How To Create Recognizable And Really Unique Article Thumbnails

Picture can save a thousand words. That’s true and it works everywhere, even in blogs. Next thing visitors spot after the title is thumbnail. Well done post thumbnails will attract more visitors and they will explore your website with interest. In this article I’m going to share some tips and advices about beautiful post thumbnails. You will see … Continue Reading

Creating a Simple Twitter App using oAuth and PHP

Everyone on the web is updating to the latest & the most secure technologies with Twitter being the most hyped one as it upgraded from basic Authentication to the more secure oAuth. Earlier people had to risk their Twitter login credentials if they wanted to use some external Apps that gave them more control over … Continue Reading

How to Create a better FAQ page for end users

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) pages have become commonplace on many websites for many reasons. The main, is that they offer a way to provide support, most commonly, customer support, without having to re-iterate solutions to common problems. For larger companies, a good FAQ page can even have an effect on the amount of support staff … Continue Reading

Create a slideout panel by just using CSS3 only

How to Create a Cool Slide Out Panel with CSS3 only

Many sites have a really cool hidden panel which contains some relevant information and this panel is revealed to us, with a cool animation, when we click on a particular button or hover over it. This has usually been achieved using jQuery. But now as we advent towards the future and CSS3 is becoming a … Continue Reading

50+ Icon Designing Tutorials

The Ultimate Roundup of 50+ Icon Designing Tutorials

Icon designing is very essential and important for graphic designer as there are plenty of clients who are willing to pay good for some unique and creative icons for their projects. There are many sites offering free icons for commercial use but they cannot be unique as anyone can use them or they may not … Continue Reading

How to Build a Distance Finder with Google Maps API (Part-2)

In the first part of this tutorial we’ve built a distance finder using google maps. To build our app we’ve used the newest google maps api version, v3. Our distance finder lets the user write two addresses, shows them on a map, shows the route between them and computes the route’s length. Today, we will … Continue Reading

How to Build a Distance Finder with Google Maps API

Google maps is a free web mapping service application provided by Google. It offers lots of cool features (showing various map types, plotting points, showing routes, geocoding addresses). You can also add all these features to your website using the Google Maps APIs provided by Google. In this tutorial I will show you how to … Continue Reading

How to Create a Tumblr Theme (Code Structure)

As we have previously seen, Tumblr allows its uses to create custom themes, giving the owner of a tumbleblog the ability to truly customise their tumbleblog to be their own. While Tumblr coding is fairly easy to pick up compared to other more complex blogging systems, I want to give you an insight into the … Continue Reading

How to Create a Classic Table Phone in Illustrator

In today’s Illustrator Class, We are going to draw a classic telephone in Adobe Illustrator CS4. We will start from sketch and then will turn it down to a Digital Graphics. I have tried my best to write each step so even beginners can understand it. But Still, If you are not sure about some … Continue Reading