Create A Detailed Blue WordPress Blog Layout In Photoshop

Hello there everybody and welcome to another PSD web design here at 1stwebdesigner. In my previous tutorial we learned how to create a Dark WordPress style layout.  Today you will be learning to create a clean light WordPress style layout and I hope all of you can follow this step by step tutorial. Let’s get started.

Learn How To Create A Clean Layout In Photoshop [Very Detailed]

In this Photoshop tutorial we’ll learn how to create a clean looking website layout, we’ll also be using 960s grid system to keep everything aligned. This is very detailed tutorial, so if you have basic knowledge about Photoshop you should be able to easily keep up and let me guide you through this layout creation … Continue Reading

31 Apple Inspired Beautiful Photoshop Tutorials

It was planned to release those Apple related tutorials in different order, but however it’s not so bad in this way as well. If you have been following you will remember 15 Incredible Apple Webdesign Style Coding Tutorials, but if you haven’t be sure to check it out. Apple has always been famous with their … Continue Reading

15 Incredible Apple Webdesign Style Coding Tutorials

Apple style is very popular trend in our days – their design and style is really unique, clean and always good-looking. No wonder there are many designers trying to understand that style, why it works and how. There also a bunch of advanced coding tutorials available out there. Since I am Apple website style fan … Continue Reading