15 Excellent Free Font Resources

I wanted to share web pages where to find great free fonts, so I looked after the most popular web pages where to find some. If You don’t know how to install one, it’s easy: a) Windows XP – put font into C:/windows/fonts directory; b) Windows Vista – right-click on the font files, then click … Continue Reading

250+ Shiny and Free RSS Feed Icons

Few days from now on, we really got inspired with great artworks. Today it will be little different – I wanted to create one of the biggest RSS Feed icon collections hopefully. I looked over huge amount of resources and hand picked most amazing icons I found.  RSS icons are one of the most known … Continue Reading

Where to find amazing photo backgrounds or textures?

If You are a graphic or web designer, great texture always becomes handy in your workflow. You can create amazing effects just combining those textures together and playing with them. I just took a look around and thought that I need to make a list of amazing textures, because quality images and textures are never … Continue Reading