Jimmy Neutron and The Anatomy of the Atomic Design

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If Jimmy Neutron were real, could he become a pretty decent web designer? Of course, he would.  For starters, he knows the anatomy of the Atomic Design. He could be designing the best web pages you will ever see, and make your eyes shed blood out of extreme admiration of his designs. And you’ll probably wonder why he is that good.

Well, for one thing, Jimmy Neutron understands a fundamental yet commonly unappreciated principle in web design. He knows how to work on a very potent tool to his full advantage. Using this tool, he could easily design mock-ups and code them without difficulty.

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This World is On Fire: Best Fireworks of 2014

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It has always been a good tradition to start the new year with a bang. And when we use the words “new”, “year” and “bang” in one sentence, there is only one word that we could ever think of: Fireworks.

Fireworks, as Wikipedia puts it, are a class of explosive pyrotechnic devices that are used in many purposes: aesthetic, cultural or even religious. Often displayed in festivals, New Year celebrations and cultural events, fireworks work in four effects: light, smoke, noise and floating materials. Typically, colors like red, orange, yellow, blue, green, sliver and purple are used in fireworks.

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A Web Designer’s New Year’s Resolution

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2014 is just at our doorstep, but before all the countdowns, fireworks, the food and the singing of Auld Lang Syne while drinking a nice brew of beer, let us think of ourselves and find what we can change. Let’s make our New Year’s resolutions as web designers.

These resolutions will improve us as web designers. As we mature and grow older, we, too, must progress for if we do not evolve, we die. The Internet, which is the platform where we do our work, is vastly changing and improving. That is why we should do the same.

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How Christmas is Celebrated Around the Globe [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Christmas is one of the best days of the year. In fact, I personally consider it the best day of the year. With food teeming and gifts overflowing, you enjoy the whole day in the company of the people you love, sharing stories, drinking beer and just having fun.

We all have our own Christmas celebrations to tell. Some are pretty normal, and some go beyond what is ordinary. Some follow traditions and others experiment every single year. Somewhere, some groups of people are celebrating Christmas differently than we do. We may find them queer but it’s how they roll and have fun.

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Looking for Beautiful Home Office Setups? Check out 10 Samples Here!

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Working at home can be extremely fun when you can design and play with your workplace. You can transform a quiet sleeping space, a boring corner or even a hallway into an efficient work area with a few key pieces.

Creating a corner that suits your personality is very important when you are working at home. Because your house is full of distractions, you need to choose the right corner where you feel productive working any hour of the day. Of course, you need  a work space which will Motivate Yourself More!

To help you assemble a space where you won’t mind getting work done with, here is a list of inspirational home spaces transformed into workspaces by creative designers.

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10 Professional-Looking and High Quality Fonts for Web Designers

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The importance of fonts to designers has always been emphasized. Many design blogs also agree that, as designers, choosing high quality fonts should be like choosing your clothes. People will think of you differently if you sport the wrong one.

That is why we collected ten beautiful fonts for you that you will never hesitate to use. They are fonts that will both complement your body texts and titles. They are very flexible and trendy, so you will have no problem using them in your designs!

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10 Extremely Beautiful Websites for Your Inspiration

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Browsing the Internet is fun. Aside from the seemingly limitless information that is available for the taking, you could see art concocted with usability almost everywhere. Web designers have immensely evolved in their creative means to get through you. They have devised new designs to make the content of the website juggle with its design. This makes their clients and the market of their clients benefit from the art and the content that is spilled beautifully in the canvas of the World Wide Web. But the clients and the market are not the only people who benefit from this artistic explosion. Other web designers also benefit from this. The inspiration that has overflowed on the Internet has made a lot of artists do better, and learning, in this particular case, is through modelling.

I managed to gather a list of eye-popping and beautiful websites that would surely give you inspiration for the next project you’ll be working on. These sites are, in my humble opinion, well-designed for their cleanliness, usability, cleverness and aesthetics.

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What is Swiss Style Typography?

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The world would probably thank Switzerland for the invention of the Swiss knife but the world could not thank it any better for the popularization of the Swiss Style. That though this famous design style isn’t originally Swiss-made, the touch of the country is still present even to the smallest detail of the design.

Swiss Style typography, though traced from Russia, Germany and the Netherlands, was made popular by Swiss graphic designers. They have used it with many Swiss cultural institutions, political advertisements and a lot more because it was thought to have suited the drastically increasing global postwar market. It was used in street signs, maps, public service announcements, etc. In this demand, institutions, corporations and small firms needed a universal identification method that could be easily related to them. The trick was, the method should be universal enough to be understood by every citizen of the world. The Olympics was one good example of a global institutional event Swiss style helped because it has used the simplest symbols using the most universal colors possible.

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A Quick History of Adobe Photoshop & Cool Facts Behind the Living Legend

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We all love Photoshop. It has done wonders for all designers, photographers and hobbyists by providing a one-program solution for all the design needs. It is very flexible, easy to use and readily available. Its tools are so perfectly fitting for all the design needs, you’ll never look for another! This is the main reason why we all love this amazing program, right?

But behind all of these quirky features, do we all know where it all began? Do you know the history of Adobe Photoshop? Aren’t we all curious where our favorite software came from? Who made it? Well, this calls for a history lesson.

The tale began in 1987 when PhD student Tom Knoll wrote a graphics application in a Macintosh Plus. The software was used to display gray scale images on a monochrome display. Knoll called it ‘Display.’ We could now consider Display as the unofficial father of our beloved Photoshop.

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Icon Talk: Choosing the Perfect Icons for Your Website

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This thought might be the prevailing philosophy that hides beneath the shroud of web design: that small details sometimes happen to be the most important ones. That the things we think do not matter in our design are, in fact, necessary for the smooth flow and exchange of information.

Sometimes small things tend to have the biggest importance.

One of these small things that are commonly taken for granted are icons. Icons can be considered as a worldwide-understood element of web design. They are apprehended by most people, making the websites benefit from the addition of such. It is in this universality that icons are considered to be one of the most important design elements that have ever walked (figuratively) on the face of the earth.

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