How to Build a Distance Finder with Google Maps API

Google maps is a free web mapping service application provided by Google. It offers lots of cool features (showing various map types, plotting points, showing routes, geocoding addresses). You can also add all these features to your website using the Google Maps APIs provided by Google. In this tutorial I will show you how to … Continue Reading

How to Create your own BuddyPress theme (Part-2)

After completing the 1st part of this guide you should have a theme which looks just as you want it, or is not far off what you aimed for. In this part I’ll show you how to add even more changes to your child theme. If you haven’t read the previous parts yet I recommend … Continue Reading

How to Create a Tumblr Theme (Code Structure)

As we have previously seen, Tumblr allows its uses to create custom themes, giving the owner of a tumbleblog the ability to truly customise their tumbleblog to be their own. While Tumblr coding is fairly easy to pick up compared to other more complex blogging systems, I want to give you an insight into the … Continue Reading

How to Create your own BuddyPress theme (Part-1)

After installing BuddyPress you may want to change from the default theme. Yes it looks great, but to stand out from other sites using BuddyPress you’ll want to use a different theme. Finding a good-looking BuddyPress theme you like is hard too,  compared to WordPress there isn’t near as good a selection. So why not … Continue Reading

How To: Implementing Gravatar in your PHP Application

Gravatar or globally recognized avatar is a service for providing globally-unique avatars for different applications. It was started by Tom Preston-Werner but it’s now owned by “Automattic”, the company behind WordPress. This is the main reason why this service is free and is available to be used on PHP applications other than WordPress. Today, there … Continue Reading

How To Set Up Your Brand New Mac: Beginners Guide

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and purchase a new Mac? Great! Apple designs their computers with the user in mind, making Macs great for an absolute newbie, to even the most advanced experts. In this article, we’ll guide you through getting your Mac set up and ready for action!