The Listed Voyage: 30 Free jQuery Navigation Menus

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Nowadays, jQuery navigation menus are more than just plain texts with links on it. In a previous tutorial, I presented to you how you can create a navigation menu with jQuery and CSS3, which is a cool way to display your menus on your site.

With the power of jQuery, it can turn the navigation of a website into a dynamic menu. Although CSS3 can now be used to create dynamic navigation, still, jQuery adds more functionality on the menus.

Aside from the dynamic functionalities, the design must also be considered. This is simply because your visitors would probably see it for the first time they visit your site.

It will definitely provide a bad UI experience if not well presented. Having a great design will add more value to your site thus adding better user experience.

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The Zen of Relational Database: Learn the Basics Here!

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Databases have been a staple topic on every digital business. Thus organizing the tables and fields is necessary. The concept of Relational Database was born way back in 1969 when Edgar F. Codd, a researcher from IBM, wrote the process of outlining a database. From there, the this concept has spread on every computing-involved business and task.

According to Wikipedia,

  A relational database is a database that has a collection of tables of data items, all of which is formally described and organized according to the relational models.

This means that using the relational model, each table arrangement must be identify a column or group of columns to distinctly identify each row also called as primary key.

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How to Create SVG Loading Animations using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Edge Animate CC

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Keeping your viewers glued to your webpage while it loads is like trying to stop a time bomb, except that it doesn’t blow people into tiny bits. Some web designers give special attention by providing users with some entertainment while the all the information they want to see are still waiting to be fully loaded like this tutorial on how to create SVG loading animations using Illustrator and Adobe Edge Animate CC.

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20 Best eBooks to Learn PHP and MySQL Development

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Having some basic knowledge about the PHP and MySQL, nowadays, is necessary for every web developer. If you are creating websites for your clients, you will definitely have to use any one of these coding.

PHP and MySQL also serve many other purposes for web developers. They can learn the latest techniques about PHP and MySQL through different sources such as eBooks.

eBooks are easy to download. You can just read them instead of going to class. There are very few authentic sources from which you can learn the right PHP and MySQL techniques.

To help you out, we have collected 20 of the best e-Books through which you can learn everything about the PHP and MySQL. Here is the list:

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The Hiring Guide for Freelancer Clients

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I have been writing about freelancing and web design for over a year now, and I honestly haven’t stumbled upon a hiring guide that teaches clients to hire great freelancers.

Everybody wants to find good clients. Often, freelancers read tips from experts and blogs like these to successfully dig the gold out their freelancing mines.

You always see how-tos ranging from building portfolios to even firing clients.

I am a freelancer, why should I read this?

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How to Create a Music Player UI Using Adobe Illustrator

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There have been a lot of UI kits swarming around the market lately. Some include complete sets of User Interface elements and, some, focus on just one element. These kits often serve as a basis and template for web designers in creating wonderful web pages.

Because of these kits, web designers, now, don’t have to worry about running out of ideas. They can copy and use these UI kits and make them better.

Today, you will be learning how to create a Music Player UI using Adobe Illustrator. This trendy UI was built using the minimalist and flat design foundations.

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The English Labyrinth: How to Communicate with Freelance Clients

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English is a difficult language. So many rules. So many exceptions to the rules, but anyone can easily learn it.  The problem is, English as a language should be learned through immersion. But, generally, it is often taught academically.

It is really hard to communicate with freelance clients who speak English poorly. Issues also arise with native English speakers who particularly have a heavy regional accent that is too difficult to comprehend.

The Importance of the English Language

The English language is so critical that immersion is necessary. Some people can remedy this problem by imitation.

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Internet Is Down: What Will I do?

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Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, 1stwebdesigner. Not too long ago, these four websites loaded together in each tab in harmony. Then everything changed when the Internet got down. Only the service provider can fix this, but then, that service provider vanished.

What will you do now that the Internet Is Down?

I know nothing can really be as infuriating than a down Internet connection. As a web designer, this is very frustrating because most of your tasks are online and you will not get anything done until the connection goes back.

Most of the times, you’ll be pictured as the person who observes his router like a hunter observing a gazelle. Sometimes, you are seen pressing F5 every single minute, hoping it would soon load properly. Other times, you try and debate with your ISP over the phone and realize that there is no hope. Heck, you even plan on making rituals for the Internet gods to bring your connection back.

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MySQL Guide for Beginners: What You Must Know

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A database is an essential part of most websites. From simple blogs to complex e-commerce websites, everything is being driven by a database.

If you are a web developer, you definitely know a lot about MySQL.

  • Is the most popular open source database system
  • Uses SQL (Structured Query Language) to manipulate information inside the database
  • It’s free, very dependable and fast
  • It has several application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • Easy to use to develop software or applications

This article is a MySQL guide article that tackles how does the program works and what it can do for both users and programmers.

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30 Beautiful Premium Tumblr Themes for Your Tumblog

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Tumblr is a very easy to use platform for micro-blogging. It is very popular these days. Tumblr gives the simplicity and attractiveness that your blog deserves. You can post plenty of things on your Tumblr dashboard including photos, videos, links, text, etc.

But besides all these great things, you will need a great looking Tumblr theme for your Tumblog so that it stands out. It will get more attention from the visitors, thus, making your blog more popular. If you are a professional blogger, then, you would probably know how important it is to have a great looking theme design for the blog.

There are plenty of free themes available on the Internet but majority of these themes can’t give you the best results.

Using beautiful premium Tumblr themes is best for your blog.

  • It enhances the experience of your Tumblog.
  • It is more powerful and effective when it comes to attracting the visitors.
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