40 Really Stunning HDR Car Photos, Resources And Tutorials

HDR stands for  High Dynamic Range or HDRI – High Dynamic Range Imaging. This method was developed to produce a high dynamic range image from several different photographs ( usually three – with high exposure, low exposure and standard exposure) and  usually merging them in Adobe Photoshop or any other image processing software for tone-mapping. … Continue Reading

30 Free Stock Photo Sites: Ultimate Collection

Huh, I know there are maybe even too many articles about places, where to search for photos and images, but those articles were usually very old, many sites do not work anymore and that kind of stuff. So my goal was to create ultimate collection with the best places where to search for and get … Continue Reading

Plan Your Daily Schedule: Useful Resources

At first I thought to create another list article, but there are no need for list, just pick  so I just picked few You must know. So why You need to plan schedule? In business world and workflow there are many things You must remember,  and I struggled to remember everything and notes always can … Continue Reading

15 Useful Color Mixers For Effective Designing

I wanted to create this list, because there are times when I struggle choosing my design colors –  for me it’s not always easy task to just play with the colors and choose the right ones – of course, there are few favorite colors for everybody, but finding new great color combinations are not so … Continue Reading

33 Beautiful Border And Corner Brush Sets

Nice brush always comes handy in Your workflow and if You have ready brushes to choose from, it’s even better. So for now I created a huge list of corner and border brushes to use them in Your designs, posters or graphics. Each brush actually is for one corner, so just flip them in Your … Continue Reading

9 Great File Hosting Services Reviewed

It really doesn’t matter what are You doing – there are time for everybody, when You need to upload files, share with them online or just keep somewhere You can always get those files from. In my early days I send my files to e-mail and that’s my way of file hosting. Now there are … Continue Reading

42 Free Nature And Floral Photoshop Brush Sets

I really enjoy  natural, floral brushes – something that always comes handy while creating some new web designs, posters or everything else related. In the list you will find different Photoshop  brushes for every taste –  really inspiriting too! I have a bunch of different brushes downloaded on my computer, but I wanted to see … Continue Reading

300+ Jquery, CSS, MooTools and JS navigation menus

If You are web developer great navigation menus always comes handy. I united this list for people like me, who sometimes wants to do job fast and choose from already prepared examples, which are easy to use. So here are many resources starting from very simple HTML and CSS navigation menus, until very complicated and … Continue Reading

Wayback machine – history of Internet

For this time I wanted to share with one more like fun web site. This websites is building digital library of Internet sites and other digital form resources. As for me – this resource page took me big interest, because in 1998 or 2000 I didn’t even know much about Internet – now we have … Continue Reading