40 Breathtaking Examples of Infrared Photography

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There are many types of art photography out there that show a new way of viewing things like infrared photography, micro and macro photography, lomography, light photography, and many others. In this article we will talk about infrared photography, a type of photography that captures the unseen beauty of nature made possible by technology.

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What is Lomography?

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Today, the technological advances in the field of photography has grown by leaps and bounds. Cameras today produce beautiful, high-resolution images, automatic settings, high-speed shutter settings, etc. Even post-processing has improved immensely, thanks to computers and Photoshop. You can see your picture immediately, so you have the option to delete it or to keep it, an option not available with earlier film cameras. Because of this, everyone can now be a photographer. In fact, it’s almost like spoon-feeding. The question is, ‘Where is the challenge in that?’

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Graffiti Art: From the Streets to High-End Galleries

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Graffiti art, and underground street culture in general, has long been seen as provocative and uncompromising. It has close connections to gang culture; originally vandalizing objects and places to mark their territory. Today, graffiti art is now a respected and new art form, a rich medium with no restrictions and plenty of freedom to work with.

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The Best Of 2011: Trendy Web Designs From Deviantart

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Year 2011 is rolling forward swiftly and the middle of summer is nearly here. Some of you might unwittingly note that the end of the summer is inevitable while for others that remaining month and half is enough to fully enjoy the benefits that summer offers. Here in the virtual world the time is running even faster and we can already see some of the changes this year has brought to us. Imperceptibly and subtly yet compelling the new web design trends are conquering the scene. Because of the immense traffic and user count Deviantart can definitely be considered to be a trendsetter.

This article takes a peek at thepast half-year and presents 50 splendid and trendy web designs from Deviantart spring and summer 2011. Can you spot the new potential trends? Are big headlines and patterned backgrounds still popular? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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50 Superb & Free PSD Files From Dribbble To Learn From The Best

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Either for self-promotion or simply for goodwill and to help others, the truth is that finding free resources and inspiration can be a really easy task. If you are an experienced designer, you know the best way to learn is by just looking and studying other people’s work. PSD files can be a powerful way to learn and fulfill your work expectations.

Today, one of the main references for this purpose is definitely Dribbble. Dribbble is not only an awesome place to be inspired by many talented designers. You can actually stumble upon some fantastic free PSD files and examine them and learn more.

This collection includes some fantastic UI kits, a lot of assets for web and graphic design, as well as a few cool icons. These PSDs are as perfect for learning as they are for your future projects. Personally I haven’t practiced learning from PSDs lately but by checking out some of these I surely realized how much you can learn from a well-built PSD.

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23 Creative Book Cover Designs and Their Story

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Even in a deep and text-based world like literature, you still have to think about art: book cover designs. Cover designs are probably the hardest thing for designers to design because it should show the heart and the soul of the book in one single image. At the same time, it should be visually striking and appealing. Readers are still visual people after all. And a creative book cover design needs to be acknowledged and celebrated. And this article is made to give them the justice. Enjoy the showcase of what we consider some creative book cover designs. These are just some of the amazing book cover designs that made us think, laugh, cry, smile, or contemplate about life.

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A Simple Guide to Improving Web Typography

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With the advent of much improved browsers, text rendering and high-resolution screens, technology is no longer an excuse for poor typography. In many ways typography can be elegant and an expression of the designer’s ideas when chosen wisely.

Today I will not only present you with guidelines to consider in mastering typography for the web, but give you the useful tools, techniques and resources to help you achieve effective designs.

Feel free to suggest any other tools or resources in the comments section.

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20 Great Examples of Compelling Headline Copy

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In an age where web designers’ websites are popping up everyday, creating a memorable brand experience is key. Through the use of compelling headlines and witty taglines, your brand can break through the clutter and be distinctly creative and unique. Generally, the most successful websites include headlines that support the website’s goals and are simple and easy to remember. By creating a unique and fun headline and tagline, you’re that much closer to separating yourself from the competition. You also pique the visitors’ interest and encourage them to explore your website further.

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Don’t Reinvent the Wheel – 100+ Links of Design Elements and Resources

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This time we will review some helpful resources for designers, how you can find them, and how can they help you.

Have you ever thought that every day, while you are busy doing your work, there are a lot of people doing almost the same thing as you? And they are releasing it. For free.

And sometimes we just forget all this stuff and lose a lot of time doing things that just didn’t need to be done. Someone else has done it for us. Why should you start from scratch if you can get some cool things and just make them better?

So, this is a post with a lot of links, and with my opinion about many of them. In short, we will be talking about:
• Creative photos collections
• Cool Icon packs, Buttons & Menus
• Professional Font faces
• Useful patterns, brushes, backgrounds, textures
• Templates and other miscellaneous elements
• Online generators and other tools

So, let’s rock!

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