45 Stunning Examples of Moleskine Artwork

The Moleskine notebooks/sketchbooks have become more and more popular over the last years. In a world where more and more art is digital, these books stand out as a more basic, yet traditional and creative media. We’ve handpicked a nice collection of sketches that various artists have done in their Moleskine.

55 of The Most Colorful and Inspiring Web Designs

In this showcase we’ve put together a great collection of some of the most colorful web designs out there. If you need some inspiration for any sort of design or just want to have a look at some truly great web designs, these are definitely worth having a look at !

Get Inspired: Beautiful Examples of Textures in Web Design

Whenever you visit website these days, every single one of them is trying to compete one and another. Despite the difference of products or services they offer, their mission remain the same: to engage their visitor or customer. If you find adding big text, icons, or illustrations on web design isn’t so entertaining anymore, let’s … Continue Reading


40 Creative Flash Preloaders for your Inspiration

Use of Flash in a website means heavy use of animation, images, videos and sound effects, this is why they take lot of time to load, therefore users must have abundance of tolerance and patience . Although many users know about the loading procedure of flash sites but some of them don’t, so to eliminate … Continue Reading

40 Stunningly Creative Resume Designs on DeviantArt

Recently I wrote an article on resume/CV templates available for free, or to purchase, from all across the web. They ranged from print media, to fully fledged, CMS-run pages. That’s all fine and well, and they are all fantastic templates, but what if you want to express yourself through your CV? Plenty people do, and … Continue Reading

50 Wicked Websites featuring Wooden Textures

Anyone browsing the websites of creative companies, individuals and communities, will have noticed over the past few years, that patterns, and textures have become a massive design trend. A big part of this design trend, is made up of the use of wooden textures. Some sites simply use wooden textures for backgrounds, some more creatively for specific … Continue Reading

46 Captivating Examples of Extremely Colorful Web Designs

The importance of colors can be described by only one sentence – “Color to life is like salt to food”. Colors can change your mood, determine your attitude, whenever you see color you can feel its pleasing effect within your soul. In other words, in life colors express a lot of meanings without saying anything. … Continue Reading