How to use BuddyPress as a Private Collaboration System

For sites with multiple writers, it’s nice to have a place for them all to interact privately. Though there are solutions like Yammer and Teambox, they require your writers to register and log into another site.  I  can only guess as to how busy some people are! With this post I’ll show you how to … Continue Reading

Creating a Simple Twitter App using oAuth and PHP

Everyone on the web is updating to the latest & the most secure technologies with Twitter being the most hyped one as it upgraded from basic Authentication to the more secure oAuth. Earlier people had to risk their Twitter login credentials if they wanted to use some external Apps that gave them more control over … Continue Reading

Improve Your Skills: 25 jQuery Beginner Tutorials Roundup

jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library that highlights the interaction between JavaScript and HTML. With jQuery you can write less and do more. jQuery has become an active trend and it’s features are growing rapidly. I have assembled 25 beginner level tutorials for you to start knowing and exploiting jQuery and it’s powerful tools. After … Continue Reading

How to Create a better FAQ page for end users

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) pages have become commonplace on many websites for many reasons. The main, is that they offer a way to provide support, most commonly, customer support, without having to re-iterate solutions to common problems. For larger companies, a good FAQ page can even have an effect on the amount of support staff … Continue Reading

Create a slideout panel by just using CSS3 only

How to Create a Cool Slide Out Panel with CSS3 only

Many sites have a really cool hidden panel which contains some relevant information and this panel is revealed to us, with a cool animation, when we click on a particular button or hover over it. This has usually been achieved using jQuery. But now as we advent towards the future and CSS3 is becoming a … Continue Reading

50+ Icon Designing Tutorials

The Ultimate Roundup of 50+ Icon Designing Tutorials

Icon designing is very essential and important for graphic designer as there are plenty of clients who are willing to pay good for some unique and creative icons for their projects. There are many sites offering free icons for commercial use but they cannot be unique as anyone can use them or they may not … Continue Reading