what you can imagine.

These words have been my driving force the past years. As a budding designer and an emerging writer, I have considered imagination is the mother of all artwork.

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Where are My Earphones? — The Music and Productivity Equation

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Music is definitely part of human life. Somehow, music gives us movement without making us leave our seats. It gives us motivation, advice and, most of all, solace when we most need it. We often view music as something that enhances our daily lives. We see it as a sort of escape from people.

Pop those earphones on and shazam! Instant isolation.

However, only a few people view music as more of an inspiration rather than a distraction. Some view music as something that increases their productivity and makes them work harder and better.

You may be listening to the slow strums of Ottis Redding, maybe even threading the waves with Nada Surf but one thing is for sure: subtly, your music pushes you to move, which leads one to think about the correlation of music and productivity.

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Is My Website Ready for Some Serious Hacks?

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The issue of website security has been a top priority for web designers and developers for a long time. In the course of Internet’s colorful history, a lot of methods and tools have been developed (and some are still at the brink of development) to ensure that websites will be hack-proof, or at least be ready for some serious hacks.

What drives all the motivation to lock-down websites is, of course, business. As we all know, websites drive income and leads for a lot of companies.

These companies thrive to target the new market. This market mainly resides in the digital world, to further increase their chances of conversion – and in the near future – income.

On the other hand, some websites prosper mainly from driving traffic and converting clicks into cash. Blogs are great examples. They mainly sell information, which can be used to create tangible and perceivable products.

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Money Saving Tips for Web Designers and Developers

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Freelancing has its perks, especially when we talk of freedom and flexibility. With all the liberty you have, you can do more projects and allot more rests. You also have the prerogative to work anywhere you want. Freelancing is a great career to step into but it has its drawbacks.

  •         You work alone most of the time.
  •         You deal directly with clients.
  •         You need to have a rich artistic bank.
  •         You are more prone to procrastination.
  •         Your budget is should always be planned.

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Of all these drawbacks, it’s the last one that hurts freelancers the most.  There are lots of articles on money saving tips. But which focuses entirely for web designers and developers?

When you freelance, you take matters into your own hands: getting clients, working on deals, doing the project, and everything you could ever think of.

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Your Mobile Apps Look Bad and You Should Feel Bad

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Mobile application design and development has been ‘the thing’ as of late. With the growing prominence of smartphones, more and more applications are developed. It’s like, we have an app for everything, right?

What makes it even more amazing is that this year, the projected number of smartphone users will be 1.75 billion. This staggering number resulted into 2.6 million apps in app-stores (iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones combined).

If there is one thing certain about these huge statistics, it would be that mobile application development and design is a big and newly-discovered gold mine to plow. There are a lot of opportunities waiting for developers as mobile apps continue on growing as the age of smartphones conquer the market.

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