Recreate Google+ Pages Using Adobe Photoshop

Google Plus fans out there all know that Google+ got a redesign that makes it prettier and simpler to navigate. We are going to recreate the whole design. Imitating  a design is a way to learn new things and apply it to future projects. What beginner’s will learn from this are how useful Direct Selection Tool(A), Pen Tool(P) … Continue Reading


How to Create a Sexy Small Download Icon

Hi there folks, I’m back with another tutorial on how to create a sexy small download graphic. It doesn’t even have to end up as a download graphic, it can be anything. Think of a loading bar, a upload thing or even a cool button. In this tutorial you will learn simple but elegant techniques … Continue Reading

Create Your Own Font and Kill Comic Sans

Font! The word has a whole lot of science involved with it. Fonts are everywhere and those who don’t understand fonts use Comic Sans! Don’t worry, I am not diving into the never-ending debate of “Comic Sans in not a font” and related stuff. We are here to learn how we can create our own … Continue Reading

Create A Sleek Music Player In Adobe Photoshop

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to make a beautiful music player in Adobe Photoshop. It is important that you take the time when you are designing and do not rush things. I focused on the details so I invite you to look at every little thing carefully and think about why I did it and … Continue Reading

Create a Web Hosting Landing Page in Adobe Photoshop

In this week’s tutorial we are going to create a Web Hosting Landing Page layout for Besthost as an example. The template will have a simple logo, navigation, slider gallery, package, about us, services, testimonials and footer. Let’s combine these all together to make an awesome template. I will try my best to make it … Continue Reading

40+ Fresh jQuery Image and Content Sliders Plugins

In this round-up, you will find the best of the freshest jQuery Image and Content Sliders Plugins so that you can take advantage of them and produce startling image and content sliders. You may find it quite difficult to figure out which plugin is best for you because all these plugins have different functionalities. Keeping … Continue Reading

final banner with silhouette

4 Simple Steps To Make Silhouettes Using Photoshop

Silhouettes as an art form originates back to as early as 18th century drawing its name from a French minister Étienne de Silhouette who imposed heavy economic cuts on French people. Quite symbolically austere outline portraits which became popular in the same time period started to be referred as Silhouettes. Silhouettes art had tremendous popularity … Continue Reading